Who’s in and who’s out of the knockout round at the 2023 World Cup?

The final stage image is finished, while there is a lot of football to be played at the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Portugal withdrew with a 0-0 score after 16 rounds of the Round to advance to the United States. The two-time defending champions finished second in Group E after blowing out Vietnam 7-0 on Tuesday.

The group stage ended on Thursday with Morocco defeating Colombia 1-0, while South Korea and Germany played to a 1-1 tie.

Here’s an overview of the standings of all 32 teams.

Scores and rankings were last updated on Tuesday, August 2nd.

Category A

  • The Swiss advanced to the knockout stage after a morning match against tournament host New Zealand, earning 5 points with a 2-0 victory over the Philippines and two draws against Norway and New Zealand (0-0 each). In the next round, they will be up against Spain, who finished as the second-place team in Group C.
  • Next, Japan’s upcoming match will be crucial as they aim to secure second place in the World Cup 1995 standings. To achieve this, they must defeat the Philippines with a significant goal differential of +5. Thankfully, Norway was able to hold New Zealand scoreless with the help of Switzerland, which means Japan has a chance to avoid the risk of missing the knockout stage. In their previous matches, Norway secured a major victory against the Philippines with a 6-0 win, while Switzerland had a goalless draw against New Zealand. Unfortunately, New Zealand suffered a 1-0 loss. Currently, Norway has accumulated 4 points.
  • One of the two countries hosting the World Cup concludes its journey with a roller-coaster ride of emotions — experiencing the disappointment of a shocking defeat followed by the elation of a historic victory. New Zealand, in particular, had a tumultuous World Cup campaign, securing 4 points through a 1-0 triumph over Norway, suffering a 1-0 defeat against the Philippines, and settling for a goalless draw against Switzerland.
  • Norway concluded their journey on Sunday with a disappointing loss. The Philippines had a memorable debut in the World Cup by pulling off a shocking upset against New Zealand: a 6-0 loss to Norway, a 1-0 win over New Zealand, and a 2-0 loss to Switzerland, earning them 3 points.
  • B Team

  • Denmark, the second-place finisher of Group D, will face Australia, who emerged as the group winner after convincingly defeating Canada. Australia faced pressure after their defeat to Nigeria, but they managed to overcome it and progress to the match against Denmark. Australia achieved a 1-0 victory against Ireland, suffered a 3-2 loss to Nigeria, and secured a 4-0 win over Canada. They were regarded as a surprising contender before the tournament.
  • England, the dominant team that emerged as the winner of Group D, will confront the Super Falcons in the knockout stage after their impressive victory against Australia. Nigeria, who secured the second position in the group with a total of 5 points (including a goalless draw against Canada and a thrilling 3-2 triumph over Australia, as well as another goalless draw versus Ireland), will face the mighty English side.
  • After the 2011 World Cup, Canada (4 points – 0-0 draw against Nigeria; 2-1 victory over Ireland; 4-0 defeat against Australia) have been knocked out in the group stage for the first time. The Olympic champions in Tokyo had to prevent a defeat against the host country, Australia.
  • Ireland’s first appearance in the World Cup ended with a 0-0 tie against Nigeria, a 2-1 loss to Canada, and a 1-0 loss to Australia (Australia defeated Ireland 1-0; Canada defeated Ireland 2-1; Ireland tied Nigeria 0-0 – Ireland earned 1 point).
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    C Team

  • Japan issued a declaration opposing Spain in order to secure victory in the group (accumulating 9 points – with a 5-0 triumph over Zambia, a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica, and a 4-0 win against Spain). In the upcoming round, they are scheduled to face Norway.
  • Spain secured the second position in the group and will proceed to face Switzerland. Spain, with a total of 6 points, achieved a 3-0 victory against Costa Rica, a 5-0 triumph over Zambia, and unfortunately suffered a 4-0 defeat against Japan.
  • Zambia secured its first victory in the World Cup group stage by defeating Costa Rica 3-1. They suffered a 5-0 loss against Spain and Japan, earning a total of 3 points.
  • Zambia suffered a 3-1 loss against Costa Rica, a 2-0 loss against Japan, and a 3-0 loss against Spain before being eliminated from the knockout stage of the final match. Costa Rica emerged victorious, preventing Zambia from advancing.
  • D Group

  • Nigeria clashed with England in the final group game of Round 16 and emerged victorious, with James Lauren scoring twice on Tuesday. The reigning European champions didn’t have an easy time against China, but managed to secure a dominant 6-1 win. They also triumphed over Denmark with a 1-0 victory and Haiti with another 1-0 win, earning a total of 9 points. (Output)
  • Denmark is making its first foray into the knockout stage of the World Cup since 1995, facing Australia in the 16th round. In the 21st minute, Pernille Harder scored a penalty after Dayana Pierre-Louis’ handball. Denmark has accumulated 6 points with a 2-0 win over Haiti, a 1-0 loss to England, and a 1-0 win over China.
  • In the first half against England, China allowed three goals, resulting in a lopsided loss that quickly dissipated their hopes. They previously won 1-0 against Denmark and Haiti, but the 6-1 loss against England cost them 3 points.
  • Haiti, with a score of 0 points, suffered their first loss in the Women’s World Cup, being defeated by Denmark 2-0, followed by losses to China 1-0 and England 1-0. The women from Haiti were eliminated from the tournament.
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    E Group

