Touchdown Jesus & The Nation’s Largest College Library

The upper portion of the library was designed as a specialized graduate studies tower. The new library was designed with two bottom floors to accommodate undergraduates who preferred to study with the feng shui of a library rather than the hijinks of the dorms. The library had plenty of carrels and table space to accommodate undergraduates and was not meant to detract from the vibrance of undergraduate life. Notre Dame values its long-standing commitment to undergraduate education while pursuing greatness as a research institution and graduate school. The old library was going to be replaced by the School of Architecture.

The Seven Sacraments are incredibly powerful and awe-inspiring in their interdependence and synergy. If anyone is in a spiritual mood or seeking spiritual guidance, they can read the Seven Sacraments as taught by the great theologians and doctors of the Catholic Church, such as Thomas Aquinas, Augustine of Hippo, Jerome, and Gregory. It would be a rare sight to see these great teachers and theologians surrounded by their grandchildren or children, wanting to give them spiritual instruction or reading. The mural titled “Life of Word” would unify the Academic and Divine aspects of Catholicism, and it would be a visual representation of the Saints and their learning. The decision was made to create a mural commemorating Christ, which would serve as the signature visual for the South panel of the library tower.

The “Word of Life” mural, valued at $200,000 in 1963 currency, was generously donated by Mr. And Mrs. Howard Phalin of Winnetka. Shortly after Note Dame appointed a football coach named Parseghian, the dedication of the library was scheduled for May 1964.

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Millard Sheets. However, not Millard Sheets. A few individuals may have opted for a depiction featuring Jesus encircled by doctors, educators, or theologians. Other presenters may have chosen a composition resembling the Last Supper. According to the narrative, his mural was intended to position Jesus at the pinnacle, with his arms raised, seemingly blessing and celebrating the efforts of the teachers and doctors depicted below. Millard Sheets, the artist, made the decision on how to design it.

Mural’s Visibility

It didn’t take long to see that the view and setting were obviously different. You could see Jesus, not saints, just by looking. At least before the mid-90s expansion, you could see pretty much anywhere from the south half of Notre Dame Stadium. If you were walking on the southeast portion of campus, you could see it. It was presented in front of a reflecting pool just in front of the South Library.

The story behind the transformation of the mural into Touchdown Jesus

Since the mid-90’s expansion, it has been noted how long it takes to watch a telecast of Notre Dame’s football games because the stadium’s seating has been reduced. The Sacred Heart of Jesus Touchdown, which is visible from fewer seats in the stadium, is a well-known sight to millions of people who have watched the telecast. The aerial shots and camera angles from the Golden Dome and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Touchdown are captured on every telecast, particularly from the perfectly positioned cameras on the West side of the press box in the Notre Dame Stadium. The south portion of the stadium offers a higher visibility, especially for the cameras on the press box’s West side. Jesus Touchdown was born when Jack Snow threw touchdown passes to John Huarte and Heisman in the first year of Ara’s football season in 1964.

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Tutorial on Football on Campus

As long as you’re not inside the 10, the wisdom of the fair catch is discussed. The perfect, clearly visible hand raise of “Fair Catch Corby” is pointed out, but less time is spent talking about Father Corby and the CSC residents. When you’re in front of Corby Hall, you walk up that small embankment. You can light a candle or two or a dozen and tell the story of Tom Dooley, starting at the Grotto. It’s a simple and particularly instructive show-and-tell on the way to the game for football fans, alumni, and others who have held the hand of a child or grandchild during their first visit to a Notre Dame football game.

Jesus scores a touchdown, Moses goes down first, Corby catches fairly, everything is in sequence and it’s at Notre Dame. You can’t see Zbikowski, Miller, Watters, and Rocket returning every punt for a touchdown, just before you enter the reflecting pool. Look directly at Jesus scoring a touchdown first, then counterclockwise from 6 o’clock to 9 o’clock, navigate around the library. Then, Moses goes down first, with his raised index finger, approaching the library from the west. Shoot towards the library Hesburgh, towards the southeast azimuth.

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