Why Does My iMessage Keep Turning Off? Fix It Fast! (2023)

Is frustrating and inconvenient when iMessage is not working and you cannot send or receive messages. There are several things you can do to keep iMessage active and signed in, including updating the software on your iPad and ensuring that your two-factor authentication password matches the one set for iMessages. Additionally, make sure you are not sending messages from your phone number if your email address is not set up for iMessages. If you exceed your texting plan limit, you may end up with a high bill. Instead of using iMessages, you may need to use standard SMS messages, which are indicated by a green color instead of blue.

Check the Apple System Status Page

The issue may be the root cause of this situation, thus iMessage has been fixed. As you can observe, search for the condition of iMessage, then proceed to the Apple System Status Page. In this instance, there is nothing you can do except wait for the problem to be resolved, and different Apple systems may encounter problems or become unavailable occasionally due to this reason. This is because you will verify Apple’s System Status Page, which is one of the simplest measures to follow when iMessage continues to disable.

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Turn Off iMessage & FaceTime, Then Reboot

A convenient method to address iMessage and FaceTime problems is by disabling these functions, restarting your iPhone or iPad, and subsequently reactivating the features.

  • Access the Settings application.
  • Tap Messages.
  • Turn off iMessages.
  • Now, return and select FaceTime.
  • Now, deactivate FaceTime.
  • Now, restart your iPhone or iPad, then go back into the Settings application and enable iMessage and FaceTime once again.

    Are Internet Problems Causing iMessage to Sign Out Randomly?

    There are a few steps you can take to enhance your connection in case you have a weak Wi-Fi signal or internet issues. There are several reasons why iMessage keeps turning off, most of which are related to Wi-Fi and internet.

    First, check the signal bars for both Wi-Fi and cellular in the top right corner of your screen. If either of these signals has no bars or only one bar, it means that your Wi-Fi or cellular signal is weak. The number of vertical white bars indicates the strength of your cellular signal, while the number of larger, gradually increasing white semi-circles indicates the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

    If you live or regularly travel to areas where cellular service is inconsistent, consider switching to a provider with better coverage. When you sign up, try to ensure that your iMessage stays active by moving to a location with a stronger Wi-Fi and/or cellular signal. Additionally, make sure your router is not placed too close to a microwave, as it can interfere with the signal and weaken its strength. If you usually use your iPad or iPhone in a location where the Wi-Fi signal is weak, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router to improve the signal.

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    If you want to learn how fast your Wi-Fi connection is, you can run an internet speed test like fast.Com on your iPad or iPhone. This test will measure your ping (the reaction time of your connection, measured in milliseconds or ms), as well as the upload and download speeds in Mbps. However, if your Wi-Fi signal looks good but iMessage keeps turning off, Ookla can try to measure the connection’s ping, upload and download speeds in milliseconds (ms), so you can see how many Mbps your Wi-Fi connection is.

    If you want to improve things, turn off your iPad or iPhone, then unplug your router and modem for at least 30 seconds. After that, plug them back in and wait until the new indicator lights stop blinking. If your Wi-Fi speed seems okay, try restarting it.

    iPad or iPhone Storage Is Full

    If your iPhone or iPad has low or no storage, you may discover that iMessage is not working properly. You can check your iPhone’s storage and free up space to resolve this issue, which includes turning off iMessage itself. Additionally, you will encounter many issues related to storage if your device’s storage is full.

    Check Your Date & Time Settings

    To resolve the problem, or ensure that this is not the scenario, one factor that can trigger iMessage to continuously log out is an issue with the date, time, and location configuration on your device.

  • Access the Settings application.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap on the Date & Time option.
  • When turned on again, then turned off, it will already be automatically set. Once enabled, it will appear green and automatically set. Toggle to enable the automatic setting.
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    Reset Apple ID Password

    If you randomly signed out of iMessage, it is possible that your Apple ID has just been compromised, causing the need to change your Apple ID password.

    Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone or iPad

    It’s possible that your iPad or iPhone is experiencing internet connectivity issues, which can only be resolved by resetting your network settings. To do this, you’ll need to remove your Wi-Fi connection and enter your password again. Fortunately, this is a fairly quick process, despite the minor inconvenience it may cause.

    Factory Reset & Restore Your iPhone or iPad from a Backup (iCloud, iTunes, or Finder)

    Before randomly signing out of iMessage, make sure to choose to backup your iPad or iPhone. You can restore it from a backup, whether it is from iCloud, iTunes, or Finder backup.

    Make sure to contact your cellular service provider if you are experiencing any issues with the Messages app. If you are still having trouble, be sure to reach out to Apple support. Also, be sure to read our other troubleshooting guides when you encounter any tricky problems with your Apple devices.

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