Timeline: How the shooting at a Texas elementary school unfolded

Authorities stated that once he reached the age of 18, the alleged shooter employed the AR-15 model firearm that he acquired shortly after becoming an adult, resulting in a tragic conclusion to what initially commenced as a significant achievement.

Authorities said that within a span of eight days, they used one of the worst school shootings in U.S. History to carry out their plans, with 18 days turning after all within that span.

Some classmates informed ABC News that Ramos had a reputation for engaging in physical altercations and intimidating other students. According to his classmates, he purportedly displayed peculiar conduct, including making threats towards his peers and asserting that he had self-inflicted scars on his face.

Authorities reported that members of the police force, consisting of three officers, sustained injuries, while a total of 17 individuals were wounded. In addition, two educators were among the individuals who lost their lives. The assault resulted in the tragic deaths of 19 children in third and fourth grade, along with 21 other individuals.

This is the sequence of events that occurred during the shooting.

September 2021.

According to Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Salvador Ramos strongly declines. He requests his sister to buy him a firearm.

February 28, 2022.

According to McCraw, in a group chat on Instagram with four people, Ramos talks about being a school shooter.

March 1.

According to McCraw, in a group chat on Instagram with four people, Ramos talks about purchasing a firearm.

March 3.

McCraw asserts that in a group conversation with four individuals on Instagram, one user informs Ramos, “rumor has it that you are purchasing a firearm.” In reply, Ramos states, “I have recently made a purchase. Right now.”

March 14.

“10 additional days,” shares Ramos on Instagram. “Are you planning to carry out an attack on a school or something?” Replies a user. “No. And please refrain from asking foolish inquiries. You’ll find out,” responds Ramos.

March 20.

Ramos relocates to live with his 66-year-old grandmother, Celia, as stated by McCraw during a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon.

Approximately on May 9th.

According to ABC News, Ramos encountered “Cece” on the social media platform Yubo, who received numerous messages from Ramos on the day of the incident.

The teenager, residing in Germany, mentioned that she and Ramos would “participate in each other’s live” broadcasts on Yubo.

Alleged Cece claimed that on Yubo, Ramos would inquire from others if they desired to gain fame through news coverage, while also mentioning that there were additional indicators of caution in retrospect.

May 16.

According to multiple law enforcement sources and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Ramos reaches the age of 18.

May 17.

According to McCraw, Ramos purchases a semi-automatic rifle at a sporting goods store named Oasis Outback in the local area.

May 18.

McCraw stated that Ramos bought 375 rounds of bullets for the rifle, but it is unclear where he obtained them.

Friday, May 20th.

Ramos purchases another semi-automatic rifle at the identical store, according to McCraw.

Tuesday, May 24th.

ABC News released private messages from the alleged account of the suspect to a user who forwarded a picture of a firearm placed on a bed to another individual on the social networking site. This information was provided by law enforcement sources who claim that they suspect a connection between Ramos and the mentioned Instagram account. Good morning.

During a press briefing, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas mentioned that the initial statement indicated that Ramos intended to harm his grandmother. Allegedly, Ramos engaged in three individual and direct conversations with Cece on Facebook at 11 a.M.

Abbott stated that he was not supposed to shoot at the elementary school, but he mentioned that he was planning to do so in third grade. He also mentioned that he had shot his grandmother, according to another personal message he shared.

It is not believed that Cece encountered the messages until after the shooting took place.

As per McCraw, just after 11 a.M., Ramos fired a bullet into the head of his 66-year-old grandmother at their home. He escapes. McCraw mentioned that she managed to sprint across the road and alert the authorities. By means of a helicopter, she was transported to the hospital. She has managed to survive.

The teacher at Robb Elementary School ran inside to retrieve her phone using a rock to prop open the door. Witnesses reported the car wreck and confirmed the incident to ABC News at 11:27 AM on Tuesday. The Department of Public Safety in Texas and the Associated Press reported that the teacher parked her car near the west-facing entrance of the school in order to transport food to her classroom.

As per McCraw, Ramos collides his car into a ravine next to Robb Elementary School at 11:28 a.M. He appears from the right side of the car holding a Daniel Defense AR-15-style assault rifle. Informants mentioned that Ramos had a backpack carrying bullets and tactical equipment, such as a vest capable of storing ammunition, but it lacked any protective armor or material against bullets.

