Top 20 Korean Rappers: 2023’s Best Rap Artists from South Korea

Jinyoung Hyun is recognized as a pioneer of Korean hip hop and a creator of K-Pop music, dominating the Korean music scene from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Today, he continues to be popular in Korean hip hop, initially blending South Korean rap music with Korean pop music to create K-Hop.

Those artists who should be considered as key contributors to the growth of hip hop in South Korea are just a handful of Korean hip hop acts. Along with artists like Taeyang and T.O.P from the internationally renowned K-Pop group Big Bang, they were also labeled as the originators of Korean R&B. Additionally, various solo artists and groups, such as Solid, Joon, Hyun Poppin’ Boys, and Taiji Seo, Deux, contributed to the growth of Korean hip hop and rap. It is worth mentioning that they have also made significant contributions to the legendary career of Jinyoung Hyun outside of Korean music.

South Korea is the capital of the music scene in Asia, with the popularity of the country’s hip hop scene rising and its artists reaching global stardom through their pop music. South Korea stands out as a great music scene in Asia, unlike any other country, thanks to its powerful history of traditions and cultures, which are similar to many other Asian countries.

In South Korea, there is a significant impact of rap music, which is often intertwined with K-Pop and related pop music styles. However, Korean rappers, who are true hip hop artists, do not implement pop music within their styles. Unlike the typical and traditional form of hip hop, Korean rappers create music that does not conform to the popular styles and names of mainstream pop artists.

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Best 20 Korean Male Rappers

1. Jay Park

Jay Park, who quickly gained popularity in South Korea since 2012, has achieved a long list of accomplishments, including numerous nominations and global recognition. He released his first solo album, “New Breed,” which topped the charts. Before pursuing a solo career, Jay Park started his career as a member of a K-pop boy band in 2010. He was born and raised in the United States but moved to South Korea to pursue his passion for music.

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2. Coconut Water

Since his introduction in 2011, Korean rapper, record producer, and songwriter Zico has been creating a stir in the music industry. He has subsequently expanded his horizons to pursue a thriving individual career and was a part of the well-received boy band Block B. Zico, frequently known for incorporating aspects of hip-hop, R&B, and pop to craft a unique sound, has delivered numerous hit songs such as “Any Song,” “SoulMate,” “Bermuda Triangle,” “Freak,” and “Summer Hate.”

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3. Crazy

Loco, a Korean rapper, gained attention as a contestant on the rap competition show “Show Me the Money” in 2012, where he finished among the top contenders. Later, he signed with the AOMG label founded by fellow rapper Park Jay and released his debut album “Locomotive” in 2014, which led him to win several music awards, including Best Song/Hip Hop Rap at the 2015 Korean Music Awards. His collaborations with other notable artists and his witty lyrics and smooth flow in his music have contributed to his success.

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DPR LIVE has garnered acclaim for his notable creations such as “Jasmine,” “Text Me,” and “Jam and Butterfly.” Additionally, he has treated Korean hip-hop enthusiasts with remarkable projects like IITE COOL, HER, and Is Anybody Out There? His debut album, Coming To You Live, released in 2017, has established him as one of South Korea’s top rap artists by seamlessly blending melodies and hip-hop.

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5. Enormous Mischievous

Naughty BIG is a rising star in the Korean rap scene, gaining attention in his early 20s for his impressive skills and outlandish persona. Since his appearance on The Money The Me Show in 2018, he has released several EPs and singles, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

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6. Small

Mino’s music is a mix of various genres including pop, R&B, and hip-hop. In 2018, he released his first solo album “XX,” which received both commercial success and critical acclaim. Before that, he rose to fame as a member of the boy group Winner, which debuted in 2014 through the reality show “WIN: Who is Next.” Mino is better known by his stage name, Kang Min-kyung, and is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer.

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7. Acidic-1

Jay Park and Sik-K are well-known for their collaborations with popular artists. They have released several successful projects, including their latest album “HALO.” Ph-1, a producer, singer, and rapper, has showcased his talents in various genres such as trap and B&R, blending different styles of music. He gained recognition with his debut EP “Service” and continued to upload his songs on SoundCloud, starting his music career. Ph-1 is a rising star in the Korean rap scene, having grown up in the United States.

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8. Exist

In 2020, BE’O made his debut in the Korean music industry as one of the future stars and newcomers. He has released hits like “Monster” as a single, but we are still eagerly awaiting his debut album, which will include popular tracks such as “Me,” “Love,” “Suddenly,” and “Counting Stars” featuring Beenzino.

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9. Robert

Bobby quickly emerged as the favorite fan personality with his charismatic and uniquely styled rapping. He first caught the attention of the public when he participated in the third season of “Money the Me Show” in 2014, where he emerged as the winner. Bobby is a South Korean songwriter and rapper who rose to fame as a member of the popular boy group iKON.

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10. Sik-K

Sik-K, a popular Korean rapper who has gained immense popularity over the years, started his musical journey as a member of the AOMG crew, a hip-hop group. Following his solo career launch, he chart-topped several albums and tracks, including “BOYCOLD,” “H.A.L.F,” and “FL1P,” building a substantial following over time.

