Thuốc diệt gián tận gốc dạng gel Combat Roach Killing Gel

Gel Combat Roach Killing Gel, a unique blend of pesticide, entices cockroaches by offering them nourishment and hydration. This product eradicates nearly every variety of cockroaches, including German cockroaches, American cockroaches, sizable cockroaches, diminutive cockroaches… Crafted in a gel-like consistency, it is effortless to administer on surfaces or crevices where cockroaches commonly dwell. You may apply the gel in every part of the household to allure cockroaches to consume it (the substance within the gel), and subsequently convey it back to their dwelling for swift and thorough extermination.

The product includes one tube of cockroach-killing gel with a capacity of 2.1 oz (60 g).

Active ingredient: Fipronil.

How to use.

Regularly take shelter in places such as kitchens, sinks, bathtub, and bathroom areas within the vicinity of cracked and creviced walls, applying easily applicable gel-based products.

The effectiveness of their extermination of the German cockroach species varies significantly across different regions, with different species of German cockroaches requiring varying amounts of bait to be applied.

Apply the gel to recently sprayed areas to kill cockroaches, but avoid spraying insect repellent on top of the gel as it may deter the cockroaches from consuming the bait. Do not apply the gel on surfaces that are regularly handled or used for food processing. Food spills on the gel should be cleaned up.

To be used indoors.

Replace the tube after use. For the first time use, apply gel to four points the size of a coin or a long stripe measuring from 2.5 cm – 15 cm in multiple areas indoors. Remove the cap and press the plunger down.

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Placing additional trap areas will result in an increased attraction of cockroaches. Moreover, it is recommended to apply gel near locations with a high presence of cockroaches and areas where nesting is suspected, along with cracks and crevices.

If no longer necessary to set traps, discard them and wipe clean surfaces with a wet paper towel. If the presence of cockroaches continues to be noticed, reapply gel after 3 months. If the gel has become too dry or completely depleted, reapply and check the gel after one month.

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