Top 30 Goddess Boho Wedding Dresses

If you want to find the perfect boho goddess wedding dress, read on. Our top 30 boho wedding dresses will make you feel like a goddess, whether you’re planning an intimate elopement or an elaborate beach ceremony. These wedding dresses are ideal for free-spirited brides who are planning a whimsical ceremony filled with dreamy décor, candles, and flowers.

Price: $189.

The Ethereal Sorayan Wedding Gown is the ultimate boho goddess wedding dress for brides tying the knot in a beach ceremony, capturing some breathtaking photos. The lightweight fabric will keep you cool in the flow of the wind and the sunshine.

The off-shoulder sheer design and style contribute to the overall look. The simplistic spaghetti straps do not overshadow, while the off-shoulder sleeves bring a sheer touch. The attention is drawn to the lovely lace detailing and the open-back design, which adds more prominence to the back.

12. LIPOSA Sweetheart Bridal Gown

Price: $269.99.

At the ceremony, you have the option to change your appearance by removing the off-the-shoulder sleeves that accompany the LIPOSA Sweetheart Bridal Gown. Accepting the gown will be effortless once you witness the breathtaking A-line shape of this elegant dress.

Every inch of this wedding gown is adorned with embroidered lace, including the romantic train. Thanks to the subtle sweetheart neckline, your décolletage is highlighted, making the bodice a sight to behold even without sleeves.

4. Glamorybride Side Slit Bohemian Wedding Dress

Cost: Commencing from $88.56.

The slit on the side of the skirt allows you to freely move while adding a touch of dramatic flair to the otherwise minimalist design. This elegant and sleek wedding dress from Glamorybride is ideal for a boho-forward bride looking for a modern twist on a boho gown. In addition to the simple long sleeves, the dress also features slits that keep with the “eye-catching” theme.

26. EverLove Long Sleeve Bridal Gown

Price: $89.95.

The dress has a simple and understated design, with a more dramatic V-shaped cut in the back and a moderately deep V-neckline in the front. The EverLove Long Sleeve Bridal Gown will fulfill every bride’s dream of a dress that is both modern and modest.

The train will effortlessly flow down the aisle, equally simple and fabulous. The skirt is striking but simple, flowing in the wind for some fabulous wedding photos.

18. Homdor Tulle Ball Gown

Cost: Beginning at $79.

The Homdor Ball Gown Tulle is guaranteed to make any boho bride swoon. With its romantic charm and subtle sweetheart neckline, the dress adds a touch of whimsy to the corset-style bodice, while the long puffy sleeves complete the look. The soft A-line silhouette and sexy side slit of this tulle wedding dress will make the bride float down the aisle like a dream.

10. Melisa V-Neck Boho Bridal Gown

Price: $128.

Searching for a stunning boho dress for your wedding? The Melisa V-Neck Boho Bridal Gown has got you covered.

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This embroidered goodness offers the ideal combination of glamor and playfulness, featuring an enticing V-cut in the front and an asymmetrical lace skirt that effortlessly floats over the tulle elements. It is surrounded by stunning organic details and illusion straps on the back.

Enhancing the nature-inspired aesthetic, a grand floral veil or a bohemian crown will truly shine when combined with the floral accents present on this gown.

17. Bdcoco Boho Maxi Dress

Cost: Commencing from $47.89.

This Bdcoco Boho Maxi Dress will make you feel like a forest spirit, providing comfort, breathability, and a lightweight feel. It showcases a relaxed silhouette, dainty short sleeves, and a customizable V-neckline with buttons. Those brides who prefer not to have lengthy trains will appreciate the unrestricted mobility offered by this dress.

2. RYANTH Lace Bridal Gown

Cost: Commencing from $89.99.

This RYANTH gown is all about lace, which is one of the hallmarks of boho wedding dresses. It features a daring deep-V cut that transitions into a feminine lace-up back. The full fit-and-flare skirt and the V-neck bodice are enveloped in sheer long sleeves, with every inch showcasing the intricate lace detailing.

