What Disease Does Geraldo Rivera Have?

If any, what illness does Geraldo Rivera possess? The specifics remain uncertain, but there have been numerous discussions lately regarding a potential medical condition he has been struggling with. The enigma surrounding Al Capone’s Vaults, a live TV special from 1986, brought Geraldo Rivera considerable fame. On the Fox News Channel, he is a distinguished American journalist, lawyer, writer, and political analyst who has received awards.

Absolutely not! A resolute response to this inquiry is the. Geraldo Rivera does not possess any ailment, at least none that is recognized by the general populace. Nevertheless, there have been hearsays and conjecture about Geraldo Rivera’s well-being in recent years, with certain sources proposing that he might be afflicted by a grave medical ailment referred to as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Geraldo Rivera

The rumors of Geraldo Rivera having MS surfaced when the political commentator was seen by fans using a cane. Although he has never revealed the true reasons behind his use of a cane, it is speculated that he underwent a medical procedure a decade ago that could be an indication of a serious condition.

The question of whether Geraldo Rivera has any kind of disease or health condition still remains up in the air. It is impossible to definitively state whether the television personality and news anchor is suffering from any health condition, as there is a lack of concrete evidence to support the suggested conditions.

Although there have been numerous reports of Rivera suffering from various ailments in the past, there is still no definitive answer or evidence that he actually has a disease. Nevertheless, it is clear that Rivera’s overall health is good and it does not seem to have had a severe effect on his professional life.

What Happened to Geraldo Rivera’s Foot?

Geraldo Rivera had back surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York in 2010. The specific type of back surgery he underwent was never disclosed, however, HSS is renowned for its expertise in orthopedic surgery and the management of rheumatologic ailments. Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter to inform his fans and followers that his foot was injured during a back surgery he underwent several years ago.

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Geraldo Rivera Foot

After performing the surgery at New York Hospital Special for Surgery, he had that surgery on his foot marred as a result. His photos before and after the surgery, showing a lumpy foot, were shared with his almost 50,000 followers on Twitter, as Geraldo made a big announcement.

Throughout the years, Rivera has consistently been the focal point of numerous news stories, as he is a polarizing American journalist. Blaming the hospital for his injury, Rivera has extensively posted numerous pictures of his injured foot since the incident. Despite the successful outcome of the back surgery, Geraldo Rivera found himself in an unusual situation when he departed the hospital with a damaged foot. Nevertheless, the back surgery was indeed a success.

Rivera, who works in the industry and has excelled in his journalistic endeavors, has received praise on multiple occasions for being a passionate self-promoter who openly expresses his ambitions. While he has successfully garnered attention through his tactics, he has also faced widespread criticism for his heavily biased approach to news reporting and the numerous controversial stories he has covered.

Rivera Sued The Hospital That Treated His Foot For Malpractice

According to multiple sources, the 80-year-old author decided to sue the hospital for malpractice due to his claim on Twitter that he was unable to keep up with his 10-year-old daughter in jogging or skiing, and that he was not able to play tennis because of the damage to his foot. It is not clear exactly what happened or how his foot was damaged during the surgery, although it is not functioning correctly.

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Geraldo Rivera

The lawsuit was filed in the state of New York. However, the hospital vehemently denied any wrongdoing in the case. Rivera, the injured patient, claimed that he hurt himself in his recovery room by kicking the door of the hospital’s refrigerator, according to his lawyer. The legal department of the hospital and its defense team at HSS denied the allegations.

Out of court, Rivera attempted to settle the malpractice lawsuit between himself and the Hospital for Special Surgery, as reported. According to his Twitter post, he promised to donate 100 percent of the settlement he received from the lawsuit. Geraldo Rivera still walks with a cane due to problems with his foot. He can no longer be seen resting in bed because he is traveling on a yacht at sea.

In 2022-2023, instead of hosting the occasional broadcast of Reports Rivera Geraldo and hosting the magazine news program at Large, Geraldo Rivera served as a co-host in a rotating manner. Furthermore, while he was on vacation with his family, he uploaded a picture with his sons and grandson.

He Had Another Special Surgery to Correct The Damaged Foot

Completed. Here is the rearranged formation of the sentences in the input paragraph: After undergoing an alleged unsuccessful back surgery, Rivera had a subsequent specialized operation in 2013 to rectify his injured toes. On New Year’s Eve, Rivera tweeted about his preparation for the foot surgery that was ruined by the [Hospital for Special Surgery]. Following the completion of the surgery, he ensured that his extensive Twitter following of over 370k individuals was kept updated by sharing images of himself.

Heading home! Thanks Mt. Sinai Hospital. No thx Hospital for Special Surgery for botched original job-Happy New Year pic.twitter.com/TdXz8JeJae

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) December 31, 2013

Heading back to my place! Appreciation to the team at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Unfortunately, no thanks to Hospital for Special Surgery for the unsuccessful initial procedure. Rivera can be observed using crutches while entering a car, as mentioned in the photo he shared on his Twitter profile. The operation to fix the injured foot was performed at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

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Later in the afternoon, he additionally posted a photo of himself wearing a foot support and stated, “Recovering well.” In addition to a picture showcasing the accuracy of his tweet, the general public was lucky to receive another update: “Despite a chaotic hairstyle, the patient remains in relatively good cheer following the procedure.”

Geraldo claims that his back surgery did not go well, similar to how a failed foot, toe, or ankle procedure can lead to various problems and may require further surgeries in the future. Foot surgery is a significant medical procedure that, if performed incorrectly, can leave you permanently disabled, although Geraldo may have a tendency for dramatic exaggeration.

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