Tropical Storm Nicole: Power outages, beach erosion follows direct hit on Indian River County

Nicole caused power outages for numerous households across the Treasure Coast. Overnight, Indian River County encountered flooding and fallen trees, resulting in significant beach erosion, as per preliminary reports.

Storm images: View photos taken after the storm from various locations along the Treasure Coast.

Thursday’s live updates: Treasure Coast experiences a direct impact; power outages and damage have been reported.

Since Florida Power & Light Co.’S 7 p.M. Update, about a thousand more of its customers here got their lights back on.

According to the company’s outage map, as of 10 p.M. On Friday, only 560 out of its 99,710 customers in the county were still experiencing a power outage. The website stated that the announcement for complete power restoration would be made soon.

7:30 p.M. | Power reinstatement

Based on its outage map, which was most recently updated at 7 p.M., Florida Power & Light Co. Stated that 1,660 out of its 99,710 customers in Indian River County were still experiencing a lack of electricity on Thursday evening.

That’s a decrease from approximately 18,000 customers who experienced a power outage earlier today.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please call 772-226-3900. The Indian River County Emergency Operations Center is asking business owners and residents to report any storm damage.

5:45 p.M. | Alma Lee Loy commences

The Loy Lee Alma Bridge or 17th Street in Vero Beach had been closed since 7 a.M. Due to reported flooding, and it was reopened at 3:30 p.M.

Indian River County has announced another road closure: North and South Jungle Trails will be inaccessible until further notice because of the presence of flooding.

A rainbow follows an afternoon of heavy winds and rain following Hurricane Nicole on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, near the Wabasso Causeway Park in Vero Beach.

4 p.M. | Ready to serve

Hurricane Nicole resulted in minor inundation at the Riverside Cafe located in Vero Beach.

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“It wasn’t that terrible this time,” stated David Lane, co-proprietor of the eatery. “Today it was likely 6 inches.”

He exclaimed, around 5 a.M., As the high tide rolled in and flooded the Indian River Lagoon, where Lane’s restaurant is located.

He said that the water level in Riverside had risen three feet since he last saw it. Despite this, he managed to close the restaurant for half a day while a team of 20 employees power-washed the lagoon behind it, removing fish, plants, and dirt. Surprisingly, the water level was still six inches high.

David Lane, co-owner of Riverside Cafe in Vero Beach, looks out at the Indian River Lagoon after cleaning 6 inches of flood water from his restaurant following Hurricane Nicole, Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022.

“It’s a bother, because the water extends all the way into my workplace, the restrooms, the entire kitchen… Everything,” he stated.

Lane anticipated a large crowd after the hurricane. To Lane’s astonishment, Riverside was fully prepared to resume operations at 4 p.M. By 3 p.M., The restaurant appeared unaffected by the water, except for some slight harm to a portion of its dock.

More: Hurricane Nicole caused damage to several waterfront restaurants along the Treasure Coast. Which ones are currently open and closed?

“We’re accustomed to it here at Riverside,” Lane stated.

By 3:30 p.M., The pier at Indian River County Fire Rescue Station 2, located nearby the lagoon, did not fare as successfully. It was damaged and remained partially submerged in the lagoon.

3:30 p.M. | Assessing the extent of the harm

A number of individuals inspected the extent of the damage as certain beaches reopened for assessment. As stated in a press release, swimming is currently prohibited at all county beaches.

Some people gathered to take a look at the serious structural damage caused by the erosion at Jaycee Beach and also at the collapsed part of Club Ocean.

Hurricane Nicole erosion caused structural damage to Ocean Club in Vero Beach.

3:15 p.M. | Certain beaches, parks resume operations

Parks and facilities in Indian River County are starting to reopen.

As per a press statement from the county representative Kathy Copeland, here are the most recent establishments that have opened or closed, along with revised operating hours for the upcoming weekend.


  • Ambersands Beach Park, Treasure Shores Beach Park, Seagrape Beach Access, Turtle Trail Beach Access, and Round Island Beach Park are designated for observation only and swimming is not permitted.
  • Wabasso Beach Park and Tracking Station Beach Park are currently not accessible due to substantial destruction, as mentioned in the news release.
  • Goldensands Beach Park is expected to reopen soon, despite sustaining minor damage as mentioned in the news release.
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    Inland parks.

  • All parks located inland will reopen at sunrise on Friday.
  • Donald MacDonald Campground will be reopened on Friday.
  • Boat ramps.

  • Opening on Friday, from sunrise to sunset: Dale Wimbrow Boat Ramp, Donald MacDonald Boat Ramp, and Round Island Riverside Park Boat Ramp.
  • Temporarily unavailable: Wabasso Causeway Boat Ramp is currently closed due to significant damage, as stated in the news release.
  • Other.