Earlier this month, a video surveillance captured the way he made his way towards the school and then was struck by someone who later fired four shots at him outside a nearby funeral home, as witnessed by two people after Ramos exited his vehicle.

ABC News verified with Texas DPS and the AP stated that the entrance is not secure, but the educator closes the entrance and takes away the stone she had utilized to hold the entrance ajar. She informs the operator that Ramos is nearing the school with a firearm while conversing with law enforcement on the phone. The teacher from Robb Elementary dials 911 to notify them about the vehicle collision at 11:29 a.M.

The teacher inside the building could not engage the locking mechanism, as testified by McCraw during the Texas Senate testimony on June 21. The DPS investigators later corrected themselves, telling ABC news that the teacher actually closed the door, but initially, McCraw said the teacher left the door propped open.

11:29 a.M.: Ramos jumps over a barrier towards the educational institution, as captured in the surveillance footage.

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At 11:30 a.M., The police receive the initial 911 call providing information about the collision and gunshots heard.

At 11:30 a.M., The initial law enforcement officer swiftly passes the armed individual in a vehicle, as depicted in the surveillance footage.

As per the Marshals, U.S. Marshals get a phone call from an officer at the Uvalde Police Department seeking help to address a gunfire incident at Robb Elementary School at 11:30 a.M.

11:31 a.M.: The funeral parlor video displays the perpetrator firing shots amidst cars on the school grounds.

As per McCraw, the culprit advances towards the school via the parking area at 11:31 a.M. In contrast to earlier coverage, he does not come across any law enforcement personnel outside of the structure.

11:31 a.M.: Patrol cars arrive at the location of the funeral parlor.

McCraw stated, “By doing this, the officer passed by the individual who was concealing themselves behind parked vehicles.” As per McCraw, an officer from Uvalde ISD who received the emergency call regarding an armed individual promptly headed to the vicinity. Upon reaching the location, the officer accelerated towards the person he believed to be the assailant, only to discover it was a teacher, not the suspect.

At 11:32 a.M., A gunman fired multiple rounds, including through a window, at the exterior of the school, as reported by McCraw.

During an interview with ABC News, a student in the fourth grade, who was present inside the school during that time, stated that there were continuous gunshots. The student further described the shooter as someone carrying a “large firearm,” which their teacher spotted subsequent to the students hearing loud banging on a window.

A boy leaves the bathroom and realizes that a gunman is running away before the hallway shows video surveillance. Robb Ramos enters West Elementary through its west entrance at 11:33 a.M.

Ramos enters his classroom by walking an additional 20 feet to the right, after walking down a corridor and turning right before approximately 30 feet. He enters the building at around 11:33 a.M.

The perpetrator fires into classrooms 111 and 112 from the corridor. He subsequently enters, leaves, and returns to rooms 111 and 112.

McCraw stated that within his initial four minutes in the classroom, an extensive amount of rounds were discharged. The two classrooms are internally linked. McCraw mentioned that the perpetrator shot over 100 rounds towards the students and educators.

McCraw stated, “The assailant is discharging rounds down the corridor from a concealed room.” On June 21, McCraw mentioned that he and two others sustained “grazing injuries” from the shooter. According to McCraw, a collective of seven officers, two of whom were armed with rifles, were present within the school. Officials conveyed that a county deputy sheriff and three additional Uvalde police officers were subsequently joined by three Uvalde Police Department officers as they entered the premises through the same entrance as the perpetrator at 11:35 a.M.

McCraw states that at 11:36 a.M., Two Uvalde police officers gain access to the school via the southern entrance, accompanied by Chief Pete Arredondo and two officers from the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police.

According to McCraw, at 11:36 a.M., Three law enforcement officers from Uvalde and one officer from UCISD enter the school through the western entrance.

11:37 a.M.: Officers withdraw after being fired upon, surveillance footage reveals.

Officer Ruben Ruiz, the spouse of educator Eva Mireles, examines his mobile device, as indicated by surveillance footage, at 11:37 a.M. McCraw informed the state Senate committee during his testimony on June 21 that Mireles had reached out to Ruiz from her classroom, informing him that she had been wounded and was in critical condition.

According to the investigative report, McCraw stated that Ruiz did not commit any wrongdoing. Additionally, his firearm was confiscated and he was escorted away from the scene.

