Virginia 6-year-old’s chilling words after shooting 1st grade teacher during class revealed in unsealed docs

Amy Kovac, a reading specialist at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, rushed into the classroom after the police arrived and restrained the child. According to Kovac, the boy said, “I shot that b- and moments later, he was dead.”

A number of kids dash out of the classroom while Kovac overhears a gunshot, detailing the unsealed search warrants, as reported by local news sources on Tuesday.

Next to him on the floor, the boy stood beside his desk with the firearm in the classroom where Kovac visited, as mentioned in the warrant. Upon being hurried to the hospital, she fainted in the front office prior to experiencing bleeding from her hand and upper body. Additionally, their teacher, Abigail Zwerner, 25 years old, swiftly exited the classroom.

Lawyers representing the educator from Virginia, who was injured by a first-grade pupil, have submitted a $40 million legal claim detailing the school’s purported negligence towards numerous alerts.

“I accomplished it,” the young boy also stated, as per Kovac. “I acquired my mother’s firearm last evening.”

At that moment, Kovac and a school official failed to discover the weapon in the student’s bag during recess, as stated in the warrant. Two students had informed Kovac earlier in the day that they witnessed the boy carrying a firearm in his backpack.

Zwerner’s legal team initiated a $40 million lawsuit against the Newport News School Board and specific administrators in April.

The administration had warned herself, including employees, that several lawyers contend unfolded the shooting. Zwerner pulled out the gun when the boy separated into two groups after reading activity for recess. She told investigators that she had separated her first-grade class into two groups before the shooting, and she was interviewed at the hospital after the shooting.

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“What are you doing with that?” The teacher inquired, as the boy discharged a bullet towards her.

A 6-year-old student in Virginia shot a teacher in the classroom, and she says she will ‘always remember the expression on his face’.

According to the warrant, investigators informed Zwerner that there were several instances of “disciplinary incidents” with the same student prior to the shooting. The warrant further states that these incidents included acts of physical aggression and instances of making violent threats, all of which had been reported to school administrators.

Several days following the shooting incident, investigators conducted an interview with the young boy’s previous preschool instructor.

The Newport News Public Schools did not readily provide any information about the alleged choking incident described by the kindergarten teacher. Child Protective Services did not obtain limited school records pertaining to the boy, so there are no notes to warrant further investigation. The same boy, who had been assigned to Richneck Elementary School in September 2021, told the police that he had been choked by the retired Newport News elementary school teacher, Zwerner.

The boy has not been charged, but Taylor, Deja’s mother, faces two counts: felony neglect of a child and misdemeanor child endangerment for leaving a firearm in a way that could endanger a child.

On August 15th, there is a plea hearing planned instead of a bench trial. WTKR has previously informed us that the mother of the boy experienced mental health challenges after an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, according to Taylor’s lawyer, James Ellenson.


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Her next court hearing in that case is scheduled for October 18th. Additionally, Taylor has admitted to federal offenses, including being an illicit consumer of a regulated substance while having a firearm and providing a false declaration while acquiring a firearm.

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