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Todd, the partner in his business, is finally addressing the rumors regarding his sexuality and his intimate relationship with his business partner before he reports to prison in the coming days for his role in defrauding the United States government and getting a ton of money. He wants to get it off his chest.

Todd spoke out about the rumors surrounding his sexuality on his Chrisley Confessions podcast, expressing that what offended him the most was being accused of being in a relationship with a man after all these 54 years, especially with someone who resembled Mark Braddock, according to Page Six. Todd made these comments while appearing on the podcast with his son Chase Chrisley.

Todd, clearly exasperated by the reports, called out Mark, who resembles a toad and a thumb, and took a jab at him.

In their continuing fraud lawsuit, Mark gave testimony against the Chrisleys and disclosed that he and Todd had a close, romantic connection for a year in the early 2000s. It was previously stated in May that Mark alleged the duo maintained a developing friendship he referred to as a “brotherhood” until 2012.

I think it’s quite sad to watch certain storylines on shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta, where a man’s sexuality doesn’t fit the mold of what is expected. I don’t think it’s fair, and I’ve actually hated the storyline and the many reports questioning Todd’s sexuality over the years. Now, let me just say this, it doesn’t matter to me whether Todd is gay or not.

Todd also dismissed those rumors back in 2017, describing them as “complimentary.”

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On The Domenick Nati Show, he expressed, “For it to let me down, it would imply that I don’t support someone being homosexual. I don’t think that’s a decision that you make. I believe that you are the way that God has created you.” He mentioned, “My wife is definitely pleased that there are as many men interested in her husband as there are women. That being said, I will never experience a shortage,” and even made lighthearted comments about the speculations — stating that if he were homosexual, satisfying his sexual desires would never be a problem.

As far as the statements from Mark, it’s not that Todd is bothered by what was said rather than who said it.

“Here’s just a sample to grasp, don’t you? I am the one who scoops the entire Baskin-Robbins with a small spoon, that’s not me,” he said, while adding his signature southern twang to his statements. “There have been many who have been mesmerized by your father. Chase told me, ‘I understand it would drive you crazy if you had sex with me. Let me know if you have something to tell me.'”

Todd, known as Chrisley Knows Best star, had to be better than that. “Finished he, “better than something I couldn’t say to insult most, that thing is the one that is the most insulting.” Shut it down, as Chrisley Mark goes, there’s better than that. If Brad Pitt or George Clooney ever claim to have been sexually with him, he’ll gladly accept those rumors. Let Todd be known.

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