Tulip Festival @ Thanksgiving Point: Ashton Gardens

The Tulip Festival is hosted by Thanksgiving Point every year in Spring at the Ashton Gardens. During this time, the gardens come alive with blooming tulips, daffodils, and other exquisite flowers.

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There are so many colors.
There are so many colors.

We love visiting the Tulip Festival. We live so close, and since Thanksgiving Point is just a short drive away, we go several times. We often visit at different times because there are different types of tulips blooming. Every time we go, there is something different to see. One year, there was a fun surprise, which was that USU and U of U had logos for BYU.

Go Cougars!
Go Cougars!
There are lots of colors and types of tulips.
Our youngest loves the tulip festival. Every year he wants a picture next to the red and yellow tulips.
These are my favorite tulips, but I am partial to purple.
The rows and rows of tulips are beautiful.

This venue can be classified as stroller and wheelchair accessible, as we have taken a stroller everywhere in the gardens, even though some paths are not paved. Many of the pathways are paved, which is beneficial for individuals who require assistance. However, there are certain pathways where golf carts are prohibited in order to preserve a significant section of the gardens. Nevertheless, we enjoy strolling along the paths, and if desired, golf carts are available for rent to explore the gardens.

The gardens have lots of beautiful walkways.
The gardens have lots of beautiful walkways.

During the Tulip Festival on Saturdays and Fridays, there are also fun activities such as art projects or bouncing houses, as well as vendors and food trucks. While it may be the busiest days, it is worth your time and money to go on the weekend.

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If you have never visited the gardens during a trip to Tulip Festival, make sure to start with Ashton Point Gardens. The beauty of the gardens is at its peak during Tulip Festival, but they are beautiful any time of the year, especially during Thanksgiving!

You could spend all day exploring and admiring the beautiful tulips.

Tips for Families:

  • Make sure to pick up a map when you arrive so that you can keep track of where you have wandered, as you can easily get off track because there are paths throughout the entire grounds that you have not taken.
  • When you initially arrive, visit the Monet Pond and purchase fish sustenance at the ticket counter to feed the fish. This is among the gardens’ most beloved activities for our children.
  • This is always popular. Walk through a small garden with a fountain, and enter a tunnel made of vines. Visit the Secret Garden.
  • If the weather is pleasant, allow the children to descend the hill towards the cascade. It’s an excellent slope for rolling!
  • Expect to walk a considerable amount, so if you have young children a stroller might be a prudent decision.
  • You can enjoy a picnic in the gardens and bring your lunch near the waterfall and snack shop/food trucks, as there are picnic tables available.
  • Prepare for the weather. Recall that in the first year, we wore shorts, long pants, and hoodies. Last year, we had hats and gloves on during the winter. So, make sure to plan for any type of weather as we attend the Tulip Festival in Utah during spring.
  • If you happen to be in the vicinity, you can explore various exciting attractions at Thanksgiving Point, such as The Museum of Natural Wonder, The Museum of Prehistoric Existence, and Farm Country.
  • This is inside the Secret Garden...make sure you find it!
    This is inside the Secret Garden…make sure you find it!
    Tulip Festival

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