McCraw stated and terminated 142 of them. Ramos allegedly entered the classroom with 315 rounds, as per McCraw. The assailant persists in discharging bullets intermittently, starting from 11:37 to 11:44 a.M.

At 11:37 a.M., Officers approaching the classroom were injured by suspected gunfire, according to McCraw.

At 11:38 a.M., An unidentified law enforcement officer, as mentioned by McCraw, is recorded by a body camera saying, “He is restricted to this office.”

At 11:40 a.M., Arredondo contacts the Uvalde police landline, as stated by McCraw.

At 11:40 a.M., The school surveillance footage reveals the perpetrator firing a single shot, as stated by McCraw.

According to McCraw, “there is still gunfire,” one of the offices is believed to be barricaded, and a Uvalde police officer expresses this in law enforcement body camera footage at 11:41 a.M.

As indicated by McCraw, the recorded video from the law enforcement body camera reveals that a Uvalde police officer states, “I am uncertain but we possess a hooligan [a door-entry device] to forcibly open it,” in response to Dispatch inquiring about the locked status of the door at 11:41 a.M.

McCraw stated that, based on school surveillance, four initial responders arrive via the eastern corridor: two law enforcement officers, a fire inspector, and a Uvalde police officer, precisely at 11:41 a.M.

At 11:42 a.M., According to McCraw, a DPS officer and two Uvalde police officers enter through the corridor situated on the eastern side.

At 11:43 a.M., Robb Elementary School announces on Facebook that the school is in lockdown “because of gunshots in the vicinity.”

11:44 a.M.: Perpetrator discharges a single round of shots, as per school surveillance.

At 11:44 a.M., As captured by the body camera footage, a Uvalde law enforcement officer can be heard instructing, “Please request the presence of additional officers to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Based on the body camera footage, the officers can be heard saying that “she claims to have been shot,” and UCISD Officer Ruben Ruiz, who is married to one of the teachers in the classroom, enters through the west entrance at 11:48 a.M.

“Wait a moment, the current person in charge is there, the person in charge is inside,” replies another Uvalde police officer, to which an unidentified officer remarks, “They should vacate the corridor,” at 11:50 a.M.

11:51 a.M.: Seven Border Patrol officers enter the school through the western entrance, as stated by McCraw.

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11:52 a.M.: The initial ballistic shield is brought into the educational institution through the western entrance, as per the school’s surveillance.

At 11:52 a.M., A Uvalde law enforcement officer can be heard on the footage from their body camera saying, “The units have just arrived, would you be able to help with crowd control?”.

Based on the body camera footage, an unidentified officer informs a DPS special agent that what they currently require is a perimeter at 11:53 a.M.

“If there are, then they simply need to enter,” replies the DPS special agent, to which someone remarks on whether there are still children present.

The agent from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) enters the building where the suspect is located at 11:54 a.M. An unknown officer asks, “Are there still children in there?”

The unidentified officer replies, “It is uncertain at this moment.”

One person has not made contact with him according to the camera footage. However, the chief officer of Uvalde police says that someone is currently trying to contact him in classroom 112 or 111 at 11:54 a.M.

As per a livestream video shared on social media, spectators congregate outside the school and become increasingly impatient, urging officers to enter the premises between 11:55 a.M. And noon.

“Whoever is in control will decide that,” an unidentified officer states. “If there are children inside, we must enter,” the DPS special agent declares. “What is that?” An unidentified officer inquires. “You all are not aware if there are children inside?” An unidentified officer asks.

At 11:56 a.M., Someone heard a recording from the Uvalde police channel saying, “Everyone should take PD on this matter seriously once again.”

At 11:58 a.M., An unidentified officer asks where the shooter is and the police chief of the school responds, “He is there with him.”

According to the body camera footage, a DPS special agent states, “It appears to be a situation where hostages are being rescued. It seems like an [covert] rescue operation, they should likely proceed,” at 11:58 a.M.

The video obtained by ABC News shows children leaving the school as the first group, but it is not necessary for all children to leave at that time.

Based on the footage from the body camera, the special agent retorts, “He’s not my boss,” in response to which an unidentified officer suggests, “Shouldn’t we get a supervisor’s approval for that?” At 12:01 p.M., A DPS special agent expresses his desire to proceed and search additional rooms.

