The Young and the Restless

Sally reevaluates her old flame and may use the advantage of having some intel on Tucker to get more information. Sharon turns out to be the ex-husband of both Nick and Adam, neither of whom is her current husband. The news can only mean bad news for Phyllis and good news for Christine. The latest spoilers for The Young and the Restless can be found on Soaps.Com’s website from Friday, July 14th to Monday, July 10th.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, July 10:.

During the summary of the events on Monday, Phyllis pledges to finish what she started, while Tucker covertly eavesdrops on a private conversation.

Phyllis tells Michael her story in park Y&R

However, if Michael even knows that he has a secret rendezvous, it will only be temporarily kept and he will still go ahead with it!

Perhaps, in order to show his appreciation to Lily, Daniel gives an unexpected gift to his sister and mother, as he has not gone off the rails like before.

Tucker accidentally discovers a hidden secret… Which, when he possesses it, counts as a weapon.

Wow! Eric Braeden from Young & Restless hints at revenge for Victoria finally.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, July 11th:

In the recap of Tuesday’s events, Sharon approaches Adam, Summer notices Kyle with Audra, and Jack tries to remove Ashley.

Jack Billy Traci Y&R

Sharon, as she begins to take charge of Kirsten Inc., Seeks advice from Victor, with the hope that she is intelligent enough to charm him by offering a muffin and a latte beforehand.

Phyllis places Summer in a difficult position. Hey, at this stage, what’s one more?

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Hide the glassware! ‘Cause if Jack is summoning the Abbotts to a family meeting, something besides shade is bound to be thrown.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, July 12:

A dominant maneuver: a maneuver that a dominant couple could, the sole type of maneuver that Devon and Abby execute to commence a fresh phase.

We knew it wasn’t really — and maybe never could be — over between these two. Sally examines her feelings for Adam.

As if they weren’t all significant for her recently, Chelsea makes a crucial choice.

Thursday, July 13 spoilers for Young & Restless:

Nikki’s Hope has been watching police procedurals because she’s gonna need all her interrogating skills when she puts Jack on the hot seat.

Will the new mother leave her position at Jabot? After Mariah is presented with an unexpected proposal from Kyle, she has a great deal to ponder.

Ashley might as well be telling a dog to refrain from eating the kibble when she establishes limits with Tucker.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, July 14th:

Even when he’s feeling low, he never gives up. As Tucker gains an advantage, things may be improving for Devon’s father.

This can only be bad news for Phyllis: Christine celebrates a win. Is the erstwhile Cricket finally about to make her nemesis pay for her misdeeds?Output: For Phyllis, this can only be unfavorable information: Christine commemorates a victory. Is the former Cricket ultimately going to make her adversary compensate for her wrongdoings?

Following her error of engaging in a relationship with Jeremy Stark, Phyllis ventures into a perilous agreement, potentially detecting the encroaching threat. Any agreement, even those that seem relatively secure, could turn out to be hazardous.

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“And faded…We believed sizzling advancements that you can see below in the photo gallery. Check out all the shows and specifically highlight the worst and best moments from the past six months. Soaps, halfway through 2023, are looking back.”

Candace Young/Charlie

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