The Worst Airports in the World

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the worst airports in the world according to passenger ratings. Many passengers have been plagued by the same problems for many years, leading to a decline in the state of other airports. Meanwhile, some cities have been busy constructing state-of-the-art airports for the 2020s.

The superior position (i.E. Is considered to be inferior to the other one) takes the airport with more evaluations in the event of an identical rating. During the research period, all of them had a minimum of 236 flights per day. We are only considering major airports – the top 100 busiest in the world based on the number of flights per day for the purpose of this article. The ratings are accurate as of August 23, 2022. Travelers may find airports unpopular or, in this case, popular as a very useful indicator, but it is certainly not the absolute best way to rank airports. Google’s review/rating system may not be the most reliable.

1. King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Airport via Almas Baig, CC BY 2.0

There is a very negative suggestion and a damning number of reviews that suggest problems. While there are only a tiny number of reviews for the world’s 100 most used airports, according to Google reviews, King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is now considered the worst major airport in the world.

Many passengers reference the difficulties of arranging transfers and the rudeness of staff, specifically built Terminal Hajj features a special holy site nearby for Muslims making the pilgrimage, and partly due to its proximity to Mecca. Although it is the overall busiest airport in Saudi Arabia, serving the greatest number of international travelers, it is the only one.

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Google Rating: 2.9.

2. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom

Another one of the world’s worst international airports, according to Google reviewers, is Manchester, the busiest airport in the UK outside of London. It serves as a major hub for North England, but continues to disappoint passengers with long security queues, regular delays, staff shortages, and numerous complaints.

In terms of living in the UK, Manchester is considered one of the best places, and Mancunians take great pride in their city. However, I have noticed in reviews that many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the airport, describing it as the worst. It seems that Manchester has deeper issues to address than just the airport. Especially during busy holiday periods and the ongoing pandemic, British airports, including Manchester, have been struggling to cope with the influx of returning travelers, making 2022 an exceptionally bad year for them.

Google Rating: 3.0 stars.

3. Stansted Airport in London, United Kingdom

Stansted Airport via Hugh Llewelyn, CC BY-SA 2.0

Exploring the costly British capital proves to be a costly initiation due to the 45-minute Stansted Express trains located more than 30 miles north of Central London. London Stansted currently ranks as one of the top three airports with the poorest reputation globally, either because the British have a tendency to grumble or for other reasons. For our third spot, we remain in the UK.

The recent exit of Britain from the European Union has resulted in a significant portion of traffic at Stansted Airport being made up of budget flights to and from European destinations by Ryanair. This has now made Stansted one of the worst airports in the world, with long waits at the border control being a contributing factor. Additionally, it is evident that Manchester has many deep-rooted issues with delays and security checks, which may pose even more problems for Stansted in 2022.

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Google Rating: 3.3.

4. Diwopu Airport in Ürümqi, China

There are limited options for overland travel in the vast region that includes India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia. The main airport in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China is Diwopu Ürümqi, which also has a rating of 3.3. Additionally, there are international services available, with most domestic flights being operated by major Chinese airlines.

China has been accused of committing crimes against humanity against the local Uyghur population, and it seems that anyone looking to report on the situation is wary of the checks on SD cards and camera phones. Although there are a lot of problems here, including border control issues and a heavy security presence, these are not the only problems resonating from the airport. There are also structural issues, so in addition to constructing two additional runways, China is also building 4 new terminals.

Google Rating: 3.3.

5. China’s Chengdu Tianfu Airport

Chengdu Airport via 成都天府国际机场, CC BY 3.0

In 2019, Chengdu Shuangliu International emerged as the fourth most bustling airport in China. However, the primary hub catering to the capital of Sichuan province in China is now Chengdu Tianfu, which only slightly surpasses its predecessor and has a comparatively limited number of reviews. Numerous Google products are presently inaccessible in the country, including at this particular airport. Consequently, Chengdu Tianfu finds itself among the five most unfavorable airports globally, remaining situated in China.

The question on everyone’s lips is why did it have to be so far away? The majority of the journey is through green landscapes rather than unsuitable urban areas, and it takes over an hour by road from Tianfu Square in the heart of Chengdu, covering a distance of approximately 50 miles. Tianfu Airport, which opened in June, boasts two huge modern terminals and three runways, with a capacity to handle 60 million passengers per year.

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Google Rating: 3.5 stars.

10 of the Least Desirable Airports in the World 2022 (among the 100 most bustling)

The Google Rating for the top 10 airports in the world is as follows: 1. Jeddah King Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia with a rating of 2.9 2. Manchester in the UK with a rating of 3.0 3. London Stansted in the UK with a rating of 3.3 4. Ürümqi Diwopu in China with a rating of 3.3 5. Chengdu Tianfu in China with a rating of 3.5 6. Paris Orly in France with a rating of 3.6 7. Manila Ninoy Aquino in the Philippines with a rating of 3.6 8. Beijing Capital in China with a rating of 3.6 9. Chicago Midway in the USA with a rating of 3.6 10. Nanjing Lukou in China with a rating of 3.6

Additionally, the list of the top 10 worst airports in the world among the 100 busiest includes Chicago Midway, which is considered the worst airport in the US based on passenger ratings. This list is further comprised of two additional Chinese airports, Manila Ninoy Aquino, and Paris Orly.

However, it is notable that some airports still rank poorly among the worst in the world for delays, even though there are airports with new facilities and modern terminals. However, some of these airports still have quite old structures now. Additionally, there are various reasons for these poor rankings among travelers.

This article on the most undesirable airports globally was composed in August 2022, relying on evaluations during that period.

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