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Today, numerous individuals reached out to her to express that they were encountering the identical issue – to have a video of the assault eliminated from a well-liked adult website – after she was sexually assaulted as a fourteen-year-old teenager. Rose Kalemba penned a blog entry elucidating the immense difficulty she faced last year.

The nurse paused at the entrance to Rose’s hospital chamber and pivoted to confront her.

Input: “I’m sorry this happened to you,” she said, her voice shaking. “My daughter was raped too.””I apologize for what

Rose glanced at the nurse, contemplating that the nurse couldn’t surpass 40 years in age. Rose speculated that her daughter must possess a youthful appearance, similar to her own.

She reflected on the morning following the assault, recalling the discussions with the detached police officer and the objective physician. Almost all of her family members, except for her father and grandmother, had doubted her. When Rose recounted the violent, prolonged attack that occurred overnight, everyone used the term “alleged.” The memories took her back to the morning after the assault.

It was a different situation with the nurse.

“She trusted my words,” Rose

Recognizing and acknowledging what had occurred to her, someone’s acknowledgment emerged as a glimmer of hope. A sense of relief surged within her, resembling the potential beginning of her healing process.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take much time for a significant amount of people to personally witness the attack, and she did not receive any empathy from those onlookers.

Kalemba Rose, a decade later, brushes her thick, thigh-length black hair in the bathroom mirror, twirling the ends with her fingers, after months of fearing an attack – she had covered all the mirrors in her home with blankets so that she wouldn’t have to see her reflection.

At the age of 25, she has incorporated self-care routines into her daily routine.

As part of her routine, she writes her aspirations in a journal and prepares a comforting cup of cacao, an unprocessed and natural variety of chocolate that she believes possesses therapeutic properties, every morning. She is frequently complimented on her hair, which she acknowledges as an act of meditation as she spends considerable time and effort in combing and maintaining it. Nurturing her hair is an important aspect of her self-care regimen.

She intentionally places them in the current tense.

“I’m a skilled driver,” is one aspiration. “I’m happily wedded to Robert,” is another. “I’m an exceptional mother.”

As Rose sits down for a discussion, she gracefully arranges her hair over her shoulders – it covers most of her body, acting as her own protection.

Rose, a 14-year-old teenager, began that summer evening in 2009 just like any other. She relished the crisp breeze and tranquility, as it provided clarity to her thoughts. It was a common occurrence for Rose to take solitary strolls before going to bed, as she was raised in a quaint Ohioan town.

Source of the image, Rose

Image caption,

Rose as a young child, with toys and books

The attack was recorded by a third individual while they sexually assaulted her for a duration of 12 hours at a residence located on the opposite end of the town. She had noticed him in the community, the second individual, approximately 19 years old, occupying the front seat of the vehicle into which she was coerced at knifepoint by an individual who emerged from the darkness.

Rose was in shock as she became aware of her surroundings. She had bloody clothes, and her left leg was badly stabbed and beaten. She could hardly breathe.

There were numerous women from diverse racial backgrounds, while some white women also experienced victimization. The power dynamics were evident, with white individuals being the perpetrators. She states, “I identify myself primarily with my ethnic heritage.” One of the men took out a laptop and showed Rose videos, depicting attacks on other women.

After being threatened with death by the men, Rose mustered her composure and started conversing with them. She assured them that she would keep their identities secret if they let her go. She emphasized that no one would find out, and they would face no consequences. Eventually, some time passed.

Driving her back in the vehicle, individuals abandoned her in a road approximately thirty minutes away from her residence.

Walking through the door, she caught sight of her reflection in the hall mirror. A gash in her head was oozing blood.

Ron, her father, and some extended family were in the living room when she explained what had happened – she wound up stabbing herself and was still bleeding from it during lunch.

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Rose declares, “By strolling outside during the late hours of the night, the rest asserted that I had invited trouble, but he promptly reassured me, and my father contacted the authorities.”

At the medical facility, Rose was welcomed by a gentleman doctor and gentleman police officer.

“They both treated me in a very practical manner,” she adds, “There was no compassion, no friendliness.”

The male police officer inquired if this had commenced as consensual. Was it a night gone untamed, he pondered.

“In this place, I was severely injured to the point where my appearance was

No, Rose informed them that the encounter was not consensual. Furthermore, she expressed her unawareness regarding the identity of her assailant, as she was still deeply affected by the traumatic experience. The authorities were lacking any viable leads to pursue.

Eventually, her brother located her. Incapable of envisioning how she could conceivably lead a conventional existence at present, she made an effort to end her life when Rose was set free the following day.

Several people saw her attack videos and she felt a wave of nausea when she clicked on Pornhub, the site for sharing pornography. Rose was tagged when she directed her attention to it. She later found several people from her school when she was browsing MySpace a few months later.

