World Cup NOW: Japan makes case as tourney’s best team

In a Women’s World Cup that has been remarkable for its unparalleled breadth, Japan has excelled beyond the competition.

Miyazawa Hinata led the way as the best offensive player in the tournament, scoring a total of four goals in three wins. The scoreboard was lit up with 11 goals, the highest in the tournament, and their three first games were overwhelming shutouts. Japan has not only gone undefeated, but they have also not been truly challenged in their four games.

Japan demonstrated their presence in the tournament by defeating Norway and two other teams, with Miyazawa’s squad leading the charge and securing a 3-1 victory. In this dominant performance, Japan showcased their superiority. Despite their resilience, Norway’s team eventually conceded a goal to Miyazawa’s squad, reminding everyone of their humanity on Saturday morning.

The World Cup NOW crew, consisting of Jimmy Conrad, Heather O’Reilly, Melissa Ortiz, Leslie Osborne, and Ari Hingst, engaged in a discussion regarding the dominant team in the World Cup, with a particular focus on Japan’s ongoing supremacy.

Conrad: “They never appeared to be uneasy, and I believe that’s an indication of a strong team.”

Danger creates an outlet on the left side, with Hinata at the top and Japan dominating on the left wing. Japan is not only composed and confident but also dominant. There were moments or circumstances where it was scary, but they still got the victory. Norway had moments where they looked confident, but Japan literally had them going. They held their balance, shape, and even defensive transitions. I think they were still confident.

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In the last World Cup, Hinata Miyazawa scored her fifth goal, bringing her total to five and securing the Golden Boot. Now, everyone else is striving to catch up as they are on three goals. With her latest goal, Hinata Miyazawa extends her lead in the race for the Golden Boot. It is worth noting that the magic number to win the Golden Boot in the previous World Cup was six.

Remarkable was the speed at which she separated herself from the pack, and her cadence was truly extraordinary. I believe she is incredibly fast, without a doubt. Speaking of her speed, when she scored that breakaway goal, you could clearly see how thrilled Miyazawa and the rest of the team were from their reactions on the sideline. They seem to be genuinely impressed with her exceptional skills. It’s evident that they are very happy for each other, and this shows the unity of Team Japan. Whether it’s Spain or Japan, winning is not a problem for the U.S. If they face each other: “O’Reilly

They are not invincible, but they are a great team. Norway had two massive chances, and it was also 2-1 before, and we saw them concede one goal. Norway had two massive chances, and it was also 2-1 before, and we saw them concede one goal. The result looks bigger than it was, 3-1, and they deserve it, but in all fairness, they are not invincible.

They have been excellent at that. Especially when the line gets high and you can make those late runs from outside. That’s a team that we’ve talked about how successful we’re going to be. They’re not taking that second touch, they’re taking that third touch. The team that can finish on one touch, where those balls go through, is going to be the best team in the tournament. I like Japan, it’s similar to what Conrad is talking about.

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O’Reilly said that if you adopt a coaching mindset, you would understand that in a passing sequence, the final pass is directed towards the wider area and then you make a movement towards the opposing side. However, their passing sequences are most likely a direct ball towards a diagonal path.

Conrad says that Japan consistently accomplishes this like no other team in the tournament. They must be the superior team.

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