Uber Free Ride Hack: 5 Tips to Earn Free Uber Credit

We can all concur that Uber is exceedingly convenient.

Knowing that you can summon a ride with your smartphone at almost any time, when you need to go somewhere and it is a huge relief, you plan to try different activities day-to-day.

However, Uber can also be incredibly costly.

Uber fares can rise based on the time and specific area.

When you’re tired and maybe a little buzzed (we won’t judge), and you need a ride home after a night out, you don’t have many choices to pay for it.

That is the reason why it can be beneficial to utilize promotional codes and deals from Uber in a strategic manner.

Additionally, we have several methods to optimize your choices.

Keep reading to see how you can use an Uber free ride hack for some cheap ‒ and even free ‒ rides!

Is it really possible to avail complimentary rides with Uber?

There are several methods, but it may necessitate some exertion on your behalf.

Some of these are promotions that the company itself provides to customers, in the form of an Uber promotional code.

Some, however, are a bit more, well, questionable, if we’re being straightforward.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend using unconventional approaches to acquire complimentary transportation.

Nevertheless, in the event that you were able to uncover a technique, it would not be the first instance of someone utilizing a round “Uber complimentary journey loophole.”

Prominent Instance of Uber Free Ride Exploits

Maybe you’ve heard the fascinating tale of Blake Jareds.

Jareds, who worked in New York, was a frequent user of the rideshare app, so he was familiar with Uber’s frequent offers.

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Uber users can get $20 worth of free credit when their friends sign up using the app and use their referral code.

And understanding that, Jareds utilized this strategy to his benefit.

Jareds shared his referral code on Reddit, where numerous users entered it into Uber upon signing up.

Because new Uber riders get a $45 credit themselves when they sign up, they were more than willing to use his code.

Jareds received $50,000 in credit for sharing his code, sufficient to essentially provide him with “complimentary rides for life.”

Jared’s small Uber empire came crashing down when he gave a poor review to a driver, causing Uber to subsequently remove all of his credits and flag his account for investigation.

Uber claimed that Jareds violated its credit-earning policy by giving code to strangers who you know have riders sign up using.

Although it’s understandable that Jareds desired discounts on rides, his approaches ultimately contradicted Uber’s policies.

We can admire the cleverness of the strategy, but it’s always crucial to abide by the regulations.

Recommendation: Avoid Untrustworthy Approach

Considering this, we advise against attempting to devise any kind of shortcut like this.

Uber has already fixed any of these previously effective techniques, regardless.

It is unethical to gain free rides using these various means, although they may be creative. Some “Uber DIY” hacks can even be considered illegal.

Not to mention that Uber is a massive corporation with an extensive pool of resources.

It can observe when something suspicious occurs.

Going for a long Uber ride might not catch your attention immediately, similar to Jareds. However, you might also get a few free rides as part of the deal, just like Jareds.

How Uber Fights Against Fraud and Unethical Exploits of Uber Free Rides

Uber is very diligent about keeping an eye on app users, including riders and drivers, because there are different types of scams and a significant number of scam attempts.

There is plenty of fraudulent activity from some drivers who have heard about the trick of using apps to spoof GPS into thinking they’re giving a ride on the Uber app.

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You can find further information regarding that subject matter here.

However, certain riders also employ fraudulent tactics to obtain free rides.

The most prevalent type of deceitful behavior that afflicts Uber from the rider perspective is riders creating numerous accounts.

Some passengers create multiple accounts to exploit Uber’s promotional codes for first-time users.

According to Uber, this type of undertaking is not hard to observe.

The security system of the company has the ability to identify accounts that utilize the identical device and payment method.

Unless you possess numerous credit cards, this is a fraudulent scheme you wouldn’t be able to sustain for an extended period.

And when you are caught, you are prohibited from using the application.

Another way some riders try to cheat the system and score free rides is by initiating chargebacks or requesting refunds too frequently.

You must have a valid justification for undertaking any of these actions.

Nevertheless, if your only purpose is to utilize these activities as a method to acquire complimentary trips, Uber will eliminate you from their platform.

If You Discover a Hack, Report It to the Uber Bounty Program

If it is necessary, make sure to report it and maintain fairness in ridesharing for everyone. It is crucial to attempt to discover a technique that functions on the Uber application at any given time.

These go far beyond what we could consider as an Uber complimentary trip adventure into what we would classify as illegal and ethically incorrect.

Through the app, users can identify potential problems and report them directly to Uber. Uber refers to this program as the Bug Bounty Program, which encompasses everything that Uber offers.

In exchange, journalists are financially compensated for their discoveries.

You can learn more about the Bug Bounty Program and its terms and conditions here.

We all enjoy receiving complimentary items and reduced prices, but there should be no concern about any negative consequences from these benefits.

Therefore, if you encounter a problem, please report it to Uber to assist in maintaining the integrity of ridesharing.

Ethical Methods to Cut Costs on Uber Trips

So what is the optimal approach to economize on Uber trips?

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Here are some methods approved by Uber and, more importantly, will not result in a ban.

1. Utilize an Uber Discount Code as a New Rider

As we mentioned earlier, new Uber users receive a promo code exclusively for registering.

You can only use this code once since you can only get it through initial signup, but any savings are good savings.

2. Recommend Friends and Get Complimentary Uber Credit

Uber allows you to gain credit in your account by using the referral code, which you can also share with your family and friends who have not yet signed up.

If individuals utilize your code, they receive recognition and so do you. A mutually beneficial situation.

However, I must emphasize again, do not be like Blake Jareds.

3. Explore Uber Loyalty Program

Uber Rewards is a program provided by Uber through its application.

Signing up is completely free, and you have the opportunity to accumulate points that can be exchanged for various rewards.

Uber provides various tiers through the rewards system, which are determined by your usage of the Uber application.

You can examine those levels here, as well as learn more about the rewards you can earn.

4. Register for an Uber Subscription

Another Uber initiative, Uber Pass, provides you with exclusive benefits and reductions.

Uber Pass gives you discounts toward Uber Eats and it also saves you 10%-15% on rides, but there is a monthly fee.

For additional details, visit the Uber website.

5. Register for a Credit Card

Some specific credit cards also provide you with certain Uber advantages.

American Express is one of those credit cards.

Every month in December, Uber offers bonus credits of $20 to Cash and Uber Platinum Express American users, for example.

Additionally, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card provides cardholders with $300 in travel credit annually.

There are plenty of cards with various options; all you have to do is find the right one and reap the rewards.

Commonly Asked Questions


The Uber complimentary ride tricks and other money-saving tricks we listed here are excellent methods to acquire rideshare credit.

The most enjoyable aspects of life don’t cost anything, and we believe that can encompass Uber trips as well.

Just be careful about how you approach obtaining those rides.

Although there are numerous methods to attempt and acquire Uber credit, it is advisable to adhere to the authorized approaches.

It’s best for all parties involved, and there are some good ways to earn rides that also reward you in other areas.

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