Who’s in tonight’s Republican debate and how to watch

On Wednesday night, in Milwaukee, the first debate of the 2024 presidential campaign season will take place, where eight Republican hopefuls will convene, including former President Trump.

The debate might act as an initial exposure for the less well-known candidates, who will particularly benefit from this, in order to garner some recognition among Republican voters who are significantly behind Trump’s competitors, which presents a significant opportunity.

The goal for prime candidates in debates is to produce attention-getting moments that go viral on social media — a matter that may not matter much, but the absence of Trump is likely to reduce viewership for the live broadcast.

On Monday night, the National Republican Committee announced that these eight candidates had met the criteria of having support from at least 1% in qualifying polls and individual donors of at least $40,000.

Governor Doug Burgum from North Dakota.

Ex-Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Former Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

Ex-Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas.

Ex-Vice President Mike Pence.

Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur.

Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina.

The RNC’s attempt to qualify Suarez, the mayor of Miami, Francis X., For the run did not succeed; however, they also tried to qualify businessman Perry Johnson, who attempted to run for governor of Michigan, and businessman Larry Elder, who attempted to run for governor of California and is also the host of a talk radio show in California.

Elder and Johnson have objected and stated that they intend to journey to Milwaukee regardless.

Where is Donald Trump?

The ex-president declared on Sunday that he would not engage in debates, stating his significant advantage in polls.

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He stated on his Truth Social platform, “As a result, I will not participate in the debates,” he expressed. “The citizens are aware of my identity and the accomplishments I achieved during my prosperous term as President.”

The interview is scheduled to be published in conjunction with the commencement of the debate, as stated by Trump on Wednesday morning. Trump has conducted an interview with Tucker Carlson, the previous prominent figure of Fox News who was ousted in April.

Several contenders have allegedly made arrangements in anticipation of his potential arrival during the debate, despite his staff members claiming that Trump will be present at his Bedminster, N.J. Resort on Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, Fani Willis, the Fulton County Attorney, will arraign him on felony charges in the case brought by her, accusing him of racketeering in connection with his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia. He is also scheduled to surrender to the authorities for travel.

Where is the discussion being broadcasted?

Fox News is hosting the debate before a live audience in Milwaukee. The moderators will be anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

Three-quarters of those who received news from the site were identified as Republicans. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center last year, only 2% of individuals regularly obtained news from Rumble, but 20% of U.S. Adults were aware of its existence. The co-sponsorship of the debate by the platform might hold significance. Rumble possesses a predominantly Republican viewership and serves as a free online video-sharing platform that the RNC intends to broadcast the debate on.

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When is the scheduled debate?

The discussion is planned to commence at 6 p.M. Pacific time and continue until 8 p.M.

What do the surveys indicate?

He has just crossed the halfway mark in the national polls maintained by the website FiveThirtyEight. As he had throughout the entire year, Trump has a significant advantage in the race for his party’s nomination.

Burgum and Hutchinson are falling behind with less than 1%. Pence, Scott, Haley and Christie are closely grouped together with 3% to 4% each. Ramaswamy, who has garnered support recently, holds the third position with 9%. DeSantis is significantly behind on a national level and has experienced a notable decline in support in recent weeks. Currently, he is polling at an average of 21%.

The competition is relatively more intense and follows a distinct sequence in Iowa, which is scheduled to host the initial competition of the race on Jan. 15, and where the contenders have already invested time and funds.

According to a survey conducted by experienced Iowa pollster J. Ann Selzer and released on Monday, it is revealed that Trump enjoys the backing of 42% of potential attendees in the Republican caucuses of the state.

Ramaswamy, having a 4% share, and Christie, with a 5% share, were accompanied by Haley and Pence, both with a 6% share. Following closely behind in third place was Scott, who has extensively advertised on television in the state and targeted the backing of its significant group of evangelical voters, while DeSantis enjoyed a substantial 19% support.

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