McCraw stated, “At that time, there were up to 19 officers in the hallway.” McCraw further mentioned that additional officers arrived at the scene and proceeded to enter the building at 12:03 p.M.

According to an investigative report released by members of a special committee on Sunday, a student made a 911 call from a room in the Texas state legislature that lasted for 23 seconds at 12:03 A.M.

12:03 p.M.: Another ballistic shield is brought through the west entrance, as reported by school surveillance.

12:04 p.M.: A third ballistic barrier is brought through the west entrance, as reported by the school’s surveillance.

At 12:09 p.M., As per the body camera recording, a Uvalde law enforcement officer can be heard stating, “Please retrieve the master key for the rooms by going around.”

At the educational institution, components of a Border Patrol squad start to show up. As per the Marshals, the initial batch of deputy U.S. Marshals from Del Rio, approximately 70 miles distant, reaches the location at 12:10 p.M.

At 12:10 p.M., The first person who called 911 reaches out once more and informs that there are multiple deceased individuals in the classroom, according to McCraw.

At 12:11 p.M., Arredondo asks for a master key, as shown in the body camera footage.

12:13 p.M.: The individual who dialed 911 contacts once more, as stated by McCraw.

A portion of a videotape obtained by ABC News from outside Robb Elementary School describes a student from inside a room calling 911 and providing details to a dispatcher on the police radio at approximately 12:13 p.M.

At 12:14 p.M., Arredondo instructs the officers to position a sharpshooter on the rooftop overlooking the eastern direction, as depicted in the footage captured by the body camera.

According to McCraw, at 12:15 p.M., The U.S. Border Patrol tactical team members reach the location, armed with shields and additional equipment.

12:16 p.M.: The 911 caller contacts again and states that eight to nine students are still breathing, as mentioned by McCraw.

According to the footage from the body camera, Arredondo can be heard saying, “I simply require a key.”

12:17 p.M.: Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District declares the incident on Twitter.

At 12:17 p.M., Arredondo is heard saying on the body camera footage, “Instruct them to wait. No one is allowed to enter.”

12:18 p.M.: Tear gas canisters are released, surveillance video demonstrates.

12:19 p.M.: Several officers don protective gas masks, while some engage in telephone conversations, as seen in surveillance footage.

McCraw stated, “The individual on the other end of the line terminates the call when a different student instructs her to do so from classroom 111, at 12:19 p.M., An alternate person places a phone call.”

The committee has not received any evidence that Arredondo told anyone else about the arrival of the shield-rated rifle on the south side of the building. Therefore, the only meaningful protection officers would have against the rifle-style AR-15’s is the one supplied by the U.S. Marshals. According to the report, the U.S. Marshals supplied the last rifle-style AR-15’s, which would provide officers with meaningful protection against the attacker. According to surveillance at the school, a fourth ballistic shield is brought into the school through the west door at 12:20 p.M.

As per McCraw, the shooter shoots once more at the entrance of the classroom at 12:21 p.M., Compelling the officers inside the building to relocate themselves further down the corridor, away from the door.

12:21 p.M.: The individual in room 111 dials 911 once more and three gunshots are heard during the call.

12:21 p.M.: As per the school surveillance, the perpetrator discharged four rounds of gunfire.

12:21 p.M.: “Can you go get a breaching tool? Like for a trailer house?” Arredondo is heard saying over body camera footage.

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Arredondo can be heard saying in the footage from the body camera at 12:23 p.M., “Currently, we need to set those aside. If he commences shooting, we will unfortunately suffer the loss of additional children. These partitions are not very thick. Regrettably, we have already lost two children.”

12:24 p.M.: Arredondo attempts to communicate through the wall with the assailant in both Spanish and English.

According to the audio heard in the background, ABC News confirmed and validated a Facebook livestream video, in which a woman who seems to be a victim informs a police dispatcher, “I have been shot!” At 12:25 p.M.

A Uvalde police officer replies, “I understand,” in response to which an unfamiliar officer can be heard on the body camera saying, “A teacher has been shot in that location,” at 12:26 p.M.

At 12:27 p.M., Arredondo can be heard stating in the body camera footage, “Individuals will question the reason behind the delay. Our objective is to safeguard the remaining existence.”

At 12:27 p.M., Arredondo can be heard in the body camera footage asking, “Do we possess a squad prepared to proceed? Do we possess a squad prepared to proceed? Go ahead.”

