Wife Still Jailed in NFL Player’s Slaying

The judge rejected the latest attempt to release the accused killer and widow of Fred Lane, who was running back for the NFL’s Charlotte, N.C. Team on August 24, 2000, from jail so that she could care for her two young children.

Richard Boner, the Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge, rejected the request from Deidra Lane’s lawyer for another bond hearing within a span of two days.

Informed attorneys Boner, “I am not stating that I will approve bail. What I intend to do is allow both parties to express their opinions.”

In the presence of Deidra Lane sobbing audibly at the defense table, defense attorney Henderson Hill made an effort to persuade Boner to arrange the hearing early in the day.

Hill stated that her 4-year-old child has experienced a distressing bereavement, and she emphasized that there is no threat to anyone else’s safety or risk of fleeing. “She is the only caretaker for two extremely young kids.”

Prosecutors opposed holding the hearing today, stating that the notification of Fred Lane’s family had not been given.

“I’m certain they would greatly desire to be present,” stated Assistant District Attorney Gentry Caudle.

Prosecutors informed another judge on Wednesday that she could potentially face a first-degree murder charge in the case. Deidra Lane, 25, is accused of shooting her husband, resulting in his death.

Accused of Murder.

On Wednesday, prior to 7:30 a.M., She surrendered to the authorities accompanied by her lawyer. Deidra Lane, dressed in an orange prison uniform and with restraints on her legs, seemed on the verge of crying as she stood in front of Judge Philip Howerton in Mecklenburg County District Court.

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When Howerton asked her if she was aware that she had been accused of murder, she replied “Yes.”

The prosecutors had previously reported what level they did not indicate, contrary to what had been reported. She was charged under North Carolina law with both second-degree and first-degree murder counts, which cover the same offense.

First-degree homicide is subject to the death penalty, while second-degree homicide carries a maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

Teammates Respond.

Fred Lane, the ex- Carolina Panthers running back, who was exchanged to Indianapolis during the off-season, was shot in the chest and head from a short distance when he entered the front entrance of the suburban Charlotte home belonging to the couple on July 6th. According to authorities, Deidra Lane fired the shots during an altercation.

The charges were filed almost seven weeks following the passing of Fred Lane.

Carolina Panthers running back Tshimanga Biakabutuka expressed his curiosity regarding the delayed decision to press charges, as the team geared up for their last NFL preseason game. He emphasized that it was long overdue and stated, “It’s high time.”

Some of Lane’s former Panthers coworkers expressed their wish for Deidra Lane to eventually be charged, even though the specific incident provided little comfort.

“This is likely a somber day due to reminiscing about Fred and recalling the memories and such,” stated receiver Muhsin Muhammad.

Troubled Marriage.

Deidra Lane and Fred got married in 1998. She filed a complaint against her husband in March, saying that he snatched a necklace from around her neck during an argument, leading to her fall. However, when the police arrived, she was the only one at home and she didn’t press charges.

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Fred Lane from Jackson, Tennessee was indicted by a grand jury in February, three days before his death, on charges stemming from a drug misdemeanor. Prosecutors dropped the weapons charges due to insufficient evidence of citation.

Deidra Lane has had run-ins with the police as well. She was charged with attempted robbery in 1995 in South Carolina and did not complete a diversion program. She was not convicted.

Just last week, the sheriff’s office of Mecklenburg County issued warrants accusing her of writing two checks without value, one for $150 on May 30 and the other for $300 on June 1.

Carolina’s Top Running Back.

Lane, a 5-foot-10, 205-pound running back, spent three seasons with Carolina and became the top career rusher for the Panthers in November.

Before Lane re-signed with the Panthers in 1999, he played mostly as a backup to Biakabutuka, sharing rushing duties. As a bonus, he signed a two-year contract worth $1.276 million, including a signing bonus of $300,000.

Lane is one of two ex-Panthers who have encountered legal issues in recent months.

Rae Carruth, the top pick in the 1997 NFL draft for the Panthers, is currently awaiting trial while his girlfriend, Cherica Adams, who was fatally shot while being held captive, remains in bond.

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