27. Glamorybride Bohemian Wedding Dress

Price: $158.

This Glamorybride Bohemian Wedding Dress is a bohemian masterpiece, featuring lace details that are even more noticeable and daring than before.

Although all the elements in this astonishing number of breathtaking lines pattern beaded are perfectly harmonious, the intricate bodice adds a charming detail to the upper body, and the beaded straps are the same.

The magnificent dress flows down the aisle, creating a wow effect, while the rest of the train receives the same treatment.

20. Honeydress Embroidered Maxi Dress

Cost: Commencing from $50.

If you are considering purchasing this colorful and unique Maxi Embroidered Honeydress, and you want something that is not white in color, then you should definitely come across the most wedding dresses in white.

This bohemian masterpiece will be a dream come true for any flower-loving bride, as she walks down the aisle in a stunning dress adorned with floral appliques on the bodice and long, transparent sleeves with embroidered details. The flowing tulle skirt adds a knockout touch to this gown.

25. Cupocupa Backless Boho Wedding Dress

Cost: Commencing at $139.99.

The Wedding Boho Backless Cupocupa Dress features a bodice with spaghetti straps that transition into lace detailing and a modest V-neckline. The simple laced bodice adds a sense of lightness to the column skirt of the dress.

The attire enhances the carefree sensation by featuring a back with a deep neckline, highlighting the interlaced straps at the back that fulfill a distinct function.

The minimal and pristine design is enhanced by a delicate train that extends from the lightweight chiffon skirt.

22. Ruolai Vintage Boho Wedding Gown

Cost: Commencing from $112.90.

The Vintage Ruolai Boho Wedding Gown is a pure boho magic. It features an A-line design with cascading lace detailing that elongates the frame and highlights the plunging neckline, wide sleeves, and sweeping train. The lace doesn’t reach all the way down, drawing attention to the beautiful neckline.

21. Tsbridal Deep V-Neckline Boho Wedding Dress

Price: $146.

Pair this bewitching dress with a flower crown for a truly boho and otherworldly look. The long bell lace sleeves and flowy skirt perfectly contrast with the clean, plunging V-neckline of this regal wedding gown, embodying the old-world-style appeal of Tsbridal’s Boho Deep V-Neckline Wedding Dress.

15. LIPOSA Lace Bridal Gown

Cost: Beginning from $189.

The LIPOSA Bridal Lace Gown can be styled to fit any wedding vision, whether you have an intimate beach elopement or a fantasy forest wedding. The dress may seem simple at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it reveals a plethora of captivating elements. The skirt is clean and simple, with intertwined lace detailing and layers that include low back romantic and spaghetti straps with side splits.

19. Tsbridal Long Sleeve Lace Bridal Gown

Price: $119.

Let’s delve into it, therefore let’s provide further elaboration on the stunning goddess boho wedding dress that truly warrants description. It would be an abundance of lace, if we were to summarize the Tsbridal Long Sleeve Lace Bridal Gown in just two words.

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An elegant lace train adds the finishing touch to the overall lace look, without question. The backless design is encircled by the relaxed silhouette and carries on with these striking elements. The intricate lace embellishments that envelop the long sleeves immediately capture your attention.

7. Glamorybride Sheer Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Price: $137.56.

Concentrating on the areas where you need the most coverage, this pretty and effortlessly glamorous wedding gown from Glamorybride will make boho brides fall in love with its flowy skirt and delicate floral motifs. The upper body of the gown is adorned with accents of delicate floral motifs, and it also features a plunging V-neckline, adding to its ultra-romantic appeal.

The focus is on allowing guests to glory in silhouette, while keeping the train manageable and short. To add more glamor to the dress, fitted long sleeves are used, creating an alluring illusion with buttons at the back.

23. LIPOSA Lace Bell Sleeve Bridal Gown

Cost: Commencing from $199.

