Watch January 6th Committee’s Final Hearing; Plan To Refer Charges To Justice Dept. & Other Entities – Update

They indicated that they would be gathering today at a public place, but the referrals are still being finalized. Chairman Bennie Thompson told reporters that the committee has set its final meeting, where it will refer charges in six categories to the Department of Justice as entities, according to the latest update on January 6.

Observe the events here:.

The committee will also vote to publish the long-awaited report detailing its findings, assuming that the public report has been approved two days later.

The final hearing before the mid-term elections, regarding the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, will take place tomorrow at 1 p.M. ET. The Congressional Investigating Committee anticipates that it will last for approximately two hours, as previously scheduled on October 13th.

The meeting scheduled for September 28 had to be postponed due to Hurricane Ian. During our investigation, we discovered crucial facts. The committee promised in a tweet today that the conclave will be held tomorrow.

The former president’s specific attention is expected to bring as they unraveled, his participation in these events and his mental state. The committee aide informed the publication that the session was characterized as a “closing argument,” of sorts, on the Hill.

The aide added, “Donald Trump’s importance from before the election, to clarify, new previously unrevealed data, along with that, has already been presented as evidence of what you’re going to see.”

On the committee, all nine people will coordinate the effort, but it will not be led by any one member or members.

In the past, on October 6th, the next hearing of the January 6th Committee will occur on October 13th.

The hearing was rescheduled due to Hurricane Ian in Florida, which occurred last week.

The upcoming hearing is anticipated to be covered by the main television networks and cable channels. It is predicted to be the final hearing before the midterm elections.

The panel stated that a new date will soon be announced for the hearing. The Select House Committee to Investigate the Attack on the United States Capitol on January 6th has postponed its planned hearing for Hurricane Ian Bears in Florida to September 28th, previously scheduled for September 27th.

The Select House Committee investigating the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol tweeted that it will hold its next hearing on September 28, Wednesday at 1 p.M. ET. This was previously announced on September 22.

This will mark the panel’s initial hearing since the FBI conducted a search of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on August 8th.

Thompson, D-Miss, Chairman of the House Committee, announced that the committee will be resuming hearings this week on Wednesday, September 28.

“That is the objective at this juncture,” he informed journalists Monday regarding the specified date.

Thompson continued, “On July 25th, the committee concluded its summer meetings, marking the first such assembly since. Additionally, in addition to wrapping up any potential testimonies, we are examining the procedure to review the report.”

According to Politico, Thompson mentioned that the aim is to generate a preliminary report by mid-October and complete the document prior to the conclusion of the year.

“We witnessed the sunset at the conclusion of December,” CBS reported Thompson expressing.

The committee is still seeking testimony from Ginni, the conservative activist wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, while Thompson said that there was no appearance by Thomas due to delayed things that happened, despite it being a months-long goal.

In an effort to undermine the 2020 election, former President Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, was a crucial figure who repeatedly testified before the panel. The panel is also examining another batch of emails from Eastman that Trump’s attorney is looking into, which suggests an attempt to subvert the election.

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Among the individuals listed by the committee are Trump himself, former Vice President Mike Pence, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

On July 24th, Thursday, the Congressional Investigating Committee wrapped up the blockbuster primetime finale hearings on the United States Capitol Attack on January 6th. These hearings featured never-before-seen outtakes from Donald Trump’s video to his supporters, in which he previously encouraged those attackers from the Capitol and showed support to Rep. Liz Cheney, who appealed to those who supported Trump. Additionally, the video included Sen. Josh Hawley pumping his fist, a former supporter of Trump, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger called this “traunche” of hearings.

The evening session of the group’s nine public gatherings drew over 17 million viewers across 10 networks, marking only the second time it was held during this time.

You can view the events from the hearing on July 21 here.

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We are still examining the things that are before us. Additional information will be forthcoming. New witnesses will also come forward. This investigation is still ongoing, as explained by Lofgren. Later, Zoe Lofgren, a representative, indicated that the committee had initially stated that the conclave on July 21st would be its last.

As stated by Rep. Liz Cheney, the vice chair of the committee, last week, “the dam has started to collapse.”

