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Jim Ryan, the President of the University, stated that one of the wounded students remained in critical condition while the other two students who were wounded were in good condition.

According to Ryan, Ryan stated that Perry was a senior student, Davis was a junior student, and Chandler was a sophomore student. Chandler hails from Virginia Beach, Davis comes from Ridgeville, South Carolina, and Perry, a football player, is a defensive end and linebacker from Miami. Ryan identified the deceased individuals as D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr., And Devin Chandler, all of whom were football players.

Ryan expressed, “This is a tragic and shocking day for our UVA community, and it is incredibly sad. I want to deeply apologize and express my heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of the victims.”

Just before 11 a.M., University officials ended the order that had been in effect for more than 12 hours, stating that approximately 500 students spent the night in other spaces such as classrooms and libraries throughout the Grounds.

Several police officers and agencies were searching on and off for the suspect, identified as Darnell Christopher Jones Jr., Throughout the early morning. University officials canceled classes for Monday and alerted staff, faculty, and students through a series of early morning alerts. The men’s basketball game scheduled for Monday night at Paul John Arena had also been canceled.

According to a statement released on Monday, Henrico Police apprehended Jones in the 5700 block of Edgelawn Street, in the eastern part of the county, “without any trouble.”

Longo stated that Jones will face three charges of second-degree homicide and employing a firearm in an illegal activity. In the event that specific facts and circumstances emerge, Longo mentioned that the charges might be elevated at a later time.

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Authorities stated that the shooting occurred at approximately 10:30 PM on Sunday night aboard a charter bus that was transporting students back from a theatrical performance in Washington as a component of a University class activity. Within the bus, two students, Perry and Chandler, were discovered deceased. Officials mentioned that Davis passed away at a medical facility.

Officials estimated that there were approximately 25 students on the bus, but it was unclear if they were all from the Jones group.

He was driving the SUV with the license plate, and he was seen wearing what was later included in the photograph and name of the suspect in the alerts. The alerts quickly followed, telling students to seek shelter as it was believed that the gunman was large and in the vicinity. Other alerts were issued to staff, faculty, and students, reporting gunshots near the Drama Building and Culbreth Garage. As the police converged on the scene, the Emergency Management at UVA first issued several notifications to the bus carrying the students.

On Monday morning, Longo stated that Jones had previously been the cause of worries.

Longo stated in the autumn of 2022, “Mr. Jones caught the awareness of the University of Virginia’s risk evaluation squad.” The head mentioned that Jones discussed possessing a firearm, and an individual informed the Office of Student Affairs. Nevertheless, the head clarified that nobody disclosed that Jones possessed a gun, and the individual who notified student affairs stated that they did not witness a firearm.

Longo said that Jones had been charged with concealing a weapon in violation of the University’s policy and that his name came up as part of a hazing claim.

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However, Longo, the Police Department of the University, said that there were no previous contacts with Jones, and no one speculated on a motive for the investigation.

Ryan expressed, “This has been an unimaginably sad day for our community.” The entire University community is mourning this morning. My heart is broken for all the families and loved ones who knew the victims.

Ryan encouraged students to take advantage of counseling services offered by the Program Assistance Employee & Faculty to seek help and support from staff and Wellness and Health Student.

Ryan expressed the importance of offering comfort and aid to each other and to those who are most connected to the individuals affected by this horrific act of violence.

Ryan continued, “We will soon come together as a community to mourn these losses, and we know that we will do everything we can to honor their lives, please.”

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