Rose recalls, “One had more than 400,000 views.” The videos were titled ‘Unconscious teenager’, ‘teenager being overwhelmed’, and ‘teenager sobbing and being mistreated’.

I was not even conscious of how bad the situation was when I saw myself being attacked. It was when I passed out that I realized how terrible the videos were.

She instantly opted not to inform her family about the videos – as most of them had been unsupportive. There would be no benefit in telling them. She made an instant decision to not disclose the videos to her family since most of them had not been supportive anyway.

Within a few days, it became clear that the majority of her classmates at school had watched the videos.

She claimed that people would ask her to say what she was coerced into saying. I was led by men who made derogatory comments about me. I was labeled as a promiscuous woman.

Rape of accused them then them seduced she case her from away stay to them told had parents their said boys some.

“People tend to find it easier to blame the victim,” she remarks.

Rose says that Pornhub emailed her several times over a period of six months in 2009, asking for the videos to be taken down.

“I sent Pornhub begging emails. I pleaded with them. I wrote, ‘Please, I’m a minor, this was assault, please take it down.'”.

She did not receive any response and the videos stayed online.

“The year that came after, I secluded myself. I dissociated,” she remembers, “I experienced nothing. Insensitive. I stayed to myself.”

With each stranger who made eye contact with her, she would question whether or not they had viewed the videos.

Input: “Had they got off to it? Had they gratified themselves to my rape?””Did they derive pleasure

While viewing the videos, she might constantly ponder over the identity of the person. In the absence of light, she would clean her teeth and cleanse herself. She used blankets to conceal the mirrors. She couldn’t stand to see her own reflection.

She established a fresh email account pretending to be an attorney, and sent Pornhub a message warning of legal consequences.

“In less than two days, the videos vanished

Regarding the videos, she refrained from informing her family or the authorities. However, when it came to the psychologist, who had an obligation to report such incidents to the police, she eventually disclosed the identity of her assailants after several months. Subsequently, Rose commenced receiving counseling.

The men were charged with a misdemeanour, receiving a suspended sentence, and “contributions towards the delinquency of a minor,” but not with rape. The attorneys for the attackers claimed that Rose had given her consent to engage in sexual activity. The police obtained statements from Rose and her family regarding the impact of the incident on them.

Rose and her family lacked the vitality, or the means, to advocate for a more stringent sentence.

Seldom submitting her assignments, skipping classes, she transitioned from being an exceptional student. She ponders, if he had possessed additional knowledge, what alternative actions could he have taken. Ron Kalemba contemplates extensively on the events that occurred to his daughter many years ago, it is evident.

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They rarely discuss the previous times. Sitting together on a picnic bench, he and Rose occasionally read excerpts from the Bible. Ron frequently visits a park close to his house, which is where we are currently seated.

He says, “She feels the whole world down like it.” It was a big joke to everyone, like her abuse was. “He says, every step of the way, people let her down and it completely changed her life.”

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Ron Kalemba: Rose faced a “virtual group of bullies”.

In 2019, Ron became aware of the Pornhub videos solely through a blog post that Rose posted about her mistreatment, which gained immense popularity on social platforms. He was completely unaware of the extensive viewership of his daughter’s assault or the fact that her school had subjected her to ridicule in response.

Ron recalls, “When I was in eighth grade, I knew a girl at school. We would happen to watch her, but none of us would say anything about her. She would get beaten up and people would pick on her.”

I thought she was a bully, and later in her years I ran into her because I had stood by and watched as people hurt her, but in reality, it had only been a couple of people who actually hurt her.

Is this his perception of what occurred to Rose?

Yes, Hers is a world that is both different and abusive, with some silent bullies. It was even worse for her because she had a digital crowd of bullies.

Source of the image, Rose

Image caption,

Rose Kalemba on her father’s knee

In the coming years, Rose would frequently vanish into the online realm.

She immersed herself in writing, expressing herself on blogs and social networking sites, occasionally using pseudonyms, occasionally her actual name.

In 2019, on the first day, she was scrolling through her social media feed and came across a significant amount of posts from Pornhub. People were praising it for donating $25,000 in scholarships to women who aspire to enter the tech industry and for their contributions to charities aiding victims of domestic violence. Additionally, they were commended for adding caption facilities for deaf viewers and for their donations to bee conservation charities.

According to Pornhub, its website received 42 billion visits in 2019, which is 8.5 billion more than the previous year. The daily average was approximately 115 million, and there were 1,200 searches per second.

Rose states, “It’s highly improbable to overlook Pornhub if you utilize social media.” On the platform, videos with similar titles to mine persist, however, there is no means of ascertaining the presence of sexual assaults, and the victims remain oblivious to it. They have executed an exceptional endeavor in positioning themselves as an enlightened cause, nearly surpassing the realm of pornography.