  • On Saturday, Esmee Brugts, a 20-year-old player from South Africa, had two goals in the final victory. The Dutch team, who is currently at the top of Group E, achieved a dominant victory against Vietnam and a tie against the USWNT. This victory over Portugal with a score of 1-0 earned them 7 points (7) in the Netherlands.
  • On Sunday, Sweden will face their nemesis in a tough 16th match of the Round. The American side looked lackluster and prone to turnovers against a confident Portuguese team, while the Dutch poured in four goals against Vietnam in the first 23 minutes. It wasn’t the prettiest game to watch, but the USWNT made it through to the Round of 16 with a tie against Portugal (0-0), a tie against the Netherlands (1-1), and a 3-0 win over Vietnam, earning them 5 points (United States).
  • Portugal faced a win-and-in situation against the USWNT but was unable to accomplish the task. Ana Capeta from Portugal delivered an impressive shot early in the second-half stoppage time, which rebounded off the post. Coach Francisco Neto expressed his feelings after the game, stating, “At this moment, it is painful, but tomorrow we will feel proud.” – Portugal (4 points – a defeat of 1-0 against Netherlands; a victory of 2-0 against Vietnam; a draw of 0-0 against United States).
  • Another World Cup newcomer, Vietnam (0 points – 3-0 defeat against United States; 2-0 defeat against Portugal, 7-0 defeat against Netherlands), was removed from the tournament prior to Tuesday’s one-sided loss to the Dutch.
  • F Group

  • On Thursday morning, the Group H runners-up will be determined and they will move on to play. They pulled off a six-goal victory, securing their spot. France has had a less-than-ideal start in this World Cup, with off-field turbulence affecting the squad. They only needed a draw against Panama to advance and they reached the quarterfinals of the last two World Cups. Their journey so far includes a 6-3 win against Panama, a 2-1 win against Brazil, and a 0-0 tie against Jamaica, earning them a total of 7 points.
  • The H Group winners, Jamaica, will play their next match on Thursday morning. They were able to upset the powerhouse home team, Brazil, with a scoreless draw, thanks to Marta. This is the first time ever that the Reggae Girlz have advanced out of the group stage. Their results so far include a tie against Brazil with a score of 0-0, a 1-0 win over Panama, and another tie against France with a score of 0-0. Jamaica currently has 5 points. Output.
  • After a legendary career, Marta will be going home as Brazil’s stage group ended without being able to pull out a victory against Jamaica: tying 0-0 and losing to France 2-1; but winning over Panama 4-0 – earning 4 points (Brazil: Input).
  • Panama (0 points – 4-0 defeat to Brazil; 1-0 defeat to Jamaica; 6-3 defeat to France): Despite facing a formidable opponent, Panama managed to score three goals but was eliminated before its last match against France.
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    G Group

  • In the Round of 16 at the 2019 World Cup, Argentina secured a victory against their rival Sweden, earning the top spot in their group as the third-place finishers. Argentina triumphed with a 2-0 win, while Italy dominated with a 5-0 victory and South Africa secured a 2-1 win. These wins resulted in Argentina accumulating a total of 9 points.
  • Netherlands will face Italy in the next round, but their chances of advancing have been greatly diminished by a big win by Bayana Bayana over South Africa. Argentina, on the other hand, blew a 2-0 lead against Italy, resulting in a 3-2 win for Italy. The match between Argentina and Sweden ended in a 2-2 tie, while Sweden suffered a 2-4 loss against South Africa.
  • Italy’s destiny in the World Cup hinged on South Africa: (accumulating 3 points – a victorious 1-0 match against Argentina; a devastating 5-0 defeat to Sweden; a close 3-2 loss against South Africa). If they had won, they would have secured their spot, but unfortunately, they lost and are being eliminated.
  • After being sent home following a defeat to Sweden, Argentina (with only 1 point – a 1-0 loss to Italy, a 2-2 tie against South Africa, and a 2-0 loss to Sweden) displayed great courage in their efforts to secure a draw against South Africa.
  • H Group

  • Despite losing 0-1 to Morocco, Colombia advances to the knockout round and plays the role of the underdog. Colombia secures a win of 2-1 against Germany and a 2-0 victory over South Korea, accumulating a total of 6 points.
  • Germany’s historic defeat against South Korea with a score of 6-0 and their loss against Colombia with a score of 0-1 in the knockout stage of the World Cup has eliminated them. This elimination has made Morocco the first-ever Arab nation to reach this stage in the women’s World Cup.
  • Germany fails to reach the knockout stages of the World Cup for the first time in history after a shocking defeat against Colombia (2-1), a resounding victory for Morocco (6-0), and a draw against Morocco (1-1), resulting in a total of 4 points for Germany.
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