September this hearings multiple convening before information emerging pursuing August spend will “committee the that revealed Cheney hearing 21 July the During”.

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On the State of the Union show on Sunday, Cheney informed CNN’s Jake Tapper, “We expect to have discussions with more individuals from the president’s Cabinet. We also expect to have discussions with more individuals from his campaign. Without a doubt, we are also placing great emphasis on the Secret Service.”

The committee was served subpoenas through various means, such as letters, which were sent on January 6th and 5th. These text messages, sent by the Secret Service, may have been deleted shortly after they were received. The news around this issue started circulating in July.

Last week, the committee announced on Twitter that the Secret Service has started producing records in response to the subpoena we issued last week regarding the key role played by President Trump in the tick on January 6.

Tony Ornato & Bobby Engel, both of whom were inside the limousine at the Ellipse on January 6 when then-President Trump possibly had some form of physical altercation with a member of his security team, are among the agents Cheney indicated the committee is keen on interviewing.

The panel, which consists of former members of the president’s Cabinet who may be considering invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump, is interested in the violence that occurred at the Capitol, as reported by AP.

Included in the group of officials could be Betsy DeVos, who previously held the position of education secretary, Elaine Chao, who currently serves as transportation secretary, and Steve Mnuchin, who was the treasury secretary during President Trump’s tenure.

The potential results of the election could potentially overturn around January 6th. She is a conservative political activist who has contact with White House officials. Ginni, who is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, could be another potential witness.

Cheney expressed on Sunday, “I anticipate her willingness to do so willingly but I’m confident we will consider a subpoena if she refuses. Therefore, it is crucial for us to communicate with her and as I previously mentioned, I hope she will willingly cooperate.” “We sincerely hope that she will consent to cooperate willingly, but the committee is fully prepared to consider a subpoena if she declines. I hope it doesn’t reach that point.”

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Donald Trump Jr. And Ivanka Trump were interviewed together in a panel discussion for the upcoming three-part documentary series called “Unprecedented.” According to a statement by the British filmmaker Alex Holder, the interviews were filmed during the final six weeks of President Trump’s re-election campaign. Additionally, there is more footage from this filmmaker that will be included in the documentary.

The panel has also considered a possibly unstable testimony from Steve Bannon, the former advisor of Trump, who has agreed to offer testimony.

Donald Trump, his former employer, or former Vice President Mike Pence will be interviewed to determine if the committee is still finalizing its members, as stated by the committee.

NETWORK COVERAGE STRATEGIES (for Thursday, July 21) – .


On Thursday and Friday, Good Morning America and GMA3: What You Need to Know will feature reports from Jonathan Karl, the chief correspondent in Washington, on GMA3.

ABC will broadcast the coverage at 8 p.M. ET on Thursday hosted by World News Tonight anchor David Muir. Karl, chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas, congressional correspondent Rachel Scott, and legal analyst and contributor Kate Shaw will accompany him.

ABC News will provide extensive coverage throughout the day, including live reports and analysis from the network’s correspondents and contributors, leading up to the hearing.

ABC News Digital will provide a preview, a live blog, and important points and highlights to summarize the hearing.

The flagship daily podcast of ABC News, “Start Here,” will feature highlights from Friday’s episode. In addition to expert analysis, reports on the status of hearings will be offered to affiliates. Anchor Karen Travers, along with senior investigative reporter Aaron Katersky, will provide live coverage from the White House as part of ABC Radio News.

NewsOne provides news services and content to international news partners and over 200 ABC affiliates. Throughout the day on Thursday, NewsOne will be live reporting from Capitol Hill in Washington.


Norah O’Donnell, the managing editor and anchor of CBS Evening News, will lead the network’s live coverage on CBS News Streaming and the CBS News mobile apps, as well as on CBS’s flagship broadcast, with a special report on CBS News.

CBSNews.Com/hearings at available be will coverage uninterrupted. Channel YouTube network’s the and CBSNews.Com on coverage live News’ CBS watch also can viewers.

