TV and Streaming | ‘Worst Cooks in America’ takes on TikTok in Season 25

Discovery Plus streaming also features episodes, and the series airs at 8 p.M. On Sunday on the Food Network, showcasing 12 contestants who are currently active on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms in the show “Worst Cooks In America: Viral Sensations”.

Participants encounter a sequence of obstacles and eliminations until the last episode on Feb. 5, when a victor will claim $25,000.

The show is co-hosted by Anne Burrell, a recurring host, and newcomer Darnell Ferguson.

The show is produced in New York City, but half of the participants, such as Kim, reside in Southern California.

Kim, a comedian, said in a phone interview that she started watching Korean soap operas during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

‘I’m planning on creating my TikTok profile as I have completed watching every Korean drama available. As the pandemic nears its end, I found myself reflecting, “I devoted 14 hours daily to this activity.” I spent two years incessantly watching K-dramas while comfortably seated on my couch.’

She has subsequently broadened her TikTok videos to encompass K-pop and other facets of Korean culture.

Kim ended up on Team Blue, led by Ferguson, who she characterized as extremely optimistic and hospitable.

However, she mentioned that the culinary experience is authentic and presents a significant undertaking.

It’s both stressful and enjoyable at the same time. Because we are using a pressure cooker, we only had 45 minutes to face one of the challenges. The chefs give us intricate meals. We don’t only cook the main dish, we also prepare the side dish. In addition, here’s the sauce to go with the main dish. It’s like exercising your brain to think about 20 different things you need to do. The kitchen stuff, what is it? They make it difficult because they are all different and require various utensils.

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Coached by Burrell, Mitchell Tyler Ralston from Huntington Beach was part of Team Red. When it comes to supernatural phenomena, Ralston is an inexperienced investigator of supernatural entities and enjoys creating TikTok videos. The idea amused the graphics team of “Worst Cooks” as they portrayed him being haunted by the malevolent presence of Chef Anne.

During a distinct phone conversation, he characterized his cooking skills as dreadful, despite feeling comfortable making spaghetti and mashed potatoes.

I was peeling potatoes for french fries as part of my duties. I am known for the red aprons at a very famous California burger company.

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  • Ralston mentioned that he was the initial participant to injure himself this season. Injuries and flames are common on the set.

    “This is the 25th season. I am very skilled at extinguishing fires, I’m very skilled at extinguishing fires, if you have a fire. Don’t be afraid of fire, Chef Anne advised us. I didn’t burn myself too much. I didn’t cut myself too much.”

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    Kim and Ralston found appearing on camera a difficulty, despite being accustomed to filming their own videos.

    “The hard part was smiling for hours and hours. I only have to smile for 10 seconds on my TikTok,” Kim said.

    However, it did not transform either of them into a culinary expert, and Ralston mentioned that it has earned him a few TikTok spectators. Both individuals discovered the encounter to be worthwhile.

    “I did learn a lot about the kitchen,” said Kim. “It’s just I’m not going to bring it into the real world.”.

    ‘Worst Cooks in America’

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