Woman sets Guinness World Record with 42-foot long fingernails, report says

According to the Guinness World Records, Diana Armstrong has set a new record for the longest fingernails, both in general and specifically on a woman’s hands.

Officials said that the total length measured on March 13th of Armstrong’s nails is 10.4 inches, which is longer than a school bus.

Her right thumbnail, which measures 4 feet, 6.7 inches, is the lengthiest among all her nails. On the other hand, her left pinky fingernail is the shortest, measuring 3 feet, 7 inches.

Following the tragic loss of her 16-year-old daughter, Latisha, due to an asthma episode, Armstrong revealed that she has been cultivating her fingernails for more than 25 years, and her last nail trim took place in 1997.

“That was the most dreadful day of my existence,” Armstrong expressed.

She stated that she has always possessed nails that were longer than the typical size, but her daughter would help her in tending to them every weekend.

“She was the sole individual who did my nails. She refined and shaped them for me,” Armstrong stated.

Throughout the years, she mentioned that her kids attempted to persuade her to shorten her fingernails, but she refused.

However, after she disclosed her intention to her children, she stated that she was greeted with acceptance and comprehension from the family.

“I agree,” Rania, the daughter of Armstrong, expressed. “Therefore, if that is her method of clinging onto her, I also longed for her. In fact, my sentiments towards it were altered when she shared the background story with us.”

Armstrong said that her daughter’s late-night thoughts were causing her nails to grow out, and she had been battling depression for a decade.

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Focused on growing her fingernails, her mother previously worked as a hairstylist before becoming a stay-at-home mom after Tisha’s passing, Rania said.

Now that they have grown to such extraordinary lengths, Armstrong’s nails require approximately four to five hours to be painted each.

Armstrong stated that organizing a carpentry instrument and 15 to 20 bottles of nail varnish involves the procedure. Every four to five years, she solely gets her nails manicured because painting them is such a tedious undertaking.

With vibrant designs, her grandchildren enjoy decorating her nails, so she recruits their assistance to paint them on her own.

Armstrong said that she is restricted in what she can do with her hands and feet, often using them to pick up clothes off the floor or open the refrigerator.

She stated, “In the event that I accidentally let loose coins on the ground, they will simply remain there.” “However, if I am required to retrieve cash from the floor, I am capable of gathering banknotes.”

Because of their extended size, her fingernails would protrude beyond the car window while she used to operate the vehicle, however Armstrong mentioned that she has also abandoned driving due to the considerable challenge posed by her lengthy nails.

She also tends to avoid zippers, which can be challenging to operate with her nails.

Armstrong said she has grown used to attracting attention when she’s in public, and she was surprised when her nails caught the first attention of the Guinness World Records.

“I believed that was a jest,” Armstrong stated.

A representative with the Guinness World Records said during the certificate presentation with adjudicator Mike Marcotte that Armstrong was overcome with emotion.

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She stated, “That’s the person I envision when I lengthen my nails.” “I believe she [Latisha] would feel a sense of pride in me because she’s the final individual who worked on my nails.”

Armstrong also mentioned that she has no intentions of trimming her nails in the near future.

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