When Does It Start Snowing in New York?

Normally, snowfall begins in December. in New York and the snowy period comes to an end in early March..

January. and February. are the two most probable months to experience snowfall in New York.

You should be prepared to deal with snow during these two months, but March. and December. are not months with heavy snow.

While it is feasible for snow to happen as soon as November. and as tardy as April, the likelihood of snowfall throughout these months is extremely improbable.

Snowfall is definitely not a worry from May to October, except for the incredibly rare event.

There are a few factors to take into account regarding the averages and statistics that we present in the following content.

These figures represent the mean values.

The amounts of snowfall are averages and the actual snowfall can vary significantly.

In some years, NYC gets little to no snowfall, sometimes for even several years in a row. The opposite is also true.

Take a look at our forecasts for the winter of 2022-23.

The City is capable of managing the snow.

To the disappointment of the city’s students, New York City knows how to handle snow, including heavy snow.

Snow clearing crews are organized and sent out with ruthless precision.

Both streets and footpaths are typically free from snow and ice mere hours after a blizzard.

Visit a museum.

Except for the periods around Christmas and Easter, snowfall typically aligns with times when tourism is less busy.

This implies that the museums in New York City are relatively empty compared to the peak season, especially on weekdays.

There are plenty of indoor attractions and museums to keep you occupied.

And were you aware that numerous museums in NYC are free or have pay-what-you-wish days? Discover more about them here.

You could also listen to our podcast episode “Tips for Traveling to NYC” where we discuss the pros and cons of visiting NYC in each season.

This podcast offers bite-sized audio clips with tips on how to plan your trip to NYC, which you can access wherever you can get podcasts.

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NYC HOTEL OFFERS ON TRIPADVISOR – If you haven’t already reserved your lodging.

December’s Snowfall

Unlike November., when snow is fairly rare, December. usually experiences an average of 2.5 inches of snowfall, with the majority occurring on days 2-3 of the month.

More substantial snowfalls of 3 inches (7.6 cm) or more happen only once every alternate year.

Throughout history, December. in New York City has experienced a wide variation in snowfall amounts from year to year.

The average long-term snow totals for December. ranged from 5 inches to nearly 30 inches, with only a trace of snow in some areas.

In the early days of the month, the probability of witnessing snow is approximately three times lower compared to the latter part of the month, as the chances of snowfall gradually rise throughout December..

Be sure to check out the full weather in NYC in December.. You are likely to deal with more freezing rain than snow, regardless.

Amount of Snowfall in NYC during January

In January., New York City typically experiences an average of about 4 days with snowfall, with at least 1 inch (2.54 cm) or more of snowfall occurring on 3 or more days.

The long-term average is approximately 7 inches, but January. has experienced as little as 0 inches and as much as 36 inches (92 cm) in the past.

It’s crucial to note that January. is more likely to have a higher number of rainy days than snowy days.

Waterproof boots or shoes are a must, as the sidewalks can be slippery due to a combination of snow and rain.

Make sure to take a look at our post about the January. weather in New York City.

NYC’s Snowfall in February

February. is typically the snowiest month in New York City, with snowfalls of 3 inches (7.6 cm) or more occurring on day 1 and 1 inch (2.5 cm) or more occurring on days 2, 3, and 4.

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The long-term average for snowfall in February. is slightly more than 9 inches (23 cm); nevertheless, previous Februaries have experienced total snowfall ranging from a small amount to nearly 37 inches (94 cm).

Similar to January., February. also has a higher number of rainy days compared to snowy days, with approximately 7-8 days of precipitation.

Take a look at our post on the weather in NYC in February. for additional information.

NYC Snowfall in March

During the month of March., you can still expect some days with snowfall, but the average amount tends to rapidly decrease, with a risk of snowfall of 1 to 2 days.

Snowfalls of 3 inches (7.6 cm) or more happen only approximately once every other year.

The average snowfall in March. is approximately 4 inches (10 cm), although snowfall amounts for this month have varied from 0 inches to nearly 31 inches (79 cm) in previous years.

The likelihood of snow is highest at the start of the month and decreases significantly by the end of the month.

Take a look at our March. New York City weather article for additional information.

What is the snowfall amount in New York City this winter?

Winter given any during NYC in fall will precipitation and snow much how determining factors many are there above mentioned we as.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) does not provide accurate seasonal snowfall forecasts until approximately two weeks before any particular snow event.

Nevertheless, the most accurate prediction for snowfall in New York City this winter is for near average amounts.

The Weather Ocean Services predicts that there will be approximately 27 and 22 inches of snowfall in New York City during the winter of 2022-23, which is about 25 inches on average.

Early predictions anticipate that the amount of rainfall in New York City this winter will be within the normal range.

Initial indications suggest that winter temperatures will be elevated compared to the normal range in the eastern area of the United States, including New York City.

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As winter progresses, heavy snow events may occur in the US Northeast, potentially leading to the intensification of coastal storms due to warm ocean temperatures along the US East Coast.

What to Dress in During the Winter in New York City

During the winter months in New York City, it is essential to have adequate insulation and waterproofing.

The following are the main attractions for what to put on in the winter in NYC, but we provide detailed information about winter packing on our Winter Packing List.

1. Water-resistant Coat.

Cozy, water-resistant, and fashionable cold-weather attire: options for both men and women when it comes to the perfect trio of winter hiking coats, reasonably priced 3 in 1 options offered by Camel Crown.

2. Additional Layers.

Incorporating additional garments into your attire will help maintain your body heat while you are outdoors, and you can effortlessly remove those garments once you are inside.

  • The Wantdo Packable vest is a perfect option for easy packing and stylish jacket buying. It can also be a flattering and lightweight alternative to the 32 DEGREES down vest.
  • If you’ll be outside for long stretches, waiting for Eve Year’s New on the ball to drop or taking a walking tour, the women’s and men’s Merino Wool Base Layer tights are perfect for layering underneath.
  • 3. Umbrella.

    A small, portable, condensed umbrella that can conveniently fit in little purses will help in keeping you dry, regardless of whether it is raining or snowing.

    4. Cold-weather Gear.

  • Cozy woolen socks are essential.
  • A Pashmina shawl is an essential accessory. To broaden your choices for clothing, contemplate acquiring a reversible one or select from a wide range of 45 diverse shades!
  • A cozy hat and gloves.
  • 5. Additional Heat.

    Our biggest tips are always to bring a portable charger that can serve multiple purposes and is suitable for winter travel.

    You will never know why finding a hand warmer as a backup is so important until you find an available and functioning outlet.

    Zippo produces a rechargeable handwarmer that additionally includes a USB port for charging your gadgets.

    Keeping your feet dry is important when vacationing in a city like Manhattan, and having waterproof boots or shoes is crucial, as they will last at least.

  • Vivobarefoot Gobi is undoubtedly the top fashionable winter footwear for traveling.
  • Activities to Enjoy When it Snows in New York City

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