Who is Princess Mary Adelaide? Known as Fat Mary, the first ‘People’s Princess’ spent so much on parties she had to flee Britain in disgrace. (Yet her great-granddaughter was dutiful Queen Elizabeth II…)

Adelaide Mary Princess would eventually earn a very different reputation, thanks to her excessive indulgence in general luxury and extravagant parties, but she would also receive praise for her ability to stop comparisons and express gratitude towards love.

Eventually, ‘Fat Mary’ as she was referred to, was compelled to escape the nation.

Today, Adelaide Mary Princess holds a significant position in the royal family, and she was the great grandmother to King George V. Although she has largely been forgotten as Queen Mary’s mother,

Having been the final individuals to possess the Princess of Cambridge title, Mary Adelaide and her sister Augusta will surely be sought out by Charlotte, the Princess of Cambridge, in due course.

Elizabeth Wilhelmina Adelaide Mary Princess was born in 1933, the daughter of Duke Adolphus of Cambridge and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Cassel, granddaughter of King George III and cousin of Queen Victoria.

The sisters also had a sibling named George, who held the title of Prince of Cambridge before he inherited his father’s dukedom.

George IV and later William IV served as viceroys in the area on behalf of their father, who grew up in the Hanover family.

German was her mother tongue.

As Mary Adelaide matured, she became a beloved figure in the public’s view – even more so than her sister.

Thanks to her charitable endeavors, she quickly earned the recognition as the ‘People’s Princess’, the identical designation subsequently granted to Princess Diana.

When Mary Adelaide turned 33, she got married to Prince Franz of Teck, a person who converses in German and was born in Austria.

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Prince Alexander, Prince Francis, Prince Adolphus, and Princess Mary had four offspring: the Duke and Duchess of Teck were to be recognized as the pair.

Mary Prince lived with her husband in White Lodge Park, Richmond, for several years. (White Lodge is now home to the Royal Ballet School).

Despite their apparent extravagance, they were actually living far beyond their financial capabilities.

The duo achieved notoriety as a result of their lavish gatherings and indulgent expenditures, prompting them to depart from Britain in 1883 in order to elude their debtors.

They concealed themselves at a certain moment in Florence, alternating between the residences of their relatives in Germany and Austria. It was only in 1885 that they finally came back home.

Nevertheless, Queen Victoria had a special affection for their eldest daughter, Princess Mary, who was also referred to as Princess May.

After the birth of Princess Mary, Victoria visited her childhood home, Kensington Palace, where I slept in the former bedroom of Mama and wrote “In her own childhood home, Kensington Palace, the princess visited Victoria.”

Prince Albert Victor, the eldest son of Prince Edward VII and his wife Alexandra, became engaged to Mary when she was older.

Nonetheless, a sorrowful incident transpired when he untimely succumbed to pneumonia at the tender age of 28, due to an outbreak of influenza.

Consequently, Queen Victoria convinced Mary Adelaide to wed her brother, Prince George, instead.

Princess Mary Adelaide passed away on October 27, 1897, following an urgent surgical procedure. This occurred only a few months prior to her mother’s demise. The couple had gotten married in May 1893.

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On the contrary, her daughter, Princess Mary, later assumed a crucial position in the modern royal family that we are acquainted with presently.

After the passing of King Edward VII in 1901, Prince George ascended to the throne and Princess Mary became his Queen Consort.

King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth, and King Edward VIII, who only served for a period of 325 days and was never officially crowned, were their two offspring collectively.

Prince William, who received the Dukedom of Cambridge upon his marriage in 2011, is the great-great-great-grandson of Princess Mary of Adelaide.

Princess Charlotte is the inaugural Princess of Cambridge since then.

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