Joining Margaret Brennan, the host of Face the Nation, on Thursday’s special coverage will be John Dickerson, the chief political analyst, Robert Costa, the chief campaign and election correspondent, Jeff Pegues, the chief national correspondent for justice and affairs, Scott MacFarlane, the congressional correspondent, and Nikole Killion.

Coverage of the hearings will also streamed on the CBS News’ mobile apps.CBSNews.Com/hearings at available be will coverage uninterrupted. Channel YouTube network’s the and CBSNews.Com on coverage live News’ CBS watch also can viewers.

Margaret Brennan, the host of CBS’ Face the Nation and Sunday Morning, will also be joined by Norah O’Donnell, the anchor of CBS Evening News, for coverage of the hearings on CBS Mornings.


Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor and assistant U.S. Attorney from the Southern District of New York, and Donald Ayer, a former deputy attorney general and associate editor of RealClearPolitics, will provide analysis and commentary on the Special Edition of The News with Shepard Smith. Ylan Mui, senior congressional correspondent for CNBC, will report live from Washington, D.C. The hearings will air at 8 p.M. ET on January 6th.

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The on-air coverage of the network will also be streamed live on CNBC.Com.


CNN will provide live coverage of the committee hearings on January 6th without requiring a cable login. You can watch it on CNNgo or “TV Channels” in the CNN mobile apps and OTT platforms, as well as on CNN.Com.


The proceeding will be broadcasted live on C-SPAN, C-SPAN.Org, and the C-SPAN Now application. The arrangement consists of a “front-facing” camera, capturing shots of the podium; a manned “front-facing” camera, capturing shots of committee members; a manned “alternate” camera, capturing shots of members at the podium or of witnesses and their table; an automated witness camera; and an additional witness camera. The public affairs network is acting as the shared resource for television and internet media and will document the proceeding with seven strategically positioned cameras in the grand Cannon Caucus Room.

Fox News.

The coverage of the hearings will also be available on the subscription-based streaming service of FoxNews.Com. Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier will be the anchors for the full coverage on Fox Business. However, Fox News is sticking with its primetime programming and will offer coverage of the hearings alongside it.


The special extended coverage will continue at 12 a.M. ET. The hosts will have a special coverage beginning at 10 p.M. ET. They will be joined by Alex Wagner, Elaine Luria, Stephanie Ruhle, Ari Melber, Chris Hayes, and Lawrence O’Donnell. Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid, and Rachel Maddow will host a special coverage ahead of the hearing, beginning at 7 p.M. ET.

On Friday, July 22nd, at 10 a.M. ET, Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News, Peter Alexander, and MSNBC anchor Katy Tur will begin the evening’s hearings recap. Andrea Mitchell, Chief Washington Correspondent for NBC News, will also be present.

Starting at 4 p.M., Chris Hayes will host an extended edition of ET from 10 p.M. To In All, Ari Melber will pick up coverage from 8 p.M. To ET, and Nicolle Wallace will continue with special coverage.

The Final Remark will feature a unique edition presented by Lawrence O’Donnell at 10 p.M. ET on Friday. The Eleventh Hour will showcase a special edition with Stephanie Ruhle continuing exclusive coverage at 11 p.M.


During the hearing, Lester Holt will host an NBC News Special Report alongside the identical team. Holt will subsequently host a special program at 7:30 p.M. ET on NBC News NOW with Chuck Todd, the host of Meet the Press, Hallie Jackson, a senior correspondent based in Washington, Yamiche Alcindor, a correspondent in Washington, Ali Vitali, a correspondent covering Capitol Hill, and Danny Cevallos, a legal analyst.

NBCNews.Com will provide a robust live blog that covers key takeaways and the latest breaking news.


From 8 p.M. ET onwards, PBS NewsHour will provide live special coverage of the hearings on television, online, and social media platforms. Lisa Desjardins will deliver reports from the Capitol, while anchor Judy Woodruff will act as the managing editor. The invited guests will consist of Evy Poumpouras, a journalist and former Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, Professor Mary McCord, a law professor at Georgetown University and the Executive Director of the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, and a former Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security, as well as Professor Jamil Jaffer, a law professor at George Mason University, a former official at the Department of Justice, and a former associate counsel to former President George W. Bush.

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