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11. Keith Ape

Ape Keith, a talented South Korean rapper, has gained recognition both in his home country and abroad for his unique blend of Korean rap and trap. He first rose to prominence with his hit single “Ma G It,” which showcased his distinct sense of fashion and high-energy performances. He continues to be a driving force in the Korean rap scene, collaborating with other artists such as XXXTentacion and Brian Rich to further his success. Ape Keith has become a favorite among fans of the genre.

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12. BewhY

The Movie Star, similar to timeless albums such as, has effectively built his collection. Since his debut in 2014 with the single “Waltz,” he has gained a larger fan base and wider recognition, which was further enhanced by his victory in the fifth season of the show. Participating in the Money the Me Show in 2014 kickstarted his music career. BewhY, who was born in Incheon, South Korea,

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13. Simon Dominic

Today, Dominic Simon has solidified his status as one of the most enduring and talented Korean music artists. His ability to constantly innovate and evolve, as well as his dedication to his craft, has made him one of the most influential and respected figures in the Korean hip-hop scene. Before embarking on a successful solo career, Dominic gained popularity as a member of the hip-hop duo Team Supreme, where he showcased his skills as a Korean songwriter, singer, and rapper.

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14. Alteration

Changmo started his music career in 2014 and quickly made a name for himself in the Korean hip-hop scene. He gradually gained recognition for his exceptional talent and started his career as an underground rapper. In 2016, he released his debut album, which received critical acclaim and catapulted him to fame.

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15. Giriboy

Giriboy, a Korean artist, has also made a name for himself as a songwriter and producer. In addition to his music, he has released numerous successful singles and albums including “Graduation,” “Perceptions,” “Sexual,” “Minutes, 30 Forth and Back.” Giriboy gained recognition as a Korean rapper with his debut album in 2011. Before embarking on a successful solo career, Giriboy entered the Korean music scene as part of the hip-hop duo Swings.

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16. Coogie

Coogie is a rising star in the Korean rap scene. Born and raised in Seoul, Coogie started making music at a young age and quickly gained a following for his innovative approach to hip-hop. His debut single, “Justin Bieber,” was a hit in Korea in 2018, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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17. Woo Wonjae

Showcasing Gray and Loco, Woo made his debut in 2017 with the track “We Are” under the prestigious Korean label AOMG. The rap competition, Show Me The Money, played a crucial role in establishing Woo as one of the most promising Korean rappers in the industry, and he initially caught the attention of Korean hip-hop enthusiasts through this popular reality TV show.

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18. Blood

Bloo, a Korean rapper, is regarded as one of the most promising rising talents in the Korean hip-hop industry. His initial endeavor, encompassing his primary significant launch, the track “Drive Thru,” rapidly garnered a substantial following among enthusiasts of Korean hip-hop upon Bloo’s debut in 2016. Moreover, he has unveiled chart-topping tracks like “Downtown Baby” and numerous acclaimed projects such as Bloo in Wonderland 2, Moon and Back, and Fox and the City.

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19. Child Milli

With a remarkable rhythm and ingenious use of language, Kid Milli has gained recognition for his exceptional skill. Kid Milli’s initial significant releases, namely TR, Maiden Voyage, and Maiden Voyage II, marked the beginning of his career in the late 2010s. In the Korean rap industry, Kid Milli stands out as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists.

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20. Beenzino

Beenzino, a newcomer from the top tier of Korean hip-hop artists, has come a long way since his first appearances with the song “Illionaire Way” in 2011. He has attracted a large following of fans who appreciate his creativity, and he has created his own lane by adapting to his own unique style. Beenzino began his career in the underground hip-hop scene and later gained mainstream success with his distinct sound.

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Recognized Korean Hip Hop Artists

The Quiett YouTube: The Quiett and Instagram: @The Quiett

Penomeco Youtube Channel: Penomeco and Instagram Handle: @Penomeco

Woodie gochild YouTube: woodie gochild and Instagram: @woodie gochild

LIlBOI Youtube: lIlBOI and Instagram: @lIlBOI

Sokodomo YouTube: sokodomo and Instagram: @sokodomo

Mushvenom’s YouTube channel: Mushvenom and Instagram account: @Mushvenom

Dok2 YouTube: Dok2 and Instagram: @Dok2

JUSTHIS Youtube: JUSTHIS and Instagram: @JUSTHIS

Trade L YouTube: Trade L and Instagram: @Trade L

– Unattractive Duck Youtube: Unattractive Duck and Instagram: @Unattractive Duck

Yumdda’s YouTube channel: Yumdda and Instagram handle: @Yumdda

San E’s YouTube Channel: San E and Instagram Account: @San E

Hash swan YouTube: hash swan and Instagram: @hash swan

Nafla’s Youtube Channel: Nafla and Instagram Account: @Nafla

Loopy Youtube: Loopy and Instagram: @Loopy

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