Winning Mega Millions numbers for Friday, Aug. 25, 2023. Lottery jackpot at $67M

The Mega Millions prize pool increased again as no one successfully matched all six numbers in Tuesday night’s draw.

Get your tickets and take a seat.

These are the figures for the Friday, August 25th, lottery prize valued at $52 million with a cash alternative of $25.1 million.

Mega Millions, Powerball: What actions should be taken if you become the recipient of the grand prize.

The Megaplier for 2X was activated. The Mega Ball was number 2, while the winning numbers for the Friday night drawing were 38, 31, 26, 23, and 12.

Was there a winner of the Mega Millions lottery last night, on Friday, August 25th, 2023?

No one matched all six numbers to win the Mega Millions prize.

One ticket bought in New York matched all five digits except for the Mega Ball valued at $1 million.

Powerball numbers: Results for Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Lottery drawing grand prize at $345M.

What is the minimum number of lottery numbers required in Mega Millions to secure a prize?

Valued at $2, the Mega Ball must correspond to that particular number. Nonetheless, in order to secure a prize, you merely have to match a single number in Mega Millions.

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What is the prize for matching 2 numbers in the Mega Millions lottery?

A ticket matching one of the five numbers and the Mega Ball is worth $4. Unless the Mega Ball is one of the two matching numbers, you won’t win anything.

Important Mega Millions numbers to be aware of: Frequently selected numbers might increase your chances of winning on August 25th.

When will the next Mega Millions lottery be held?

As stated by megamillions.Com, the prize money for the Mega Millions draw on Friday increased to approximately $67 million, with a cash alternative of $32.3 million.

Drawings are held two times per week at approximately 10 p.M. CT every Tuesday and Friday. You can watch drawings via YouTube.

How to participate in Mega Millions

Here’s the way to participate in Mega Millions:.

Mega Millions, Powerball digits: Want to win the enormous Mega Millions prize? Here are the luckiest digits, locations to participate.

Powerball lottery draw

The present Powerball prize is valued at approximately $345 million, offering a cash alternative of $166.0 million, as no individual managed to match all six numbers from the Wednesday night’s lottery. Powerball keeps expanding.

Mega Millions 2023 lottery jackpot recipients

Below is the compilation of 2023 Mega Millions grand prize victories, as per megamillions.Com:

  • $1.35 billion — January 13; Maine.
  • $20 million — January 17; New York.
  • $31 million — January 24; Massachusetts.
  • $31 million — January 31st; Massachusetts.
  • $483 million — April 14; New York.
  • $20 million — April 18; New York.
  • $1.58 billion — August 8th, 2023; Florida.
  • $36 million — August 15, 2023; Florida.
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    Mega Millions numbers: Results for Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023. Lottery drawing prize at $52M.

    Best 10 Mega Millions lottery prizes

    These are the highest 10 Mega Millions jackpots of all time, as stated by megamillions.Com:.

  • $1.58 billion — August 8th, 2023; Florida.
  • $1.537 billion — October 23, 2018; South Carolina.
  • $1.35 billion — January 13, 2023; Maine.
  • $1.337 billion — July 29, 2022; Illinois.
  • $1.05 billion — January 22, 2021; Michigan.
  • $656 million — March 30, 2012; Kansas, Illinois, Maryland.
  • $648 million — December 17, 2013; California, Georgia.
  • $543 million — July 24, 2018; California.
  • $536 million — July 8, 2016; Indiana.
  • $533 million — March 30, 2018; New Jersey.
  • Top 10 lottery jackpots in the United States

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