Tom Brady Reveals All in “Electrifying” New Hertz Ads Featuring Yvonne Orji

As part of the “Let’s Go! Hertz” campaign, today marks the debut of a new series of digital ads. The premise of the latest series revolves around a fictional daytime talk show hosted by Yvonne Orji, a comedian and actress. The show, titled “Let’s Go! Hertz,” features Tom Brady appearing on camera without holding anything back. During an “exclusive” and hilariously revealing interview with Orji, Brady humorously exposes his deep affinity for Estero, Florida, where the show is filmed.

In the new series, Brady and Orji recreate several iconic daytime talk show moments, as the five-time Super Bowl MVP opens up to Orji, ultimately achieving a ‘Let’s Go moment’ in a Hertz electric vehicle (EV) rental, in the campaign’s main advertisement. This showcases the increasing importance of partnerships, global presence, and Hertz’s diverse vehicle options – including their expanding EV fleet – as well as the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program.

“We can’t wait for people to engage with the next phase of the campaign, where Yvonne and Tom bring their humor and talent to showcase the many elements that make renting from Hertz such a great experience. We have mutually decided to extend our partnership through 2024, and Tom Brady has been an enthusiastic and authentic partner for Hertz. Chief Marketing Officer Wayne Davis said, “The Go! Let’s Hertz campaign has effectively shined a spotlight on our innovative vehicle offerings, including our EV rentals, and our seamless and fast service.”

In October 2021, Hertz and Brady joined forces for the first time. Hertz, as a company known for its exceptional customer service and wide range of unique vehicle offerings, has released several ads over the past three years using topical humor to highlight its diverse fleet. As part of its commitment to investing in electric vehicles (EVs), the company announced itself as an industry leader in EV investment. Additionally, Hertz is expanding its electric vehicle offerings through large-scale purchases with brands such as General Motors, Polestar, and Tesla. Once again, Brady is along for the ride with Hertz, enabling the brand to provide a variety of EV options.

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Brady said, “I truly appreciate my close collaboration with Hertz because it is so authentic and natural to me. There is a true connection to ‘Go Let’s’ as it relates to travel and the desire to have a seamless experience, which Hertz always provides. I love being an EV driver and I also love that the opportunity to experience Hertz’s fleet of rental EVs will continue for a long time, seeing them invest in amazing ways.”

Additionally, Orji was a genuine supporter of the ‘Let’s Go’ motto and a loyal Hertz client, so it was an obvious decision for her to join the campaign.

Orji expressed, “I embark on the expansive highway and allow my body to determine when it’s suitable to call it quits. I always detest feeling confined or constrained by predetermined rules on when and how to pause, hence why I adore an exhilarating ‘Let’s Go moment’.”

The hero spot can be viewed on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, with audio ads accompanying Pandora and across Facebook and YouTube Discovery. The ads will be featured on premium streaming networks such as Warner Bros., Peacock, HBO Max, Disney, and Hulu.

Hertz.Com is the website to visit if you want to reserve a vehicle at a convenient Hertz location in your neighborhood or at an airport. To learn more about Hertz and its services, including the award-winning Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program, you can use the Hertz app. Hertz is one of the most recognized brands in the world and has a long-standing legacy of providing top-rated vehicles that are designed to fit the needs of every traveler. With a special emphasis on delivering personalized and caring services, Hertz makes every journey a special experience by providing an easy and fast booking process. ABOUT Hertz.

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