Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2: Release Date, Plot & Everything We Know

ENGI’s eccentric yet captivating gangster persona, Leon Fou Bartfort, has successfully captivated the attention of numerous spectators. Despite the anime’s seemingly unappealing title, Trapped In A Dating Sim offers a unique Isekai experience with an uncommon storyline. The anime may not immediately seem enticing, but it manages to capture the interest of many viewers through its intriguing plot and distinct characters, particularly the twisted yet entertaining mob character, Leon Fou Bartfort from ENGI.

The television series, which began airing on April 3rd, 2022 and concluded on June 19th, 2022, showcased the show. ENGI, recognized for series such as Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out and The Detective is Already Dead, ultimately produced approximately 176 installments, rendering it sufficiently lengthy for an anime adaptation. The online series garnered numerous positive critiques and was subsequently acquired by Micro Magazine, followed by Jun Shiosato for a manga version. The show is based on a light novel titled the same and authored by Yomu Mishima in 2017.

The category of the anime is a blend of Isekai, Comedy, and Science fiction, while also featuring a Harem/ Reverse Harem storyline. Imprisoned in a Dating sim concluded with approximately 12 episodes, sufficient to give the viewers an overview of what the show is about while also allowing for a potential continuation.

Trapped In A Dating Sim: What Happened in Season 1?

Leon Fou Bartfort is currently known as a young boy. Upon awakening, he discovers that he loses consciousness and bumps his head while getting out of bed. He successfully accomplishes the game with a perfect score and showcases women’s dominance in this society, the inverse harem narrative, and the main character he despises. Right after commencing the game, he embraces it and, observing her bothersome whims, she asks him to complete it on her behalf. She engages in an otome game for the sake of his sister, who is depicted as a typical white-collar worker in the introductory phase of the show’s first season.

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Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2 Release Date
Leon (Credits: Yomu Mishima, Crunchyroll)

Leon, who attends The Academy, a place where men find women who would be willing to marry, manages to fight back against his cruel stepmother after gaining knowledge from Luxion, a robot/ship AI that becomes his aid. Over the course of 10 years, Leon completes the game otome and discovers that he has been reincarnated into the world of the game. Triggered by the game, he begins to see the nature of the world and realizes that his stepmother, who treats him like trash, is a rude and dominating woman, while his father is a poor baron.

Leon’s twisted and sick attitude enables him to change the narrative of the game. Throughout the first season, we see him getting closer to Olivia’s rival, Angelica, and whatever happens in front of him, he ends up finding himself annoyed and hopes to live in this world as just a mob. As the game progresses with Marie instead of Olivia, the storyline remains the same. However, Leon sees the game as a romantic interest rather than protecting a different girl, the normal protagonist of Olivia.

The announcement of the premiere date for May or April 2023 will be shown by judging. The series will be airing on platforms such as Ytv, Crunchyroll, AT-X, and MX Tokyo. It was directed by Miura Kazuya and Fukumoto Shin’ichi. It has already been confirmed by ENGI that production for the second season is underway, but a specific date has not yet been announced as of December 26th, 2022.

Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2 Release Date
Marie (Credits: Yomu Mishima, Crunchyroll)

In the last episode of Sim Dating A In Trapped, we see Marie coming up with a plan to become the main protagonist of the show. She has always wished to achieve what she had always wanted and now she wants to remove Leon from the picture as well. It seems that Marie also has one of the Heavenly objects, which the Protagonist needs to awaken her true powers, even though these objects belong to Olivia and Marie.

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Trapped In A Dating Sim Season 2: Voice Actors

Luxion will be replaced by Shirai Yusuke and Angelica will be replaced by Kubo Yurika, Olivia will be replaced by Hanamori Yumiri, and Leon will be replaced by Kobayashi Yusuke, considering that in the previous installment it was anticipated that the voice actors for Season 2 of Force (Fire Boyle Arthur and Dawn The Of Yona) Stone, (Dr. Senku such as characters voiced has Kobayashi Yusuke.

Sayaka Ohara portrays the character of Mylene, and there is a possibility of her having a larger role in the upcoming season. Nobuyuki Hiyama provides the voice for Greg, Koji Yusa for Chris, Shinnosuke Tachibana for Brad, Kohsuke Toriumi for Jilk, Ryota Osaka for Julius, and Atsumi Tanezaki for Marie Fou Lafan.

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