TikTok users love Snoopy so much they’re literally giving blood for merch

The trend of donating blood for Red Cross promotions has seen a remarkable increase of 40 percent in the weeks after the campaign started, as Polygon reported. What’s even more astounding is that some of the top videos have surpassed 1.5 million views. At the time of publication, fans of the wholesome character Snoopy Young are eagerly donating blood in order to receive an exclusive shirt featuring the Red Cross logo. Although this news might initially seem alarming, it is actually a testament to how popular and impactful this trend is.

From April 23 until now, the campaign is live. Those who donate blood, plasma, or platelets can go and receive a free shirt. This is part of a larger promotional campaign featuring the Peanuts characters created by Charles M. Schulz. The shirt displays a white T-shirt with the text “Blood Give. Cool Be” and the logo of the Red Cross. Snoopy’s alter ego, Cool Joe, wears sunglasses and leans on the logo. The design of the shirt is relatively simple and is related to a sports question.

There is no standard format for the videos or memes that use the classic “Peanuts Theme” as audio, but many people share videos of themselves flexing their Snoopy swag online because it makes waves, especially if they love Snoopy or the shirt he has on.

The publication of Time has over 810 million views on the “Snoopy” hashtag. The map on the internet has helped put Snoopy back for many online fans, and the account has over 380,000 followers. I say these edits are supposedly made by a young girl who only communicates through her older sister and hasn’t appeared online. This is a strong example of the delightful edits sharing Snoopy’s best life, which has seen a resurgence in online fandom popularity in recent years.

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Snoopy has been addressing the gap, at least partially, by now making it more difficult over the past few years. However, the pandemic has made it even more challenging. Darren Irby, the executive director of national brand partnerships at Red Cross, stated in an email issued to Polygon that Red Cross has used high school and college blood drives to introduce younger audiences to blood donation.

Irby stated that in the previous week, there was a higher number of individuals, approximately 27,000 more than anticipated, who scheduled an appointment to donate. Furthermore, since the previous Monday, there has been a significant increase of over 20% in donation appointments compared to the same time last year. The majority of these appointments were a result of organic search, and there has been a remarkable 40% rise in blood donation appointments compared to the week prior to the partnership. Consequently, there has been a notable surge in website traffic in recent days.

If you’re reading this and wondering how you can get one of these snazzy shirts we’ve got, you’ll first need to check the eligibility guidelines to make sure you are eligible to donate blood, plasma, or platelets, despite the fact that the FDA recently proposed changes that could expand who is eligible to donate. Make sure to check with Red Cross to see the most up-to-date rules and guidelines.

Everyone can rock Snoopy shirts in their own way. If you want to go later rather than sooner, you may want to wait until the last promotion runs on April 23rd for supplies. Once you check the local site directory using Red Cross, you will need to schedule an appointment if you need to see everyone.

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