Wandering Bear: This Cold Brew Coffee On Tap Has Got Me Wired

During the pandemic, I started my journey of brewing cold coffee by making many homemade batches. Every Saturday morning, I felt like I was experiencing the full love of freshly roasted espresso in an iced, overnight chilled, creamy oat milk with a splash of sweetener and a shake of 5 pumps. It was a luxurious way to enjoy the morning, and it made me feel like I was starting my day off right.

*Adds to Cart* Me: I’M ENTHUSIASTIC! Kristen: Wandering Bear coffee available! Me: WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? I replied immediately: Me: WHAT IS THIS MAGIC? Kristen shared an Instagram story of the cold brew coffee she has readily available in her refrigerator when my friend Kristen shared an Instagram story of the cold brew coffee she has readily available in her refrigerator. I was seeking a method to reduce this exorbitant expense now that my life has returned to its usual schedule. Nonetheless, I consistently spend $12+ on my coffee shop purchase and delivery.

Clash of the Beverages

Wandering Bear is like the best coffee on campus; it’s smooth, strong, and organic. Matthew Bachmann, one of the co-founders, describes himself as a person fueled by his own existence. That’s why he quickly turned his relationship with Gordon Ben, his fellow classmate and co-founder, into a battle to make the smoothest and strongest batch of homemade cold brew. Their first sip was love at first sight.

Ben and Matt are bringing quality cold brew coffee to your doorstep with the push of a button. The Bear Wandering was the first to revolutionize the coffee industry with their box-in-a-bag cold brew. They launched their first kitchen coffee in Queens, New York in 2014. They were seeking to kill the energy and sugar-filled lives that most cold brews lacked freshness on the market.

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What’s the Hype About Cold Brew?

The coffee is made with 100% organic arabica coffee, grown in Nicaragua, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru. It provides an extra punch of caffeine with 2 shots of espresso in every 6 oz serving, containing 150 mg of caffeine. The thoughtful boxed packaging of The Bear Wandering brand locks in all the flavor, keeping it fresh for up to 30 days without diminishing strength or flavor. It is very strong, but also convenient with the tap on the box.

Bear Wandering is known for its big taste, even though the cap tap is made of sugarcane, which is the only sugar you’ll find near this cold brew. But that’s not all, the case is also 100% recyclable, which is why its environmental impact is small.

The brand offers a variety of flavors including black decaf, hazelnut mocha, caramel vanilla, and straight black. It is available in single serves, cartons, beans, and pods. The price for beans is $15.99, for pods it is $11.67, and for cold brew it is $26.09.

A Genuine Evaluation

I got the Vanilla and Black Cold Brew coffee boxes. The Black Straight is my favorite. I typically drink this classic black coffee sweet and milky. It starts off strong with a chocolatey undertone and finishes smooth, with no bitter or acidic aftertaste.

I was pleasantly surprised by how light this vanilla flavor is, as it has just enough natural and mild sweetness to get a whiff of the smell. Vanilla is typically my least favorite flavor, but the artificial sweetness in most cold brew coffees with vanilla tends to overpower it.

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Taste: 9/10.

I’m amazed at how long a fresh vacation can make me feel. On Day 1, I came back strong with just coffee, and I went on vacation for a week. It’s great to sip on a steady flow of cold brew energy throughout the day. If you’re a caffeine-aholic like me, it feels like a great day when you have 2 cups of coffee. Maybe you’d say I feel like I’ve had 1.5-2 shots of espresso. The box reads that each cup serves up to 6 ounces, so it’s smooth yet strong. You can feel it in your mind and heart. It’s not the kind that makes you instantly run to the bathroom (if you know, you know), but it almost hits me instantly.

I absolutely adore how the sleek box fits into my fridge. With just a push of a button, this cold brew coffee delivers the high-quality shop coffee that I love. It’s so convenient that I can simply roll out of bed and head straight to the fridge for a quick morning pour. The best part about Wandering Bear is their incredible caffeine content, offering 10mg per 8.99oz.

Convenience: 10/10 ‍.

Farewell to Coffee Shop Brew!

As a self-diagnosed caffeine-aholic, I give my seal of approval to Bear’s Wandering, a budget-friendly option that captures the attention of both my heart and wallet. With over 3,500 reviews and a 5+ star rating, this investment of love will surely earn your trust. Their cold brew coffee is not only strong and smooth but also favored by connoisseurs.

Embrace the shadowy supercharged realm with Wandering Bear if you also require a consistent surge of vitality. I wholeheartedly endorse its flavor, potency, and convenience.

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