US ready for Netherlands rematch at Women’s World Cup 2023

In the group stage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 draw, there was one match that stood out – the Netherlands versus the United States. This game took place in October last year, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Lavelle Rose and Megan Rapinoe, two American players, scored a pair of goals within eight minutes, which was truly remarkable. The Dutch team never really had a chance to catch up. The U.S. Team looked like the strongest team in the tournament and it was no surprise that they won the final. From the beginning of the game in Lyon, it felt like the U.S. Team was destined to win. The final score was 2-0 in favor of the U.S., Making it a rematch of the 2019 World Cup final. This match was the second for both teams in Group E of this competition.

Schedule | Rosters | News for the Women’s World Cup – How teams can qualify for the round of 16.

Lavelle, who was confirmed as one of the available players, remembers the game against Vietnam in the tournament opener when she came off the bench. She describes the game as “fun” but also highlights its physical and competitive nature. She adds that she believes the team needs to adopt a new mindset for this game and considers it to be a great and enjoyable memory. She acknowledges that every time they play against the Netherlands, it will be a challenging game.

If Sweden finishes first in Group G, either Italy, Argentina, or South Africa will encounter whichever team emerges victorious in this game and probably finish first in Group E. The emphasis on the current situation is logical for numerous reasons.

Those aspects should make for an intriguing encounter. The Netherlands has the advantage of its midfield talent to take better advantage of the 3-4-3 format, while fourteen players from the U.S. Are taking part in their first World Cup. In 2019, Vlatko Andonovski took over the U.S. Job, and now Jonker Andries is in charge with the Dutch. Such is the case this time, where all tactics, coaches, players, and the international game can change pragmatically over four years, and more so for eternity.

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Andonovski expressed his thoughts on the upcoming game, stating, “I am confident that it will be a test.” “They are an exceptional team – an extremely well-coordinated, highly disciplined team – and we observed in their initial match that they have the potential to pose a threat. However, simultaneously, I must emphasize that we are prepared for it. We have put in extensive training for this competition, specifically for this particular match.”

Lavelle, left, is cleared to start for the U.S. in Wednesday’s game against the Netherlands, and she’s relishing a rematch with such a familiar foe. Robin Alam/USSF/Getty Images

Jonkers believes that his team is ready to put the theory to the test. They have started to invest more in European countries as a way to close the gap that has always existed between the U.S. And the chasing pack in women’s game. This sense of urgency has been present for years.

“What remains of their superiority? Let’s investigate.” The level of intensity is similar to what we witness today in the Champions League. If we compare those days to the present, I truly believe that American women were much fitter than the rest of the world in the past. Jonkers, ESPN’s Arias Cousiño Fresia, mentioned that the intensity level in European football has truly increased over the last couple of years.”

Some might say that the confidence that sets the U.S. Apart from its peers is the belief that if there’s a minute, there’s enough time to turn things around, even when their way doesn’t match a sense of there’s a there. The Americans, especially at the past two World Cups, have carried themselves with a belief on borders that resulted in winning some games, which has led to admiration for Jonker’s trait.

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“I’m so familiar with Amsterdam that I have a great amount of confidence. If you perform at a high level for a long time, you are allowed to have a confident attitude,” Jonkers said. “It’s our first time to show their fall before they come, so it’s important to have pride in ourselves.”

Sherida Spitse, the captain of the Netherlands, pointed out the difference in attitudes between the two teams, stating that the Dutch are “a bit more reserved” than the U.S. However, she clarified that this doesn’t mean they are afraid of them, but rather that they are aware of their own capabilities.

The Netherlands should have tipped the match in their favor, but late in the game, Lieke Martens missed a penalty. After normal time ended with a 2-2 draw, the U.S. Prevailed in penalties. A quarterfinal matchup between these two sides at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago might be a more constructive comparison of where these two teams sit.

Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed this time as great as it would have been. The players on the field were not the only ones who felt that, but also the people around us. It was the moment I thought, “Now we can beat them.” I also missed one during the match and, in the end, we lost with penalties. “That was personally a very painful defeat,” she said to ESPN about the Olympic defeat.

This time, it appears to be a more challenging situation on the surface. Vivianne Miedema, the Dutch striker who scored both goals for the Netherlands in the quarterfinal, is unable to participate due to a torn ACL. Lineth Beerensteyn, who was expected to compensate for Miedema’s absence in terms of scoring, is also likely to miss the match due to an ankle injury. Jonkers mentioned on Tuesday that there is only a “3% chance” that the Juventus forward will be able to play. At the news conference on Wednesday, Jonkers stated that it would require “a miracle” for Beerensteyn to participate.

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The Dutch showed their set-piece prowess in their opener against Portugal, with Stefanie van der Van’s header from a corner giving them the only goal of the game. In addition, the enigmatic play of Martens was complemented by the scrappy performances of Danielle de Donk and Jill Roord, who displayed plenty of ability in the midfield, particularly in their progression of the ball. The Dutch still have plenty to do, as stated.

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Given the level of talent they possess, there are bound to be opportunities for Morgan Alex and Sophia Smith to exploit in the transition. It is unlikely that the Dutch would sit in the same low defensive block that Vietnam did. The Netherlands is one of the few teams that can play on par with the Americans, noting that it’s worth working in favor of the U.S. Team.

Oh, and the Americans’ distinctive self-assurance hasn’t disappeared.

Forward Alex Morgan expressed, “We are extremely confident heading into this game. It all boils down to our team cohesion and the contributions we can make, as well as the playing approach we have developed over the past year or two under Vlatko.”

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