UFC fighter comes out as bi following video leak

UFC fighter Jeff Molina responds to backlash against his rainbow shorts
UFC fighter Jeff Molina (Photo: Twitter)

Molina, the UFC flyweight fighter Jeff, has come out as bisexual after online leaked video footage of him engaging in another man’s sexual activity. Jeff Molina, the UFC flyweight fighter, has revealed that he identifies as bisexual following the release of online leaked video footage showing him involved in sexual activities with another man.

Molina, a 25-year-old individual mentioned in a news article from last summer, may be familiar to Queerty readers. He proudly donned authorized Pride Month gear created by UFC for a Las Vegas fight. As a supporter of the LGBTQ community, Molina also addressed the audience. During that period, he encountered certain instances of homophobic backlash, to which he confidently responded.

I’m a straight guy, but I’m flattered by all the dudes sliding into my DMs! It upsets me that all these homophobic dudes want to fight me because I’m representing pride month by repping some fruit cups for y’all.

On the previous Friday, the combatant shared a public declaration on his Twitter account following the emergence of a video that revealed Molina engaging in oral sex with another male. As it turns out, that was not the complete narrative.

“I’ve tried to keep my dating life private”


“After even making the dream of being part of the UFC happen, I had suppressed feelings throughout high school, while pursuing MMA and being on the college wrestling team. I have dated girls throughout my whole life, but I have tried to keep my dating life private from social media.”

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“‘I’m a fairly masculine guy and that brotherly teasing and suspicious sense of humor has always been my personality.”

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t have control over something, so I decided to look up and examine how I treat myself differently from how I treat other people, including my team-mates and buddies.

During this part of my career, I didn’t see myself as being homophobic, but rather as a majority of fans in a sport like this.

“I wanted to be known for my skills and not as a ‘bi UFC fighter’ in my dedicated 11 years of life and what I’ve I’ve translated to ‘gay UFC fighter’.”

“To the awful troubled individual who made the decision to post this nonsense, I hope it was worth the trouble.

As a person, I am despised as much as I hate being on the receiving end of an equal amount of support. As the day comes to a close, I am aware of my own morals and character.

Who is Jeff Molina?

Molina was born in New Jersey but raised in Kansas. He made his UFC debut in April 2021. Nonetheless, in December, he was temporarily suspended by UFC after being accused of participating in a betting scheme, as reported by ESPN. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into these allegations. In New Jersey, Molina was born but raised in Kansas. In April 2021, he made his UFC debut. As per ESPN, though, he was temporarily suspended by UFC in December following allegations of his participation in a betting scheme. Authorities are still investigating these allegations.

A competing fighter used social media to raise doubts about the timing of Molina’s announcement.

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Sean Strickland, 32, proposed that the revelation diverts focus from Molina’s suspension.

Jeff Molina has been indefinitely suspended for manipulating fights, causing significant harm to the

Everyone “POS”

Jeff Molina “I may of sucked a cock”

Everyone “you’re so brave”

What the actual CNN is going on here.. Bro we don’t care that you fuck dudes its 2023 we care that you’re a pos cheater…

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) March 17, 2023

Strickland proceeded to inquire, “Was this a premeditated release?”

Meh guy observing his profession gradually disappearing.. Was this a deliberate disclosure?

— Sean Strickland (@SStricklandMMA) March 17, 2023

Strickland’s posts provoked an enraged reaction from Molina.

“Temporarily suspended until the investigation is over. I didn’t rig shit. But hope this empowers you to come out too bubba 😂🏳️‍🌈”.

Temporarily suspended until the investigation is over- I didn’t rig shit. But hope this empowers you to come out too bubba 😂🏳️‍🌈.

— Jeff Molina (@jmolina_125) March 17, 2023

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