US Democratic and Republican Logo Designs – A Lesson in History (Update)

Let’s also review how these two animal symbols, the Republican and Democratic logos, came to represent the biggest political parties in the US. Let’s take a brief look at the history behind these popular symbols in politics.


democratic donkey Image Source: Vecteezy/zhaolifang

In 1837, a cartoon was created to mock him, depicting him as a “jackass” due to his stubborn nature and populist views, although he later adopted it to represent himself in the Democratic party. The donkey represents the beginning of Andrew Jackson’s presidency as President, with the slogan “Let the people rule,” and was first used by the Democrats as their representative symbol in 1828.

The GOP Elephant

republican elephant Image Source: Vecteezy/zhaolifang

Today, we continue to observe mishaps in Republican logo design. The elephant has been the primary symbol of the Republican Party ever since a cartoon featuring a panicked elephant with the label “Republican Vote” was created. This cartoon was created due to significant conflicts within the Democratic Party. It served as a metaphor for President Ulysses S. Grant, who was seeking a third term presidency. Cartoonist Thomas Nast depicted a donkey wearing a lion’s skin, driving away other animals in a cartoon. The Herald once reported a story about zoo animals being set free and roaming around New York’s Central Park in search of prey. This incident was a result of events involving New York’s popular magazines, The Herald and The Harper’s Weekly. However, the use of the Republican elephant was not as deliberate as Jackson’s use of the donkey. Some speculate that Thomas Nast’s affiliation with the Republican Party influenced his choice of a bull elephant to represent the party.

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Analysis and Interpretation of these Symbols

The donkey is a symbol of stubbornness, but it is strongly considered by Republicans in the USA as a representation of dedication, humbleness, and hard work for the Democratic party.

Similar to a spectacle creature, the Democrats perceive the elephant in opposition to this. The Republican elephant embodies intellect, grace, and is regarded as the emblem of power; however, it is also viewed as the sole creature that confronted a lion.

The donkey can also be observed with a variation of 3 stars. Nonetheless, the Democratic donkey logo design features 4. Usually, the Republican elephant logo maintains 3 stars while the political logos possess the prominent standardized colors and stars of the American flag. Both of these symbols established a strong basis in the expanding American popular culture and were copyrighted to symbolize the two political parties.


The Individual Responsible for the Creation of the Logo Designs

Although Thomas Nast, the artist who died in 1902, is well acclaimed for his sketches and drawings of Santa Claus, depicted as a jolly and fat character carrying gifts for little children, he was also known for his political symbols. Born in 1840, Nast had a great career as a painter, illustrator, and caricaturist. He used the idea of two animals representing the Republican and Democratic parties. Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist who usually drew satirical cartoons depicting the state of American politics.

There you have it! Wasn’t that a fascinating story? Share your thoughts on the Republican and Democratic emblems.

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