What is the origin of the feeling of being a Puerto Rican in this hair?

Where Did I Feel Like a Puerto Rican in This Hair Come From


The feeling of identity and belonging is a deeply personal experience that is shaped by various factors, such as heritage, culture, and environment. In the video “Where Did I Feel Like a Puerto Rican in This Hair Come From,” the narrator shares their journey of embracing their Puerto Rican identity while living in New York City. They discuss the pride they feel in their heritage, as well as the occasional embarrassment they experience due to their curly hair and bright skin. This article delves into their story, exploring their connection to Puerto Rico, the impact of living in New York City, and the complexities of their identity as a Puerto Rican.

Embracing Puerto Rican Heritage

The narrator begins by highlighting their strong connection to Puerto Rico, their homeland. Having lived on the island for over 10 years and coming from a family with deep roots there, they always felt at home in Puerto Rico. The sights, sounds, and culture of the island surrounded them, creating a sense of belonging and familiarity. They express pride in their Puerto Rican heritage, recognizing the hard work of their ancestors and the ongoing work needed to uplift the country economically.

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Living in New York City

The narrator’s life took a significant turn when they moved to New York City. They reflect on how their identity as a Puerto Rican shifted in this new environment. While New York City provided an opportunity to live among people from diverse backgrounds, it also made them contemplate the differences in their Puerto Rican identity compared to when they lived on the island. In Puerto Rico, being Puerto Rican encompassed more than physical attributes like curly hair and colorful skin. It was a matter of pride and identity shaped by the perception of their country as economically “behind” America.

Feeling Like a Puerto Rican in San Juan

Despite the changes brought about by living in New York City, the narrator reveals that they still feel like a Puerto Rican when they are in their hometown of San Juan. The familiarity and sense of community in San Juan create a strong connection to their Puerto Rican identity. The food, music, and culture all contribute to this feeling of being at home. They describe the unique aspects of Puerto Rico that make it special, such as its beautiful beaches and rich traditions.

The Challenges of Explaining Puerto Rican Identity

When interacting with people who have never been to Puerto Rico, the narrator acknowledges the difficulty of conveying the depth and significance of their Puerto Rican identity. They encounter questions about Puerto Rico’s beaches and other distinctive aspects of the island. The narrator emphasizes that Puerto Rico offers much more than just its natural beauty. It is a place with a vibrant culture, encompassing various traditions, and a strong sense of community.

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Identity as a Puerto Rican in a Diverse City

Living in New York City, the narrator recognizes the presence of different ethnic and cultural groups. They draw parallels between being Puerto Rican and belonging to other minority groups in America, such as being black or Jewish. While there may be differences in upbringing and cultural practices, there is a shared experience of feeling like an outsider while also feeling connected to something larger. Their Puerto Rican identity becomes a significant part of their overall identity, shaping their perspective and interactions with others.

Celebrating Puerto Rican Culture

The narrator expresses their deep appreciation for Puerto Rican culture and its impact on their life. From the delicious and diverse cuisine to the language and traditions, Puerto Rican culture has left an indelible mark on their identity. They highlight the unique dishes like rice and beans, plantains, paella, and flan, which are all integral parts of Puerto Rican cuisine. The richness of the culture is something they cherish and hold onto, regardless of where they reside.

Personal Experiences and Perspectives

Throughout the article, the narrator shares personal anecdotes and reflections on their Puerto Rican identity. They recount experiences from their childhood, such as their father bringing home special foods that were expensive and the conversations around the economic challenges faced in Puerto Rico. These experiences shaped their understanding of their identity and the complexities associated with being Puerto Rican.


In conclusion, the journey of feeling like a Puerto Rican in this hair comes from a deep connection to Puerto Rico, the challenges and transformations of living in New York City, and the pride in embracing Puerto Rican heritage. The narrator’s experiences highlight the intricate nature of identity and the ways in which it is shaped by culture, environment, and personal history. Their story serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing and celebrating one’s heritage, while also recognizing the nuances and complexities that come with it.

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Source: Elden Beast Cheese (YouTube video: “Where Did I Feel Like a Puerto Rican in This Hair Come From”)

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