Based on the body camera footage, Arredondo mentions, “I will acquire additional keys for testing. That’s how things work here. Most likely, the door will be locked. There is clearly a window over there.” This occurs at 12:28 p.M.

At 12:28 p.M., Arredondo states in the body camera footage, “We possess main keys and they’re ineffective. These primary keys are not functioning here, buddy.”

According to the report, as stated by Coronado’s body-worn camera, the officers made their way in through the southern entrance and passed by Arredondo and Coronado, who were gathering together on the western side of the hallway, near Rooms 111 and 112, in anticipation of advancing towards the classrooms, at approximately 12:30 p.M.

According to the footage from the body camera, Arredondo states, “Alright. We have removed everything except for that specific room. We still have individuals down there just beyond the flag on the right side. However, um, we are prepared to forcefully enter, but unfortunately, that door is locked,” at 12:30 p.M.

At 12:30 p.M., As per the Broadcastify audio, the Uvalde Fire Department scanner traffic reports that more firefighters are required to arrive at Mill Street in order to set up a boundary and support Uvalde EMS and Uvalde PD.

Based on the body camera footage, Arredondo can be heard stating, “I propose that we forcefully enter through those windows and eliminate him by shooting him in the head through the windows” at 12:33 p.M.

At 12:34 p.M., The report states that the body camera footage of Uvalde Police Sgt. Daniel Coronado reveals Arredondo’s reply, “I believe he does. There may be some casualties,” in response to which an individual inquires, “Do we have any information regarding whether he is accompanied in the room?”

12:35 p.M.: A troublemaker breaking tool is brought into the building through the west entrance.

12:36 p.M.: A police officer is observed pausing to fasten his shoe, as captured by surveillance footage.

McCraw stated that the assailant “fired at the door.” She informs the emergency operator that the “student caller” was instructed to remain on the call and maintain complete silence, lasting for a duration of 21 seconds. The original caller places another 911 call at 12:36 p.M.

12:37 p.M.: A gurney is brought into the corridor, surveillance footage reveals.

12:38 p.M.: Arredondo makes another attempt to communicate with the suspect in the English and Spanish languages.

According to the body camera footage, Arredondo states, “Clearly, we had already cleared off the rest of the building, so we knew what was in there and there are some injuries, so we understand that you think we wouldn’t have anymore.”

Based on the body camera footage, Arredondo states, “Therefore, he has come to a halt. He possesses an AR-15 and he is firing indiscriminately. We are encountering a difficulty in gaining access to the room due to it being locked.” It is 12:42 p.M.

Arredondo claims, as per the recorded footage from the body camera, “They have to unlock that darn door, buddy. They are unable to unlock that door. We require additional keys or something,” at 12:43 p.M.

At 12:43 p.M., McCraw states that the individual calling 911 from room 112 requests the presence of law enforcement.

Arredondo states, based on the body camera recording, “If all of you are prepared to proceed, go ahead, but make sure to divert his attention through that window,” at 12:46 p.M.

At 12:46 p.M., McCraw mentioned that the individual calling 911 from room 112 mentioned that she is able to perceive the presence of law enforcement officers in the neighboring room.

12:47 p.M.: The individual contacting 911 from room 112 once again requests the presence of law enforcement, as stated by McCraw.

12:47 p.M.: A sledgehammer is brought in from the hallway to the east, as reported by the school surveillance.

At 12:47 p.M., A person with a stethoscope around their neck and purple gloves can be seen on surveillance video providing instructions.

Escalon stated that the officers promptly initiate a “rescue mission.” Law enforcement officers fatally shoot Ramos in room 111, according to sources informed ABC News. Officers from the Border Patrol tactical unit forcibly enter the classroom by utilizing a set of keys obtained from a school janitor at 12:50 p.M.

McCraw stated during a hearing on June 21 that the classroom entrance was never secured during the entire incident.

At 12:50 p.M., An officer commands, “Hold on!” And prevents other officers from entering the classroom, as depicted in the surveillance footage.

1:06 p.M.: Law enforcement authorities state that the alleged gunman was fatally shot by officers on-site following their entry into the classroom.

As per a probe conducted by the Texas House of Representatives, a total of 376 police officers responded to the calamity at Robb Elementary School.

This report was contributed to by Lucien Bruggeman, Matthew Fuhrman, and Will Steakin from ABC News.

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