Will there be a Chainsaw Man Episode 13? Explained

The whereabouts of the Gun Devil were not disclosed, as she did not disclose its location, while Makima informed a higher-ranking authority that the flesh of the Gun Devil they had obtained had begun to move. Anime fans have eagerly awaited Chainsaw Man episode 13, eager to discover how close Public Safety was to locating the Gun Devil after an exciting conclusion to the Katana Man Arc.

In the upcoming episodes, the beloved anime will feature the much-adored character from the manga, whom fans also got a sneak peek of. Pochita’s voice, never to be opened, inquired from him, however, this time, the same door that fans were introduced to in the initial episode made a reappearance as Denji experienced his enigmatic dream once more, also recalling the preceding episode.

Disclaimer: This article includes spoilers from the Chainsaw Man manga.

When can fans expect Chainsaw Man episode 13 to be released?

Denji and Power as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)
Denji and Power as seen in the anime (Image via MAPPA)

Now, fans can anticipate the same problem as before – the lack of indication. It is certain that the anime will return, either in the form of a post-credit scene per cour or as a whole new season. However, MAPPA has not yet clarified whether the first 12 episodes were intended to be the complete series. The anime concluded with episode 12, leaving no room for a 13th episode of “Man Chainsaw”.

Lady Reze, also known as Bomb Girl, will be showcased in the initial episode of that particular season. Additionally, MAPPA has initiated the production process for the second season, signifying the conclusion of the first season of Chainsaw Man. It is worth noting that very few anime series with split-cours provide a revelation as significant as the one presented in Chainsaw Man episode 12 featuring Reze.

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Commencing from episode 13 of Chainsaw Man, it is anticipated that the anime will unveil its second installment, either in July 2023 or October 2023, provided that the anime is indeed divided into separate parts. Nevertheless.

What to expect from Chainsaw Man season 2?

In the second season of Chainsaw Man, Denji, who was sent to the Soviet Union to acquire the Devil Bomb hybrid, will be targeted by Reze. The story will begin by adapting the Arc Girl Bomb.

Lady Reze may appear in Chainsaw Man episode 13 (Image via MAPPA)
Lady Reze may appear in Chainsaw Man episode 13 (Image via MAPPA)

Akane Sawatari explained that they had a deal with Devil Gun to bring Devil Chainsaw back because Denji was being hunted down by Devils. In the first season, Denji was seen chasing several devils in the Arc Man Katana.

The entrance to the Denji’s den is preventing Pochita from having anything to do with it. Fans are still trying to find the secret behind the door, as it might provide answers to their questions and fulfill their dreams of discovering Denji’s hidden world.

Fans could learn more about Pochita in Chainsaw Man episode 13 (Image via MAPPA)
Fans could learn more about Pochita in Chainsaw Man episode 13 (Image via MAPPA)

There is a possibility that the upcoming sequel could focus on the same season. There is something enigmatic about her personality that seems to be oozing throughout, and fans are delighted whenever she appears on screen. Lastly, there could be a lot more focus on Makima in the second season of Chainsaw Man.

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