Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms – What Are They?

What precisely are these underwater accommodations on cruise ships? Typically, only the crew members and reserved guests have access to the off-limits areas on the lower two decks. However, it may pique curiosity for some. Most people do not consider what lies beneath the waterline of a cruise ship.

The height of the ship above water level is merely 10%, equivalent to 30 feet or 9.1 meters below sea level. Typically, the remaining sections of the ship are relatively slender, although the bottoms of cruise ships may seem broad.

Cruise ships are massive structures and are extremely heavy. Yet, the ship’s buoyancy and design cause it to rest primarily above water.

Underwater Cruise Ship Rooms

Underwater Cruise Lounge

The fleet consists of Le Dumont-d’Urville, Le Bougainville, Le Champlain, and Le Lapérouse, with Blue Eye, a multi-sensory and modern area designed by architect Jacques Rougerie. Ponant, a French expedition company, introduced the inaugural underwater lounge in 2019.

Passengers on board can go underneath the waterline to the lounge where two oversized glass portholes allow them to spot marine life and other exotic fish, giving them the opportunity to see whales that resemble eyes.

These lounges also feature digital screens displaying live footage captured by three underwater cameras and accompanied by immersive marine audio.

Resembling an authentic component of the submerged realm, the sofas in the lounge pulsate harmoniously with the ocean. The auditory experience is derived from sounds emanating from a three-mile span around the cruise vessel.

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Crew Cabins

The crew compartments, on one of them you’ll discover housing for the crew. Beneath the water level or submerged, they exist on certain vessels.

Depending on the division, team members share dormitory-style accommodations with access to communal dining areas, lounges, and fitness centers.

Orlop Deck

The orlop is the lowest deck on a cruise ship, located farthest toward the rear of the ship, where ropes and cables are typically stored. This area is generally filled with cables and ropes that have overlapping names and may be received from stores in the surrounding area.

The Brig or Jail

The cruise line does not like to use the brig to contain guests, but they may be forced to modify their behavior and issue a severe reprimand or contract a sign when there are instances of serious offense or when someone has committed a dangerous act that harms others or themselves, and it is specifically necessary to do so. Most of the time, passengers receive a reprimand without being in danger or causing harm to others.

If the offense is more severe, individuals are placed under house arrest and assigned two guards outside the door to ensure they do not leave.

After the ship arrives at the port, individuals are frequently handed over to the authorities since they don’t stay for an extended period in this vicinity, usually by the security department; brigs are steel compartments located on the lower levels of a vessel.

Cruise Ship Morgue

There must be rare occurrences of situations that require handling onboard accommodations. Guests don’t need to be concerned about natural causes such as heart attacks or strokes causing most deaths, although it may seem alarming and morbid. It makes sense that there are deaths aboard them, which is why people often describe cruise ships as small floating cities.

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The morgue is situated on the lower decks exclusively for the crew, ensuring that guests will not come across it. The quantity of these compartments differs based on the ship’s capacity to accommodate passengers, and the morgue solely consists of a small number of refrigerated compartments.

They do not use a food store as a morgue. If the area is not suitable, they can also use it to store things and flowers for cold storage.


Cruise lines do not replace the damaged item when chairs get damaged, varnishes deteriorate on a table, or there is a need for repairs. Carpenters, who frequently work in a woodshop located on cruise ships, replace, fix, and update items found on the ship.

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They also handle delicate items like fabrics chairs. They have damaged elements like worn railings and harsh ocean areas, so they refurbish and replace broken tiles and worn carpeting. They just don’t fix wood items or furniture.

Crew Bar and OB

The bar crew on the vessel while working, provides the same luxury as the officers or OB for the staff entertainment and cruise, spa, or private space for the bar officer’s. Cruise ships have areas where guests can relax and sit back.

During their downtime, the staff is available to provide music and activities for the guests on board. In addition, the bars offer a selection of affordable drinks. It is common for the cabin supplies to be restocked regularly.

Print Shop

Where does the newsletter arrive at your cabin in the evening, while you may think they are created in advance, this is not the case?

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The newsletter may not have changed the itinerary in situations where other factors or turbulent weather caused missed ports. It would provide confusing and unreliable information.

Every vessel includes a submerged chamber with a printing facility where news updates, daily schedules, memos, and leaflets are produced.

The I-95

The I-95 is located beneath public levels, even though it may resemble a high-speed freeway. Extending from the front to the back, it serves as the primary passage. Crew members are granted entry to different sections of the ship.

Over time, this bustling area came to be known as the I-95, following the renowned interstate that spans the entire east coast of the United States and concludes in Miami (which, intriguingly, serves as the hub for cruise ships).

The appearance of it is what you might expect, with members, crew, and staff moving efficiently from one fast-paced and bustling area to another. It looks like an extended hallway containing multiple leading doors and various storage spaces.


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