The Bridal LIPOSA Lace Bell Sleeve Gown is a perfect example of how these additions can make a gown stand out. The romantic and regal style of bell sleeves makes them ideal for vintage-inspired boho wedding dresses.

You’ll adore the incredibly adorable tassel embellishments, the crisscrossed straps at the back, and the relaxed silhouette adorned with lace, in addition to the gentle sleeves.

6. Sorayan Bohemia Wedding Gown

Price: $159.

When it comes to the Wedding Gown Bohemia Sorayan, the bodice lace crochet detailing is undoubtedly the star of the show. However, the impression wouldn’t be complete without pairing it with the whimsical, fairytale-like train of the A-line tulle skirt, which flows down the aisle in a captivating and super flowy manner.

5. BLENCOT Casual Boho Wedding Dress

Price: $54.48.

It should be the go-to choice for brides who are all about comfort on their big day. Although somewhat simplistic, this wedding dress is nothing short of boho perfection, capturing the essence perfectly with phrases like demure, laid-back, and cool effortlessly.

30. LIPOSA 3D Flower Backless Evening Dress

Cost: Commencing from $169.95.

The Evening Backless Flower 3D LIPOSA Dress is an excellent choice for a boho color-loving bride, with its stunning details that cover the entire skirt and bodice. This dress features leaf and flower elements made from organza, adding vivid and eye-catching accents.

The delightful gown is enhanced with a touch of theatrics provided by the exposed back and the plunging V-neckline. It will complement a variety of body types and is exceptionally flattering with its A-line shape.

11. WaterDress Boho Bridal Gown

Price: Commencing from $155.99.

Brides looking for a boho dress with a playful element will probably adore this WaterDress piece, which features artfully placed lace details and illusion-catching buttons on the back. The overall design of the gown is connected with illusion sleeves, and the bodice and skirt throughout the dress are embellished with intricate embellishments that flatter the figure.

3. Tsbridal Bohemia Mermaid Wedding Dress

Price: $123.

The Tsbridal Bohemia Mermaid Wedding Dress is ideal for brides looking for a gown that’s as sensual and elegant as it is V-alluring. It perfectly pairs the steal-worthy neckline with wide-set straps and bow details.

When it’s time to take the celebration to the dance floor, the fit-and-flare silhouette of the gown effortlessly hugs the body, providing enough comfort while giving off a glamorous yet bohemian vibe. Equally embellished, the rest of the gown is.

24. WaterDress Lace Bridal Gown

Cost: Commencing from $89.99.

The Bridal Lace WaterDress has an understated design that allows it to be dressed up or down for a destination wedding. Thanks to its fresh and youthful feel and clean lines, it exudes an incredibly modern vibe.

This A-line silhouette will draw attention to and flatter almost any body shape, thanks to the flowy chiffon skirt and tight lace bodice. The detailing along the neckline and the back adds a touch of glitz. The dress features a traditional train beloved by brides who prefer simple beauty.

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16. Tsbridal Boho Princess Bride Gown

Price: $104.

You are enjoying a big day and the feeling of freedom and comfort, this exquisite and romantic gown is perfect. It is a perfect match for a carefree and genuine boho bride, making it the epitome of freedom. The Boho Tsbridal Princess Bride Gown.

A divine-like movement is formed where tiers of transparent lace are present in the top and bottom of this bohemian beauty. Blossom designs are showcased on the transparent material of the arms, which are equally splendid. Horizontally, a delicate shoestring is fastened with an asymmetrical V shape at the rear, undoubtedly making it the center of attention for the gown.

29. Melisa Bridal Ball Gown

Price: $139.

This Bridal Ball Gown, Melisa, is adorned with ornate lace sleeves that almost touch the floor, making it the focal point of this wedding dress. There is nothing short of angelic about this mermaid silhouette, which is worthy of matching the extravagant lace sleeves.

