What Is The ‘Why Is It Spicy’ Meme That’s Trending On Tiktok?

In order to ensure that other applications didn’t have enough time to market and conquer, the social platform TikTok, a Chinese short video sharing app, needed to swiftly come up with marketing tactics. It had barely been a month since India banned the app, and the rest of the world, including the US mainland, was catching on to the popular TikTok trend with hundreds of iterations by late July. Before the trend died down, hundreds of TikTokers went on a frenzy of remixing videos, sending the viral meme “Spicy It Is Why” all over the United States, even during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

One of them is simply hot, which is why TikTok has been trending with thousands of challenges over the past couple of weeks. It continues to fight for dominance with YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. The platform has been aggressively marketing itself, setting new trends and breaking stereotypes. Since the sky is the limit for TikTok, upcoming trends and new promotions are effectively promoted.

Today, let’s learn more about the Why Is It Spicy trend and also at other famous challenges that are trending on TikTok.

The viral TikTok meme “Why Is It Spicy” debuted in the second week of July 2020. It showed a black girl taking a sip of Sprite from McDonald’s, making a confused face because she was not familiar with the original taste of the popular soft drink. The meme became hilarious and relatable because of her confused expression. To engage the audience, the meme creator retained a confused facial expression while asking why the Sprite tasted spicy. This meme became popular because McDonald’s is known for adding extra ingredients to make their Sprite have a stronger, zesty flavor.

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Why Is Spicy
Why Is Spicy

In fact, there was a TikTok video showing a girl ordering “Spicy Water” and “Spicy Sprite” at McDonald’s, where Coke was referred to as “Spicy Tea” and water was declared to be spicier than Sprite. Once uploaded by a popular YouTuber named Null in 2014, this video became a meme loved by the internet, creating a subgenre of spicy memes. However, the meme has evolved and gained popularity over time.

A dog tries to drink Sprite from his bowl but is repulsed by the taste “spicy”. The internet was overwhelmed again with the meme, after the video of the girl emerged, where she was roleplaying different scenarios trying soft drinks with new toothpaste flavors, ranging from spicy to other flavors. It later emerged in 2020.

The viral video is gaining popularity on TikTok even in 2022.

Additionally, take a look at: Otakukart’s compilation of Tiktok challenges in 2022 that you should explore.

Popular Trends on TikTok You’ll Love

Millions of users have been seen trying to sign up for the daily challenge of TikTok, and if their faces are not symmetrical, they are trying to figure out how to invert the filter. TikTokers are also seen trying to figure out how to see their face if it is symmetrical by using the front camera of their smartphone. Some popular trends on TikTok, including the Deja Vu Challenge, have been taken by storm, including other popular trends. Rodrigo Olivia and Bruno Mars have even used the Deja Vu Challenge, resulting in a sense of deja vu for TikTokers.

Inverted filter challenge tiktok
TikTokers trying the Deja Vu Challenge

Another famous trend that TikTokers are encouraged to share videos from their devices is Free Rent Head Challenge. These videos could be highly subjective. However, due to TikTok’s flooded content, this trend has been embraced by a range of videos, from funny pets to adorable babies.

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In its unique manner, it is delightful and empowering. It’s satisfactory, reassuring themselves that would validate their deeds while an individual would narrate an awkward incident followed by the popular TikTok phenomenon is a recurring motif. Their pets, companions, and their relatives encompass their existence that showcase a presentation of themselves while experiencing the utmost iterations of themselves that they guarantee individuals. The You Are Enough fad is the trend that has been circulating in 2022, yet another trend.

Make sure to try these amazing trends that are popular along with other trends in 2022. So here is all you need to know about the spicy trend that has been dominating TikTok since 2020.

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