Which teams have been eliminated from knockout contention at 2023 World Cup?

The group phase of the 2023 women’s World Cup progresses as teams compete in their second matches, and the knockout stage is about to begin forming. Certain teams will be eliminated from contention before their third group stage match, which is the opposite side of the coin.

Here’s an overview of the teams that have been excluded from the knockout stage in the 2023 World Cup.

Costa Rica (C Group)

Costa Rica, who previously lost 3-0 to Spain in the group stage of the Women’s World Cup 2023, officially became the first team to be eliminated from the tournament after losing 2-0 to Japan. The winner of the final match between the third-place teams in the group will advance to the next stage, where they will face Zambia.

Zambia (C Group)

Zambia, who suffered a 5-0 defeat against Spain in the second game of the group stage, have been eliminated. Additionally, they were previously defeated 5-0 by Japan. The team that emerges victorious from the Zambia-Costa Rica match in the final group play will secure the third position in the group.

Vietnam (E Group)

After dropping their first two games in the group stage of this tournament, Vietnam is officially eliminated when it comes to the qualification knockout. However, they can still play the role of spoiler when they face the Netherlands in the final group stage match. Vietnam would like to take something good from this World Cup and they need to win in order to secure a place in the knockout round.

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Ireland (B Group)

Canada will need to win or draw with goal tiebreakers against Australia in order to advance, as this will open the door for them. If Ireland wins against Nigeria in their final match, they can still play the spoiler. On Wednesday, Ireland beat Canada 2-1, officially eliminating them from the tournament’s group stage.

Panama (F Group)

In the final stage of the game, the team can still spoil France’s play. However, it was always an uphill climb for Panama in this group, as they lost to Brazil 4-0 in the opener. Jamaica suffered a 1-0 loss, sending them out of the tournament.

Republic of Korea (Group H)

It has been surprising that Morocco has suffered a loss of 1-0 in the Asian side of the competition. South Korea, who has been sent home from the group stage in back-to-back tournaments, has experienced a steady decline in performance at the World Cups. We’ll have to wait and see if they can come away with some points in their final group stage match against Germany in this tournament.

Philippines (Team A)

The group of competitors were longshots to advance out of the entering competition, as there were no points grabbing considered to be going successful in the campaign. Although they folded against Norway in the final group stage match, Philippines, as an underdog against New Zealand in the group stage, had a big win.

New Zealand (Group A)

New Zealand failed to threaten the Swiss goal and bow out of the competition, but they had plenty of overall shots in the game. They ended their World Cup campaign with a scoreless draw against Switzerland, becoming the first host nation to fail to make it to the round of 16.

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Canada (B Group)

This is a tough ending for Christine Sinclair, the legend who made her sixth appearance in the World Cup. The team needed to draw or win the final match to have a shot at the knockout round, but they fell flat in a 4-0 loss to Australia. Surprisingly, Canada, the team ranked highest in the group according to FIFA rankings, struggled in this World Cup.

Portugal (E Group)

There will be some disappointment, but their debut in the World Cup was a good showing. The game for Portugal in the round of 16 was by no means a draw, with a 0-0 score. They couldn’t get the job done, but the Portuguese had an opportunity to advance to the knockout round with a win over the United States.

China (D Group)

England’s team lost 1-0 in a close match against Denmark, and Haiti beat them 1-0. However, in their final group match, England’s team played exceptionally well and secured a spot in the final.

Haiti (Group D)

Haiti lost all three matches in the group stage, succumbing to defeat against England, China, and Denmark. Despite failing to score a single goal in any of the three matches, they should be commended for not suffering any significant losses. In total, their opponents outscored them by four points across the three games, just as Haiti managed to score four points against their opponents.

Argentina (Group G)

Argentina needed a win, regardless of what happened in the other game in Group G, in order to advance to the knockout round of the tournament. The South American side fell 2-0 to Sweden and will now be going home before the second round of the tournament.

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Italy (Group G)

Following Arianna Caruso’s second goal against South Africa, it appeared that the Italians were on track for a place in the knockout phase. Nonetheless, despite initially being in the lead, Italy ultimately suffered a defeat and were eliminated from the competition after conceding a goal in stoppage time, unable to recover.

Brazil (F Group)

Early in their home match, Brazil’s Canarinhas failed to make an impact in the opening stage of the World Cup group, as they were unable to score against Jamaica and hold them to a draw. Their disappointment continued in their last two matches, where they were unable to stymie Brazil’s attack and ended up with scoreless draws. Marta, who had made a significant impact in previous World Cups, failed to make a similar impact in these matches.

Germany (H Group)

Germany did not officially secure the second position in the FIFA rankings. They did not receive any assistance from Colombia in the other group stage match, and they failed to score a winning goal. After three group stage matches, the Germans are eliminated from the World Cup for the first time in their history.

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