There’s nothing wrong with Alicia Silverstone sharing a bed with her son. We did it with ours until he was 14 because he needed comfort.

That was my belief when my son, Gavin, slept in my bed until he reached the age of 14.

Doctors may recommend individuals to “carry out this” and “execute that,” but their viewpoints may be antiquated. These so-called “recommendations” concerning co-sleeping with a child are ridiculous.

It’s whatever is effective for your family. Isn’t a healthy and well-rested child the objective here? The same applies to the guardians.

Gavin, my husband, and I started sleeping in the shared bedroom with Chris when he graduated to a proper crib after three months of rocking him to sleep and soothing himself. He didn’t like it, but it would make it easier for the nurse to attach your bed to the bassinets, like the ones he would prefer.

He got up in the morning, but it took him two weeks to adjust to the work schedule. Then we bought this gadget that vibrated under his crib. I can’t handle this, I thought, it’s terrible. I felt guilty about it. We tried sleep training, sitting outside the crying baby’s door as much as we could.

Shortly after, he would always return whenever we placed him back in his crib. He would enter our room and settle into bed, and that marked the conclusion, Gavin discovered the technique to escape from his crib when he reached the age of two. Nevertheless.

Alicia Silverstone came under fire when she said she shared a bed with her 11-year-old son.

Sometimes, we would wake up in the morning and realize that the only option was to share the bed between us.

Chris would go up to get him, while I stayed in Gavin’s room. My husband and I laughed about it being a musical. We didn’t stop, but around 5 o’clock, it began to get crowded.

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Devoid of it, I am among those individuals who metamorphose into a creature and fail to operate. That is the situation we acquired and rest was imperative. All of us obtained rest of high caliber.

Instead of waking us up and going to work at 5.30 a.M., He would choose to sleep on the lower bunk of Gavin’s bed. As our children grew older, Gavin and I would also sleep with them in the same bed, even though they were still babies. Initially, they slept in a co-sleeping crib just like our second child, who was born when Gavin was 9.

Piper Alsop, shown as a baby in 2009, had “different” needs from their brother, Gavin, who enjoyed sharing a bed with his parents.

Piper has never expressed feeling like an outsider because they didn’t share a bed with us. Prior to transitioning to a bed, they comfortably adapted to their crib in their separate room and had distinct requirements. Piper’s personality differs greatly from Gavin, my second child, making them almost polar opposites.

I don’t agree that the sex life of people who co-sleep with their kids will suffer

When we were kids and had spare moments, we would go into the spare room and feel like we were on an adventure. The windows would be there, like stolen moments, as if they were meant for intimate moments.

Chris and I have been married for 26 and 50 years, respectively. I think they need to have a happy marriage. Some people seem to have hang-ups about not sleeping together as partners.

Gavin stayed on and off at high school until he went to bed. He drifted into his own bedroom. It was a natural transition. It was probably a combination of wanting private time and exploring his own sexuality during puberty. He is still affectionate and connected.

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I’m staying at home in Orange County, California, and relaxing with my girlfriends. He prefers to have someone by his side, but he is fine sleeping by himself. He is now 23 years old.

Gavin Alsop and his mom, Darcy, share a close relationship.

It has been given to me for security. “I’m really glad that you guys slept with me,” he will say. We often joked that Gavin has a “gravitational pull” towards us. It is pleasant.

Regarding Alicia Silverstone and her son, they should keep doing whatever is effective. I believe she is a commendable parent.

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