We Finally Know How The Mandalorian Eats!

Privately, they solely consume… Instead, they subsist on a liquid regimen or via a covert passageway somewhere is not the solution. I have pondered how they obtain any form of nourishment ever since the show premiered and affirmed that Mandalorians never take off their helmets. Seriously.

I must admit, this is quite disappointing. Instead of taking off their helmets like other Mandalorians, they say it’s a sort of retcon. However, the makers of the show give us the opportunity to see Pedro Pascal’s beautiful face, which is a good thing. It denies us the opportunity to gaze upon the perfection that is the crime of the Hutt.

Pascal Pedro still manages to be incredibly attractive, even when he wears a mask that alienates the audience. Instead of distancing us, this guy keeps us fascinated by placing other characters in the same emotional spot in the show. Even though the audience never sees Mando’s face, it’s very powerful and cool. (Just kidding, I’m obviously joking)

The characters in episode one were really great, weren’t they? I hope to finally get to see Gina Carano as Carra and Julia Jones as Omera in Dune. The names and faces of these women are real and they are super cool in this world. The show even answered a few other questions and was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

“What is the proper name for your small, emerald-hued offspring?” Inquired a resident of the village. I have yet to receive any information, and you’re telling me that no one inquired, “hey, Armor guy?” However, the events of the episode span at least a few weeks, and Mando is the stoic type who may be content with simply referring to the young one as “kid” consistently. I understand that one query that remains unanswered is how we should address Baby Yoda instead of using the term “Baby Yoda.”

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I still want to know what everyone else called him. In a significant parallel moment, it will be appropriate thematically to assume their names and reveal their names, either if he is in custody with a man who has no name or if he is in custody with a man who has no name, this little sweet yodle has no name.

Are there any farmers in the Star Wars universe who grow “moisture” and peculiar blue shrimp, or perhaps they cultivate actual plant crops? I am genuinely curious to know.

Once again, I am hopeful to witness numerous characters in each self-contained adventure episode, as I truly love how The Seven Magnificent and Samurai Seven pay direct tribute. It is evident that this week’s installment echoes the shootouts that we have already experienced in Kid Sundance and Butch Cassidy. Moving forward, the question of whether we will encounter Kurosowa tropes or western influences in the next installment remains significant.

Is it already iconic because Yoda baby, while sipping soup, engages in flirtatious fights with his dad? And the final question is, what will the memes of Yoda baby bring next week, as always, and then?

Baby Yoda and his soup is the new sipping tea meme. I’ve said it. pic.twitter.com/pxPTd8kxEw

— Mando the Bounty Hunter (@AdoptedBabyYoda) November 29, 2019

We’ll simply remain in this spot, enjoying our bone broth until it is finished.

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