Where to use the US Embassy key in DMZ

Gain entry to the treasure by conquering the AI adversaries and discovering the structure. Once you acquire the key to the US Embassy, you can extract with it to utilize in a separate game. These keys are stored in backpacks and you can also obtain keys by eliminating enemy operatives. Keys are relinquished by AI foes and lucrative targets and can also be discovered in various treasure caches. Players must locate a key to access the secured structures in the DMZ, such as the US Embassy.

Here’s where to utilize the United States Embassy key in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Check the yellow circle on the map above to find its exact location. Players can climb up the external ladder to directly reach the roof or explore different floors in the main building. This perimeter has a few gaps that allow players to sneak into the compound. You can identify this building by its massive walled perimeter surrounding it. The US Embassy building is located at POI City Mazrah Al in sector F3 on the map.

Players can use the key to unlock the door on the roof of the US Embassy. You can quickly eliminate the AI enemies roaming outside the building from the roof. Ideally, you should find a helicopter and fly it over to the top of the US Embassy, landing on the City Mazrah Al POI. If you have a key for the US Embassy, we recommend visiting this area and taking a vehicle from a location that is far from where you spawned. The US Embassy is heavily guarded, which means you will find AI combatants all around this compound.

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Prior to the combat, teammates should strategize and coordinate to effectively overcome heavily armored AI opponents inside the building. Make sure to explore all the floors and collect loot before entering the main US Embassy building. It is advisable to start from the first roof as it provides an easy route down. Keep in mind that there are three different doors in the building that can be opened with the US Embassy key, which can be used three times.

Once you have cleared the main US Embassy building, you should be able to easily navigate around this compound, as it is available as a multiplayer map in Modern Warfare 2. Players who have the keys to the locked buildings are likely to find different items while looting inside the US Embassy. To ensure a successful exfiltration, players should find a point of exfiltration and quickly exit the entire compound after looting all the items in their backpacks.

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