Tomorrow is Ours: Jack and Rayane Become a Global Phenomenon…Even Before Their First Kiss! – News Series on TV

TF1 has become a phenomenon on social networks in France since 2017, broadcasting a daily soap opera that goes beyond our borders. Even before the real start of Tomorrow belongs to us, a couple’s story has become unheard of.

His peers and the faculty were swift to ignite with his hubris and his aloof attitude upon his impressive debut at Agnès Varda High School in early January. Rayane Saeed (portrayed by Sasha Birdy), the nephew of Karim (played by Samy Gharbi), has been a part of the series since last November.

Including Lizzie (Juliette Mabilat) and Jack (Dimitri Fouque), twins from the Roussel family, who became the target of his mockery and jokes.

Internet users and viewers of Tomorrow belongs to us have quickly warmed their hearts by forming a friendship, and Jack and Rayane have ultimately grown closer over the episodes aired in recent days.

Faced with a devastating surprise a few weeks back, the individual who lost his vision, appears to have been moved by the challenges Rayane, who keeps his homosexuality concealed from the outside world, is experiencing within himself.

On social media platforms, where this crucial moment in the developing narrative between these two individuals was revealed even before it was aired on television or on the streaming service Salto, a segment from the January 27th Friday episode in which Rayane will save Jack at school is set to deepen their bond. Moreover, it is already generating a significant amount of buzz.

Will the two teenagers, played by Dimitri Fouque and Sasha Birdy, end up confessing their feelings and living a beautiful and great love story, capable of competing with the couple “Greliott” from Here it all starts? That’s all we can wish for “Jayane”, an already emblematic future couple of Tomorrow belongs to us, who is entitled to their own hashtag on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram.

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While waiting for a passionate first kiss or a declaration of love, users all over the world are already vibrating to the beautiful and slow rhythm of the touching subplot, which takes the form of a rapprochement between Rayane and Jack, to whom Fouque and Sasha Birdy owe a lot of accuracy in their play.

Because English or Spanish is used in the scenes, the subtitles are added to convey the actors’ personal stories from their Twitter and Instagram accounts. In addition to the sequences from the series, there are numerous montages that alternate between them, making it the most astonishing part of the whole story.

Passionate online enthusiasts captivated viewers from different countries by creating their own subtitles for their thrilling escapades. This phenomenon was exemplified by two versions of the same couple in Skam France, Lucas (portrayed by Axel Auriant) and Eliott (played by Maxence Danet-Fauvel), as well as the characters Isak and Even in the Norwegian series Skam. This approach harkens back to events that took place a few years ago.

Skam, thanks to its positive portrayal of same-sex relationships, particularly the relationship between Eliott and Lucas-Even/Isak, has greatly resonated with the LGBTQ+ community. This has led to the show gaining a strong following and elevated its status to a phenomenon.

The chronicle of television will highlight the succession of adolescent “pairs” in which Jayane might gradually establish a presence. The significance of portrayals, especially in relation to the LGBTQ+ community, remains a fundamental question, but progress has been made since then.

Within a span of 24 hours, TikTok or Youtube were flooded with fan videos dedicated to Jack and Rayane, which swiftly garnered over 10,000, and even 20,000, views. As of now, certain videos have amassed a staggering total of over 100,000 viewings.

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Probably not. Did they have any inkling that they possessed such a remarkable occurrence in their grasp when they ultimately presented a romantic tale to Jack, who had undergone a significant letdown with Hadrian (Anthony Colette)? TF1 and the scriptwriters of Tomorrow belongs to us.

The hardest thing that remains to be done for Jayane fans is certainly not to disappoint the authors of his team and Nicolas Brossette, the director of the collection, now that the machine has been launched.

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