  • The Art & Craft Expo at the Indian River County Fairgrounds is open from Saturday to Sunday, operating from 10 a.M. To 5 p.M. Normal operations will resume on Saturday.
  • Sandridge Golf Course: Returns to regular operating hours on Friday.
  • North County Aquatic Center and Gifford Aquatic Center will resume their normal operating hours at 10 a.M. On Friday. The Splash Pad at Gifford Aquatic Center will remain closed for repairs until further notice.
  • Indian River County Shooting Range: Returns to regular operating hours at 9 a.M. On Saturday.
  • The Recreation Center for all generations (iG) will resume its regular hours on Monday.
  • 10 a.M. | Tropical-storm advisory removed

    During a briefing on Thursday morning, Ryan Lloyd, the coordinator for county emergency management, declared that the National Weather Service has rescinded its advisory for tropical storms in Indian River County.

    Nicole is expected to experience sea levels above normal, ranging from 2 to 3 feet, as coastal area leaves are expected to remain. Even though wind and rain are still common in the coastal region, officials are urging drivers to stay off the roads.

    9:40 a.M. | Street inundation

    Vero Beach police are advising drivers to steer clear of the flooding caused by the convergence of Royal Palm and Indian River boulevards, particularly near the First Presbyterian Church Vero Beach.

    Law enforcement recommends using alternative routes.

    9:30 in the morning | Publix resumes operations

    Following an early closure on Wednesday due to the approaching Tropical Storm Nicole, Publix stores throughout the county resumed operations on Thursday.

    Despite the fact that the store at Miracle Mile in Vero Beach was operational on Thursday morning, there were only a few patrons.

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    There were plenty of people available for power, even without ice being bagged. Inside, business was usual with short lines. In sharp contrast to Nicole’s pre-the crowds, the parking lot was only about one-third full.

    8:31 a.M. | Destruction at Conn Beach

    Conn Beach was impacted by Hurricane Nicole, but according to resident Dave Hunter, the destruction could have been more severe.

    Hunter stated that the concrete supports erected by the city supported the boardwalk. However, this did not occur on this occasion. He mentioned that in past storms, the road was washed away and the boardwalk completely crumbled.

    “That is really a blessing,” he said. “It looks bad. (But) they reinforced it last time and it’s holding up pretty good.”.

    Hunter mentioned that the region performed favorably in comparison to other locations.

    “We didn’t witness what might have occurred,” he stated. “Vero successfully navigated it with rainbows.”

    8:18 a.M. | Power Restoration

    This morning, crews from Florida Power & Light are working to restore electricity to approximately 18,000 customers in Indian River County.

    Earlier today, Hurricane Nicole swept through the area and resulted in a power outage for the company, leaving approximately 17,680 customers, which accounts for around 18% of its total customer base of 99,710, without electricity, as reported by the company.

    7:45 a.M. | County bridges restored

    All bridges in Indian River County were reopened early this morning, following a closure of approximately four hours, as Hurricane Nicole passed through, as stated by county representative Kathy Copeland.

    She mentioned that the bridges were shut down around midnight and then reopened shortly after 4:30 a.M.

    Nicole moved through the area about 3 a.M., Making landfall just south of Vero Beach before it weakened to a tropical storm.

    7:20 a.M. | Wabasso Causeway remains inundated

    7 a.M. | Alma Lee Loy Bridge continues to be shut down

    The Alma Lee Loy, also known as the 17th Street Bridge, remains unreachable this morning because of the flood, according to the Vero Beach authorities.

    Police are recommending drivers use the Merrill P. Barber, or State Road 60, bridge for traveling to or from the barrier island.

    6:47 a.M. | Beaches remain inaccessible


    6 a.M. | Fellsmere preliminary damage assessment

    There are no major reports of damage across the city, according to Fellsmere officials. A small tree is blocking Pine N. Street, north of County Road 512.

    5 a.M. | Bridges accessible

    Indian River County stated that bridges are accessible throughout the county.

    3 a.M. | Hurricane Nicole reaches Vero Beach as it hits land

    Arrival: 3 a.M. On Thursday, located just south of Vero Beach.

    Wind speed: Approximately sustained at 75 mph, Category 1 hurricane.

    Precipitation: 2-3 inches in the past 24 hours.

    Get prepared: How to download TCPalm’s iPhone and Android applications for local updates on Tropical Storm Nicole.

    Pasta models: Take a look at these automated updates of Nicole’s potential route.

    Projected trajectory: Nicole’s most recent course.

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