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In April, the disclosure of Bud Light’s collaboration with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney led to a decrease in sales of approximately 30% when compared to the previous year. Beer truck drivers encounter heckling and harassment. The company has undergone hiring freezes and mass layoffs in recent months.

The decision to similar products from other brands such as Coors Light and Miller Lite is credited to marketing strategies, as consumers have switched and are unlikely to return. The executive claimed that many consumers might not come back to Bud Light, contending that they have made their choice due to consistent setbacks.

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  • Distributors are concerned about losing customers to competing brands, leading to a growing belief that the decrease in sales of Bud Light may continue. The company’s marketing “error” that estranged its customer base was criticized by multiple executives who shared similar concerns regarding Bud Light’s potential for recovery.

    In the wake of Bud Light’s decline, Modelo Especial has taken over as the top-selling beer in the country for two consecutive months, with executives predicting that this trend will continue through August.

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    Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company, reported that sales to U.S. Retailers decreased by 14%, mainly due to a decrease in the volume of Bud Light, which underperformed compared to the overall beer industry.

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    During the period between late April and June, the company reported a decrease in its share of the U.S. Beer market. To mitigate the damage to its brand, the company offered financial support to its wholesalers from December through June. Additionally, the company also experienced a revenue decline of approximately $400 million compared to the same period last year in North America.

    AB InBev aims to rebuild the brand and win back consumers, as mentioned during a Wall Street analyst call discussing second-quarter results.

    During the conversation, CEO Michel Doukeris acknowledged that the controversy had resonated with customers.

    “People, essentially, they desire to savor their beer without the argument,” he stated.

    Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida suggested that the controversy over the tie-in with Mulvaney could lead the state to take legal action against Anheuser-Busch, indicating the potential harm to the value of its holdings. Additionally, the company could also face legal consequences, along with a decline in market value and a significant drop in sales.

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    According to the article on Benzinga.Com, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch stated that they may never recover from the controversy, resulting in a loss of $400 million in sales. They want to enjoy a debate without beer.

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