The dress appears stunning, even without the sleeves, due to the carefully positioned graphic lace details, along with a twist, a sweetheart neckline, and distinctive designs on the bodice. You have the option to modify your appearance at any moment throughout the ceremony by making the sleeves detachable.

This gown will trace the contours of your body, enhancing your silhouette, before flowing into a gentle and enchanting trail.

8. LIPOSA Bell Sleeve Bridal Gown

Price: $249.

The Bell Sleeve LIPOSA Bridal Gown is a vintage-inspired choice that will make an eye-catching statement for brides leaning towards silhouettes, worn by royalty during the Middle Ages, as part of the fashion lexicon for centuries.

The entire gown is full of ethereal elements, including a sensual and train, an open back crossed with straps, an embroidered neckline and bodice, and a free-flowing A-line skirt. There are still more worth mentioning details on this stunning boho number. The voluminous bell sleeves will undoubtedly catch the attention of guests.

9. VFSHOW Off-the-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress

Price: $62.99.

Looking for vintage boho wedding dresses, brides should consider this off-the-shoulder VFSHOW stunner that has a flair. The playful ruffle sleeves perfectly complement the simple square neckline.

An adaptable zipper is present as it reveals how much leg you can display, with a high slit for added allure. It provides you with an opportunity to showcase your figure, as it embraces the silhouette of boho dresses more closely than tighter-fitting garments.

Exquisite lace adorns the entirety of this perfectly made gown.

14. Tsbridal V-Neck Tulle Boho Wedding Gown

Price: Commencing from $97.

This beautiful Tsbridal wedding gown combines elements of romance and classic style.

Let your hair hang loose to keep the back uncomplicated. The spaghetti straps and the deep-V neckline create an extremely attractive result, accentuating the neckline. The top and the bottom display beautiful lace with a stunning graphic design, in a gentle A-line shape.

This elegant divine boho wedding gown will sway effortlessly with every motion, making it perfect for a bride with a free-spirited nature.

28. RYANTH Open Back Bridal Gown

Cost: Commencing from $89.99.

The lace appliques and sweetheart neckline, along with the spaghetti straps, all work together to create a flattering décolletage. As you walk down the aisle in this dreamy RYANTH wedding dress, you will be floating in a gown that is completely covered in embroidered lace.

The train greatly enhanced the compliments beautifully, adding a magnetic element that perfectly complements the low-scoop back of this spectacular dress. The delicate lace skirt flows into an ethereal sea of bodice.

This RYANTH number will look stunning anywhere. However, it will truly amaze in a rustic-meets-glam wedding location.

13. Glamorybride Deep V-Neck Wedding Dress

Price: $124.37.

The Dress Wedding V-Neck Deep Glamorybride is the epitome of romance and elegance, boasting an impressive array of details that you will need to look at first.

The cute tassels, affixed to the waistline, cannot be overlooked, of course. Walking down the aisle, you will witness a sight – the dress made of layered chiffon. With a defined waist, the exquisitely embellished bodice is a sight to behold. To achieve a gentle look, the sleeves gracefully gather at the wrist, allowing you to commence with the flowy sleeves.

Tips and Tricks for Wearing a Goddess Boho Wedding Dress

If you are foregoing the tradition of visiting bridal boutiques, here are a few tricks and tips to help you buy the perfect boho goddess wedding dress online.

  • Only consider bohemian-style wedding gowns from a trustworthy vendor.
  • Exercise caution when considering high-end designer dresses available at remarkably low prices.
  • Make sure to carefully read the small details regarding the dates of delivery, costs of shipping, and policies for returns.
  • Examine multiple images of the dress to comprehend what to anticipate from every perspective.
  • Utilize the size guide specifically designed for your selected bohemian dress.
  • Place your gown order early, allowing ample time for possible adjustments.
  • Once you select the perfect boho dress, contemplate buying a corresponding veil or floral headpiece.
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