We Tried Every Miracle Balm Shade From the Beauty Brand Causing a Stir on Social Media

Beauty Road Jones, a brand helmed by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, has gained immediate intrigue with its name that signals a “miracle” beauty product. The brand is known for its unique twists on traditional formulas. It has been seen sharing fair moments of raising eyebrows, and its latest balm is no exception, causing division among consumers.

Hydrating sheer tint is a foundation that can be applied over or under a layer to make it easier. Emily Dimant, a makeup artist, says that Bella Ramsey and Florence Pugh are part of her clientele. Amanda Grossman, a celebrity makeup artist, says that blush, highlighter, and bronzer play a role in achieving the all-over tint look. The true multitasker is a hybrid skincare-makeup product that works like a nourishing balm, providing a fresh wash of pigment. It comes in a simple white jar, fittingly encased in the trend of “makeup no-makeup”.

The salve utilizes its smooth consistency to provide nourishing properties from jojoba and argan oil. The incredibly soft and flexible sensation it imparts on the skin creates a partially occlusive, non-greasy barrier as it effectively serves as a former in both hair and skincare routines. This moisturizing marvel, often referred to as “liquid gold,” also incorporates the protective benefits of vitamin E and the antioxidant properties of sea buckthorn berry oil.

Match and blend to create a wide range of options, including bronzer and blush, to enhance the appearance of your skin. If your skin is dark to medium, try the magical and tawny shades, while those with lighter skin tones can opt for a rosy dusty and sun-kissed look. These tones are suitable for all skin types and can give you a golden beach Miami and natural look. From deep to extra fair skin tones, this miracle balm comes in nine clear-ish shades that work well for a variety of ages and hues.

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To achieve a dewy glaze-like color on the décolletage, eyelids, cheeks, and lips, simply swirl a few fingers and gently press them into the center of the balm, resembling a clear balm that resembles a satisfyingly cracked surface. This initial step is akin to breaking the seal, similar to pressing coconut oil.

Grossman’s selection of bronze-y colors is perfect for buffing and brushing onto the skin to achieve an all-over glow.

Our sincere opinions

I got a few taps onto my cheeks and the pigment swirling when I added more firm pressure: Dimant says the balm comes with a bit of a learning curve. I found exactly what I love about the Miracle Balm, which is the glowy yet natural results, leaning into the trend of minimal makeup as a devoted follower.

The Naturel Au subtly hinted at a high shine that didn’t quite live up to expectations. While the Hour Magic bronzed and warmed up my complexion, it added a healthy-looking rosiness to my cheeks, resembling a layer of Beach Miami and Flushed. Instead of providing coverage, it gave my face a dewy effect, melting into my skin and sitting on top of it. The creamy consistency of the product worked well for buildable application.

Another staff member at GH, Jenkins Cameron, says that I actually didn’t enjoy the process of cracking through the crust on my finger to get the pigment. They found Aquaphor to be comparable but with a sticky and thick consistency, especially on oily skin.

When I first applied it, I ended up looking more oily than I expected, but I think it’s because I put it on too thickly. The only way she could see any pigment was by layering it multiple times, so it would have been smoother if there was an applicator.

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Is Jones Road Miracle Balm a good investment?

People with dry or normal skin may find a better match in the high-shine, hydrating formula of Grossman’s drops, rather than the oily types that avoid additional greasiness on the lips, neck, and cheekbones.

The white packaging of the jar can be seen on the chic bathroom countertop, where traces of any left color are also visible. When opening the jar, a strong citrus smell, like a potent whiff of grapefruit and rosemary geranium oil, can be detected. Although the fragrance combines these sweet-smelling oils, it may also irritate the nose. It is important to note that the formula of The Balm Miracle combines these fragrances, which may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies (such as eczema) to essential oils and fragrance.

The Miracle Balm delivers a lovely subtle pinch of color that makes it a great companion for glossy and versatile summer days, considering its easy application and swipe. It doesn’t go overboard with the otherwise pared-down look.

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