“Thor: Love and Thunder”: reparto, protagonista, villanos, sinopsis y lo que debes saber

Thor, el dios del Trueno de la mitología nórdica, regresa a la gran pantalla con otra película dedicada a sus aventuras y el martillo Mjölnir del dueño del martillo. La espera para los fanáticos de Thor ha terminado. (CNN Español)

A film, separate from the Avengers franchise, was exclusively focused on Thor, marking the return of Natalie Portman after a gap of 9 years from her last appearance in a standalone superhero film. Marvel Studios has not released any new films for the past five years.

This is what you need to know about the new installment of this franchise.

Would Thor, according to the official synopsis of the Marvel Studios film, choose Mjölnir, the precious hammer, as its new owner, thanks to everything it represents in his quest for inner peace?

Too late before it is, Thor embarks on an anguishing cosmic adventure to uncover the mystery of the vengeful god’s butcher. Thor, wielding his magical hammer Mjölnir inexplicably, seeks the help of his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster and Korg Valkyrie, the king, to combat the threat and search for the extinction of the gods, interrupted by the galactic assassin known as the god butcher Gorr. But Thor’s retirement is disrupted as he finds himself on a unique journey, facing everything he has confronted in search of inner peace. Thunder and Love show the Thunder god in a different journey at Marvel Studios.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the actress unveiled the groundbreaking news in 2019 that Tessa Thompson will portray the first LGBTQ superheroine in Marvel’s cinematic universe.

The film is starring a top-notch cast.

  • Chris Hemsworth portrays Thor.
  • Natalie Portman portrays Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor.
  • Tessa Thompson portrays the character Valkyrie.
  • Christian Bale portrays the villain of the film, the feared Gorr, the Butcher God.
  • Taika Waititi portrays Korg and also lends his voice to the god Kronan.
  • Russell Crow portrays the god of Olympus, Zeus.
  • Chris Pratt arrives in this film playing his usual character in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, Peter Quill or Star-Lord.
  • We will listen to the voices of Vin Diesel as Groot and Bradley Cooper as Rocket.
  • Jamie Alexander plays the role of Sif.
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    Taika Waititi, the filmmaker and screenwriter who received an Academy Award, helmed and penned the film, returning to the franchise following his directorial work on “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017).

    La producción estuvo a cargo de Kevin Feige y Brad Winderbaum.Output: The production was led by Kevin Feige and Brad Winderbaum.

    The return of Natalie Portman to portray female Thor

    Natalie Portman made her debut in the Thor universe in 2011, starring in the inaugural film of this franchise. Following that, she reprised her role in the second installment of the series, titled “Thor: The Dark World,” two years later.

    Portman revealed in a 2016 interview with The Wall Street Journal that she had finally come to terms with her connection to Marvel. Her absence had become well-known in the third installment.

    I know where Marvel ended with its relationship. I know that if I don’t know something or if I’m not up to date on the Avengers, someone will ask me one day. I know that it’s over, I know where it ended, but it was a pleasant experience to be a part of Thor.

    In an interview with Variety, Portman stated that this “return” was not in a physical form as she was not present during the filming of that flashback. And while it is not until 2022 that Portman returns to a Thor film, in 2019 she was “involved” in a brief scene of the box office hit Avengers: Endgame.

    “The Black Swan” awarded her the Academy Award for Best Actress, a movie that she mentioned in an interview with Variety had a completely contrasting preparation compared to the one she had for the character. Waititi’s comeback to the series is solely due to the talent and brilliance of the actress.

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    Portman told Variety, “When it came to Black Swan, they requested that I appear as small as I could… However, for Thor: Love and Thunder, they requested that I appear as ‘large’ as possible. That presents an incredible opportunity.”

    According to Waititi, Portman wanted to portray Jane Foster again upon learning that she would become a female Thor.

    Taika Waititi told Variety, “One of the reasons [Portman] wanted to play that role is because of the dilemma she has in the comic… The significant choices she has in the story.”

    “Thor: Love and Thunder” will premiere in the American theaters on the evening of Thursday, July 7th.

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