Why Fletcher’s “Becky’s So Hot” Sparked TikTok Drama With Her Ex

She never shied away from keeping real things from her, even if it meant distancing herself from Fletcher’s new song. Without him and without any attachments, she’s ready for something (or someone) new, instead of pushing the narrative of their past relationship. This time, she’s leaving it all behind and picking up right where the track “The EP breakup” on Tapes, S(ex) left off.

Fletcher quickly caught the attention of Missal Becky, and they began dating. After two years, Beveridge hired Fletcher to film a series of music videos for his project called Tapes (ex) S. Fletcher and Beveridge broke up after they wrote up the star YouTube and popular photographer Shannon Beveridge. Fletcher was once in a highly-publicized relationship with Shannon.

During an interview with Zane Lowe, the singer explained that he was stalking his ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend on Instagram. He accidentally liked a picture and found himself looking at an old vintage photo of her wearing a dress he had seen before in the studio. He referred to himself as a full-on rookie stalker and expressed frustration by saying, “Damnit, I’m hot and I saw a picture of her before as well.”

Becky chose to turn her complex feelings into a song instead of disliking the picture of Fletcher, who was born after “Becky’s So Hot.” In the first verse, she laments about learning about their relationship. She sings, “I’m not fixing this bad taste in my mouth with Listerine and putting on makeup with a sad face when I wake up.” She continues, “This awkward face, these hips, this waist, damn / I don’t really blame you / I’ll be okay, even if I stalked her, fine.”

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Fletcher experiences a significant crisis as soon as the chorus starts. She passionately sings along with the electric guitar in the background, asking, “Are you in love like we were? / If I were you, I’d likely hold onto her.” She goes on to say, “It makes me feel like hitting her when I lay eyes on her / Because Becky looks incredibly attractive in your old-fashioned t-shirt.” “Oh, she’s the person I should despise / But I’m curious about what she’s like.” “I sort of want to hit her when I see her / Becky looks stunning in your vintage t-shirt.”

“Extremely warm in your retro t-shirt.” Becky is affirmed by the revival of the chorus and the concluding feeling that. She confesses to desiring Becky for herself, singing, “I can’t even be angry about it, she fire symbol, amazing.” In one instance, she sings, “I used to wear it as well, yeah, it’s the shortened version,” and in the following moment, The remaining part of the song is a understandably perplexing combination of emotions as Fletcher switches between envy and respect.

“She continued to explain that I simply want to hear from people who asked for my permission, just because it seems to me that there is some confusion, but I want to make it clear that this is not a collaboration. I am not part of the PR for this. There seems to be some confusion with me, but I personally would like to clear things up. Now, personally, I would like to post a video on TikTok, as a photographer, promoting Fletcher’s new song, which was released on all streaming platforms before Beveridge was notified.”

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Both artists separate their ways in a focused manner, which means they hope to maintain silence. Neither Beveridge nor Fletcher have released any additional statements about the controversy. However, Beveridge’s announcement has crossed a line in the comments, sparking a heated debate among TikTok fans, and it has already received over a million views.

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