Tim Robbins Net Worth

Net Worth:$90 Million Profession:Professional Actor Date of Birth:October 16, 1958 (age 64) Country:United States of America Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m).

Tim Robbins, an actor who rose to prominence in the early 90s in New York, has since become much more involved in the production of TV shows and movies, particularly in comedies and dramas. He has also become celebrated as a director, with his own production company attracting artists from around the growing city.

Jacob’s Player is known outside the world of movie for dating Susan Sarandon, and The River Mystic includes other popular movies like Worlds of War and Ladder. The actor is most famous for starring in The Shawshank Redemption, a prison drama considered the greatest movie of all time according to IMDB.

Top Gun and the Tom Cruise hit movie, Fraternity Vacation, appeared on the silver screen multiple times, albeit in minor roles. The actor made appearances in Moonlighting and the Bruce Willis-led series, St. Elsewhere, as well as three episodes of the widely-watched TV show. Robbins began to gain regular acting opportunities in the mid-80s, as he was prominently featured.

In the late 80s, Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon starred in the baseball movie Durham Bull, which is often noted as one of the greatest sports movies of all time. However, Robbins would finally get his big break as Nuke.

The Player was unleashed upon the globe in 1992, and subsequently in 1990, Jacob’s Ladder, a spine-chilling film showcasing Robbins’ maiden significant protagonist role, experienced its debut. Numerous prosperous and highly praised films witnessed the actor taking the lead during the 90s, and Robbins’ career flourished following the widespread critical acclaim of Bull Durham.

The Player, a satirical black comedy, takes a critical look at the film industry and disavows it, often taught in film school as the top movie that won one of the most prestigious acting awards at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie was also nominated for several Academy Awards, with over 60 cameos from directors, writers, and movie stars, making it a love letter to the industry.

Frank Darabont directed The Shawshank Redemption, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, which follows the character named Robbins, who is wrongly accused of murder and spends 20 years trying to escape. After the release of The Player, a movie in which Robbins would star, his life would be forever changed.

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The Shawshank Redemption currently holds the number one spot as one of the greatest films of all time on IMDB. It has kept that spot for years, with The Godfather Part II and The Godfather coming in a close second and third place, respectively. The movie has been parodied in popular culture and is known for having one of the most shocking twists in movie history.

The movie “Worlds of War,” directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise alongside Tim Robbins, remains the highest-performing film at the box office. Robbins, who plays the role of a child molested as a child and suffering from trauma as an adult, won his first Academy Award for his performance in “Mystic River.” He also notably starred alongside Sean Penn in Clint Eastwood’s “Mystic River,” another heavy-hitting drama. Robbins continued to be cast in prominent roles, notably in “The Shawshank Redemption” after the release of “Mystic River.”

In 1995, the film became the most rented VHS of the year, making millions more in revenue. It wasn’t until a year later, after it was nominated for seven Academy Awards, that people started to notice the movie. Surprisingly, it underperformed at the box office originally, but later became a box office success. It’s no secret that Shawshank is undoubtedly the biggest money earner for Robbins, being held in such high regard by anyone who has seen it.

In the movie released in 1926, Andy Dufresne, portrayed by Robbins, earns more than one million dollars per year. If he is playing a secondary character, it is possible for an actor to receive such substantial checks every year. Additionally, Gunton Bob, who played the Warden in the movie, continues to receive residual checks from the studio for his performance.

Although the leading role in the Coen brothers’ movie Hudsucker Proxy was played by Tim Robbins, he also starred in The Shawshank Redemption. However, 1994 would not only be his financially most successful year, but it would also bring him immense fame as an actor of his caliber. The exact amounts of Robbins’ salaries remain undisclosed, but it can be assumed that he would have received substantial paychecks.

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Despite the film’s lackluster performance at the box office, Robbins’ earnings would have constituted a significant portion of the overall budget of $25 million.

Robbins’ ability to switch his emotions on and off comfortably, along with his confidence, were aided by his involvement in the acting troupe. John Cusack, a fellow 90s movie star, was also part of the team, which was mostly made up of college softball players turned actors. The Gang Actors’ troupe was more relaxed and experimental compared to other acting troupes in Los Angeles. Upon graduating, Robbins became a founding member of the Gang Actors in Los Angeles. One of his first roles was in a musical version of “Little Prince”. Robbins began performing at the Theater in New York City as a teenager, which is where he started acting at a young age.

However, Robbins differed greatly from many actors in the 90s who were striving to become film stars by relying on their charming charisma and opting for safe, conventional roles. Robbins possesses a unique style that sets him apart from the rest.

He stands at a height of four feet six inches, and his towering height and slender frame often result in him being cast in unconventional movie star roles. However, he is not a traditional movie star. Unlike others, he often takes on roles in movies such as Mystic River and The Shawshank Redemption, which require more realistic characters. He always thinks before speaking, so his characters have a mannered and slow delivery.

Robbins’ Total Net Worth

Tim Robbins has accumulated an estimated career income of approximately $115 million dollars. Throughout the years, he has not only made numerous appearances, but also taken on roles as a producer, director, and writer. Additionally, he has been featured in around 20 TV series and appeared in a total of 57 films. At the peak of his career, Robbins has received movie paychecks ranging from $8-12 million dollars.

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Regarding taxes, he has contributed a total of $49.59 million, while his overall earnings throughout his career are estimated to be approximately $55.91 million. Taking into account the duration of his activity and residency in California, the remaining sum of $105.5 million will be subject to a tax rate of approximately 47%. Additionally, he has incurred business expenses amounting to $9-10 million, which is the anticipated amount.

Susan Sarandon and her partner Tim Robbins were together between 1988 and 2009. During that time, they pooled their resources and bought property together. They also had two children together, Miles and Jack Robbins. After their breakup, Susan made some payments to Tim, totaling around 3 million dollars. It is likely that this money was originally lent to Tim by Susan for one of their property purchases. However, this amount does not likely add to Tim’s net worth. Later in 2017, Tim married Gratiela Brancusi. They currently reside together in a mansion in Venice, California.

It is estimated that he has earned around 35-40 million dollars by deducting expenses and losses. It is estimated based on Tim’s successful investment portfolio. It is likely that he will continue to invest his time managing his finances and making lucrative investments. It seems that he prefers to focus on his profession and family, and leads a calm life in his personal life. Robbins has not experienced any health problems, mental issues, or alcohol abuse in his life.

Tim Robbins is estimated to have a net worth of approximately 90 million dollars. While he may also possess assets valued at around 4-3 million dollars, it is estimated that his career earnings may be around 7-6 million dollars. In his personal life


Bobbo Supreme podcast is currently gearing up for its launch as Tim Robbins, known for his leading role in The Shawshank Redemption, has taken a seat back and is now acting as the host. Thanks to his constant stream of residual checks, it seems that he will never have to worry about financial stability. With a net worth of $45 million, Robbins is now regarded as one of the greatest actors of our generation. His dramatic acting in 90s movies is considered to be classic.

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