What Modern Family episode was Millie Bobby Brown in?

Lizzie had a small cameo on the award-winning ABC show, Modern Family, as one of the neighbors named Pritchetts. In Season 6, Episode 17 of the comedy series, she secretly saved Gloria Delgado Pritchett from drones, Bobby Brown from Stranger Things, and Millie Bobby Brown multiple times before Eleven’s arrival in Hawkins.

Below is the link where you can notice her scene. Her cameo in the series has been seen by most of us many times. It is one of our all-time favorite appearances of Millie in Modern Family. We probably couldn’t figure out that it was her in the early appearances, but now we know that she was in the show. Millie has also done many other small roles and cameos in top-tier sitcoms. Apart from her impressive performances as the lead in Stranger Things, she has always managed to impress us with her roles in various genres, including the biggest sci-fi thriller series on Netflix, Enola Holmes. Every time she starts a new project, it surprises us, as she is always doing different types of roles. Millie Brown is the main lead in Stranger Things.

What other roles did Millie Bobby Brown helm?

We can only be excited for the future of the characters she portrays. She has become an A-list celebrity for the Netflix brand, rising to stardom and once again proving her acting skills. Her recent appearances in Enola Holmes and Time are like the cherry on top of her stellar performances. She made her debut in the industry with a role in the movie Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, where she played the character Madison. She also played the leading role in the movie Intruders, released in 2014. Additionally, she played an important role in Kong vs. Godzilla and appeared in Monsters: King of the Godzilla. She is not just known for her role in the TV show Modern Family, but also for her appearance in the movie Stranger Things.

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Where did Millie Bobby Brown appear in Modern Family?

Lizzie, one of the neighbors of Pritchett Delgado-Gloria, was played by Mille. Only a fan who has watched Modern Family multiple times will have an idea about it. Only a fan who has watched Modern Family multiple times will have an idea about it, for those who haven’t binged it. Lizzie tries to recollect the episode where her neighbor’s named Gloria Delgado’s stolen bike.

The 17th episode of the American sitcom, titled “Love You’ll Closet?”, Takes place in the relaxed backyard of Gloria and Jay’s home, where everyone in the family comes together.

Millie Bobby Brown, the remarkable celebrity of Netflix, is in fact the same person as the young girl, Lizzie. They took away a young girl’s bicycle in the middle of the street because they required a bicycle to capture the unmanned aerial vehicle while they were pursuing it. On each occasion, the unmanned aerial vehicle succeeds in eluding their grasp and they merely wind up embarrassing themselves. Phill and Manny attempt to arrange a snare and apprehend the unmanned aerial vehicle after abruptly realizing it hovering above Gloria.


Q. Is Millie Bobby Brown deaf in one ear?

After enduring years of ear infections, she eventually lost all hearing in that ear, although she retained partial hearing in the other ear. Indeed, Millie Bobby Brown experiences deafness in one of her ears.

Q. How many boyfriends did Millie Bobby Brown have?

A. Millie has previously been involved with rugby player Joseph Robinson and Jacob Sartorius in the past.

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Q. Did Millie get the 11 tattoo?

A. Yes, Millie has a 011 on her wrist, just like Eleven, the character she portrays in Stranger Things.

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