Wendy Williams Recalls Fainting on Live TV: ‘It Felt Like I Was in the Middle of a Fire’

Wendy Williams confesses that she was “terrified” after she suddenly collapsed while hosting her daytime talk show on Halloween.

The 53-year-old TV personality, Amy Robach from ABC News’ Good Morning America, appeared on Friday’s show and recounted the frightening incident, saying, “I was dehydrated and in need of hydration,” according to paramedics.

Williams stated, “I am a lady of a specific age. I am also experiencing menopause.”

WATCH: Wendy Williams Faints in Her Halloween Outfit on Live Television: Witness the Frightening Incident.

She jokingly said, “I am definitely trying to make a crown because it’s my turn now. I saw people watching me when I put it on my head and waved my hand.” She quipped, “and this beautiful fall will never happen again.” She joked as she walked past the Statue of Liberty dressed as the host of The Wendy Williams Show.

Williams boasted, “It was a stunning autumn. Unfortunately, we went to a commercial break… So nobody witnessed it.”

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Williams is now able to laugh off the moment she confessed that it was time she was feeling overheated and remembers it as pretty frightening when she returned from a break.

She described, “It felt as though I was engulfed in flames. Beginning at my feet and extending all the way up to my head.”

Williams continued, “Passing out is not something that I do. I became very frightened, because it was a live performance.”

She banged her head on the floor, then rolled onto her back, and then tumbled buttocks first, but she descended with the crown. “I was more worried about whether I would fracture my skull when I fall,” she stated. Spectators were undoubtedly surprised to witness Williams’ fall, but her main concern lay in the consequences of her collapse.

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Williams said that she thought the fall was part of a stunt, as nobody came to help until she hit the ground.

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“I have never experienced a single headache. There is no lump on my head. I am not experiencing any pain or discomfort,” Williams firmly stated when questioned about her well-being following the incident of fainting.

She also praised her fans for their support. “I was actually more concerned about what people thought about them than about me,” she confided. She received well wishes and showed gratitude for all the flowers.

She declared, “Your previous presentation was just as excellent as only you can be.” After missing a day’s work, she returned right back and showed the completed task, never disappointing Williams, who had passed away.

WATCH: Wendy Williams Becomes Emotional Discussing the ‘Terrifying’ Incident When She Collapsed During Her Live Show.

The team members on her are concerned about the immense pressure she is experiencing, as mentioned by a production source who informed ET earlier this week. Williams has consistently stated that her collapse was a result of dehydration.

The production company is of the opinion that Williams is declining to acknowledge the purported long-term romantic involvement between her spouse Kevin Hunter and a masseuse.

“But I support my man,” Williams stated, responding to allegations that he was being unfaithful and planning to marry another woman during her talk show in September. “You are free to believe whatever you wish.”

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