Additionally featured on the platform were videos depicting their sexual exploitation, indicating that numerous females and a few males reacted to her message, and denounced Pornhub for disregarding the issue until she impersonated a legal professional. Rose divulged a comprehensive narrative of her sexual assault in the widely circulated blog entry.

On the contrary, the platform ensures that the original video does not get reuploaded and scans any new uploads for potential matches to unauthorized material using Vobile, an advanced third-party fingerprinting software. In order to combat child sex abuse material, Pornhub has consistently implemented the most rigorous safeguards and policies in the industry to address unauthorized and illegal content since the change in ownership. We do not possess information about how it was dealt with during that period, as these appalling allegations date back to 2009, which is several years before Pornhub was acquired by its current owners, as stated in a statement to the BBC by Pornhub.

The company stated that despite the presence of videos with titles resembling Rose’s rape, such as “teen abused while sleeping,” “drunk teen abuse sleeping,” and “extreme teen abuse,” which are still accessible on Pornhub, they are protected by various freedom of speech laws. The company allows all forms of sexual expression that comply with their Terms of Use, acknowledging that while these fantasies may be deemed inappropriate by some individuals, they do find an audience among many people worldwide.

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The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography is a captivating destination that appeals to people of all ages.

Christopher Johnson, a 30-year-old man from Florida, faced charges last October for sexually abusing a 15-year-old. The videos of the attack were posted on Pornhub.

“As soon as we became aware of this, Pornhub stated in a BBC statement that its policy is to remove unauthorised content.”

In 2019, Pornhub also removed a channel called Porn Do Girls, which sued them for forcing 22 women to take part in sex trafficking and charging the owners of the channel with it.

Rose says, “The case is not simply that, but today’s reality is not what happened to me a decade ago, people may say.”

These days, Western women are using social media to connect. After reading my blog, they informed me that what I saw is still ongoing.

I am certain that there are videos consumed in large quantities in regions like Asia and the Middle East, where victims might not even be aware that their abuse is being shared.

Over the subsequent days, it was eventually taken down. The BBC subsequently shared a video link along with screenshots of the woman’s pleas for its removal. Attorneys representing the website informed the BBC that their clients were unaware of any such occurrence. The woman, who resides in California, claims that the video has also been downloaded and circulated on other adult websites. Despite sending numerous emails to the company and leaving a comment on the video, a video depicting her abuse remained on a smaller site for years. Additionally, the BBC interviewed another woman who had emailed Rose.

According to Kate Isaacs, a member of Not Your Porn, an organization dedicated to examining explicit websites, incidents similar to what occurred to Rose in 2009 are still prevalent nowadays on numerous platforms for free adult content, not limited to Pornhub.

Currently, these laws cannot be applied to hold accountable and penalize larger commercial sites like Pornhub, but when it comes to smaller rogue porn sites, there seems to be no action taken.

Sharing private sexual materials, such as videos or photos, without the consent of another person, with the purpose of causing distress or embarrassment, is punishable by up to two years of imprisonment. This type of abuse, known as revenge pornography, has been a criminal offense in Wales and England since 2015. However, platforms that allow the sharing of this content have not been held accountable so far.

Isaacs states, “Adult content websites are cognizant of the presence of unsettling and non-consensual material on their platforms. They are aware that it is impossible for us to distinguish between make-believe role-playing, staged production scenarios, or genuine instances of mistreatment.”

Kate established Not Your Porn after discovering that a sex video of her friend (who was younger than 16 at the time) had been uploaded onto Pornhub. According to Kate, over the past six months, more than 50 women in the UK have approached her to report non-consensual posting of sexual videos on various pornography websites. Out of these incidents, thirty videos were specifically uploaded onto Pornhub.

If the video is taken down from one website, users can either upload it again to another website to share it or download it to their own computers and enable viewers to access it on other websites, including Pornhub.

Not Your Porn are campaigning for laws in that UK that would make the sharing of non-consensual pornographic videos a criminal offence.

Bella, a pitbull, is the source of strength for Rose. She hopes that her daughter will get married and they’ll have a happy future. Robert, her boyfriend whom she met in her early 20s, has been supportive and has helped her discuss and address the abuse she experienced. Rose has hope for the future.

Source of the image, Rose

“I’ve been raised in the presence of pitbulls. They’re incredibly affectionate,” she remarks. “Although they might have a perception of being hostile, their aggression only arises when mistreated by humans,” she emphasizes.

Rose says, “I wonder if I could be at the grocery store now, even if I have seen a stranger in my life in many ways.”

However, she expresses that she no longer desires to remain quiet.

“Our silence is the most potent weapon of a rapist.”

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She has not been allowed to forget the stigma attached to rape victims in some parts of the country, as someone shamed her by creating a pornographic Facebook page with her telephone number, photograph, and name. This stigma has haunted her for twelve years, and she has not been able to forget it.

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