Travis and Jason Kelce’s mom Donna shares a photo of her split Chiefs and Eagles outfit

Donna Kelce is ready to support both of her sons in the Super Bowl as they share a picture of themselves in Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs attire.

In Arizona, the Super Bowl on Sunday night has attracted attention as the game that will make history for Jason, the center for the Eagles, and Travis, the tight end for the Chiefs, as they play together for the first time ever, while their mother Donna watches as a celebrity.

She revealed earlier this week that her loyalties were split, with a picture of her ensemble posted on Sunday afternoon.

Alongside the hashtag ‘#gamedayfit’, Donna captured a full-body picture in a mirror to showcase her remarkable attire.

Travis wore the number 87 shoe for the Chiefs and the number 62 shoe for the Eagles. Jason wore a jean jacket split in half, and she wore a jersey underneath it, also split in half, with a jean jacket.

Donna completed the appearance with a fashionable handbag, once again showcasing her sons’ digits and the phrase: ‘Mama Kelce’.

Hopefully, everything will be okay and this is just pure joy. I told them to leave it all and on Monday, I gave them both a handwritten note along with cookies, saying: ‘She spoke to FOX Sports before the pregame’.

Donna Kelce also disclosed that she possessed an Eagles earring and a Chiefs earring as accessories.

She marked the achievement of her sons attending both Cleveland Heights High School and the University of Cincinnati by taking to social media and tweeting about the biggest game in America, the #HeightsHighandUCBearcatSuperBowl.

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Travis is an All-Pro tight end, while Jason is an All-Pro center – the two brothers will not take the field at the same time, playing for their respective teams’ offense.

‘However, these are your deepest anxieties,’ Donna informed PJ Ziegler from FOX 8, ‘They are your aspirations and desires becoming a reality. ‘Neither of them handle defeat gracefully, and someone will inevitably leave as the defeated party.’

Meanwhile, their father Ed joked: ‘Thank goodness they’re both on offense, which likely eliminates any possibility of a physical altercation!’.

Donna wasn’t able to hop over to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs’ games’ due to scheduling, but she watched the Niners’ trouncing of the Eagles 31-7 in the game in Philadelphia. This happened last year.

Instead, she observed Kansas City on the TV from Lincoln Financial Field arena.

She explained that for championship weekend, she opted to travel to Philadelphia instead of Kansas City because it was a unique occurrence. She specifically selected to attend the divisional round game between the Chiefs and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last year, she successfully flew from Tampa to Kansas City on the same day to attend the wildcard matchups of both the Eagles and the Chiefs.

After watching Travis win his third AFC title game in four years, Jason tweeted: ‘Officially done being a Chiefs fan this season!!’.

Previously, Jason declared that he would don a ‘sweatshirt from Kansas City’ for ‘the following three hours.’

Reporters informed Jason, the jovial, “That concludes my support for the Chiefs for the remainder of the year.” Within a span of three hours, I will cease to be a fan of the Chiefs, regardless of the outcome.

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Natives of Cleveland who went on to become stars at the University of Cincinnati hold positions that rank among the best in their respective fields.

The Kelce siblings share a deep connection beyond their respective work lives, and they even joined forces on a podcast last year.

Despite already being a family affair for the Kelce clan, Jason’s wife is set to grow even larger at 38 weeks pregnant. Their OB-GYN will be a guest at the upcoming Super Bowl.

Prior to the Sunday showdown, Travis, the sister-in-law of Kylie, was praised as ‘the ultimate favorite uncle’ by the entire family, including Chiefs star.

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